A warm, glowing plank ceiling can bring a new dimension of beauty to a large, open room in a home or cottage. window.fd('form', { The cedar plank ceiling is looking awesome. Hi Dylan – we’ve since moved out of this house. We had to trim the boards in our last row in half. formId: '5d839cbe8ab47e000f14432c', Can’t wait to see the reveal . we used cedar safe and i love their product! But somehow, the cedar planks make the ceiling feel higher and brighter. We continue to improve and we hope you guys feel the same way! Wow, Amanda, I love the ceiling; and I didn’t know that cedar will change colors. Easy to handle, they can install over an existing ceiling or retrofitted on 15/16" suspended grid, completely hiding it. Love it! It holds great because it is very lightweight. Even though I had no idea what I'm doing, I think it came out really nice! Total cost was around $500 for all materials. Installing cedar planks on a van ceiling seems like the obvious choice to me. and that the room is still very messy and just look at the pretty ceiling. Thanks, Kati! I’m tempted to do a closet now too! Plus, our walls were going to have a white color block at the top, so we thought this would flow well. We started out by measuring our space and calculating how many boxes of planks we would need using their calculator. This is gorgeous! May 6, 2017 - Explore Jenna Cox's board "Wood plank ceiling", followed by 233 people on Pinterest. Still no toilet and the vanity area is a hot mess (but, sneak peek of the vanity color!). The rich color variations of Knotty Cedar wall planking are unique, creating a natural, casual and warm atmosphere. Lol at the “sore neck” comment. I’m considering doing my bathroom ceilings and was contemplating sealing them with linseed oil. How to Create Bi-fold Barn Doors - an Easy & Inexpensive DIY! It looked amazing. We’ve got a big update in the room and it feels like things are finally, officially coming together and we might actually finish this thing before the deadline! We beveled the edges of our boards to create perfect corners instead of boards bumping end to end. formId: '5d839e061f3845000f2e624c', All the ceilings in our house are white, so we thought this would match well with things like our DIY coffered ceiling across the hall in the nursery. Tongue and groove planks join together and interlock! 99 This made it functional, too. We’re pumped about it, too! Click here to learn more about us. The cost to install a tongue and groove ceiling will depend on the product you use and the size of your room. On each end of a tongue and groove plank, there will be a lower lip on the board to the left and an upper lip on the board to the right. Then be sure to check back for the rest of the room! Discoloring? As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. See more ideas about wood plank ceiling, plank ceiling, wood planks. However, once we saw how the cedar looked, we decided to leave it. If you are going to grill single servings, we have a wide variety of cedar planks … No! 332. You can easily do this for your project to figure out how much you need. Both are interesting and textural and beautiful. Start with nailing a row of planks until you can no longer fit a full plank, inserting the lips of each board together as you go. Way to go! Find Cedar wall plank kits at Lowe's today. Being 5/8" thick, this profile is ideal for outdoor and indoor ceilings. It’s the inspiration for our current living room makeover. I love the color variations and the knotty cedar look. No idea what I’m talking about? It really is an awesome product – I love it! It’s best to alternate the direction of the nails to allow them to hold better. 03/29/2013 at 7:12 pm. This is the final room in our house that we haven’t touched AT ALL, and this was so much fun. So looking forward to the reveal Amanda! However, I did a pretty detailed tutorial when we installed the beadboard backsplash in our kitchen and this is basically the same idea (except for the part where your neck ends up super sore because you’re looking up at the ceiling for 4 hours straight). I can’t even recognize this space anymore. Staining and sealing the planks (including the end grain) before installing them helps to disguise joints when the wood shrinks. Looooooks amazing! You good? We used CedarSafe tongue and groove planks and used their project calculator to determine how many boxes of planks we would need. That’s all I can say. Yep, it is really thin, I think 1/4" though. There are a few ways that you can add molding to cover any imperfections you’ll leave around the edges. This Knotty Cedar Planking is quickly and easily installed with professional results. Wanna see another view? I love your ceiling! ft/pkg) to your list. Continue until you are short of the end of the previous row. Feed the tongue side of a plank into the groove and push flush, then nail into place. Thanks. Continue all the way until the wall, where you may have to trim boards width-wise. Installation of any tongue and groove planks, including CedarSafe, is super easy. Want to install a tongue and groove cedar plank ceiling? We love the look and can’t wait to continue to share our guest room makeover with you! This bathroom just keeps getting better and better! For this project, we partnered with our friends at CedarSafe and used their tongue and groove cedar planks to create our ceiling. To reduce time and effort, the easiest thing to do is to leave whatever gap there is after using your last full plank and go back and start the next row. We have used a nail gun with an air compressor in the past (borrowed from a neighbor) and the cordless brad nailer is much easier to handle. Discover More About Wood Ceiling: Wood Ceiling Install Instructions Price. We were reminded yet again how easy it is to make a huge impact with a few little updates. You can also see how we did our color block wall, triangle bracket bookshelf and coastal MCM side tables. Nothing wrong with a pink glow! It does really look straight out of a spa! And Y’ALL! The ceiling looks amazing and love the dark grout with the tile! As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. When […], When you put up your cedar ceiling did you nail into the ceiling joists or did you just nail into the wall board with the help of some adhesive. Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Pinterest. We are finally kicking off our blog series on our guest bedroom makeover! We were originally planning to paint the new cedar ceiling white. As soon as we got back we shot them an email and asked if they wanted to be a sponsor for the room and, thank goodness, they said yes!