Replaces: It’s a great all-around airplane that does most things well. Ah, the Cessna 206, what an amazing machine. This model has a unique appearance and is easily identified because engineers designed a 3-degree dihedral into it, making the aircraft have a slight gull wing appearance. The engine now had a flatter oil pan, allowing the nose gear to retract more, which gave a more rounded and smoother look to the lower forward area on the cowling. While it may be true that getting good coverage is not always easy, I think shoppers should make a serious attempt to obtain a few quotes before abandoning the idea. Aircraft Eligibility: Nearly as fast on a lot less av gas, but not nearly the room and load-carrying capacity (although the pilots’ seats up front had plenty of room once you got in there!). It performs very well and cruises a solid 160 knots. It’s no secret you will need a good mechanic. Turbochargers develop more power by using the exhaust flow from the engine to pump additional air into the intake system. […] fly different airplanes, which I liked, because it keeps you on your toes. I have flown side by side at 8500 feet with a turbo model and my normal aspirated Cessna 210 is faster, burning less fuel. Cylinders wear out quicker and are damaged more easily with the additional heat. The tanks on ‘67 and later model airplanes are integral and are long, narrow cavities in the wings. The engineers worked hard and made improvements to the hydraulic system with each new model and within a few years, most of the problems that plagued the early Cessna 210 landing gear systems became non-existent. Thanks Jim. You sit up […], […] 210 needed some exercise since I hadn’t flown it for awhile so I was glad to have an excuse to fly […], […] it high on the dream list for many private pilots, next to other comparable aircraft like the Cessna 210? These kits tend to be a little expensive and require a few hours to install, but they solve the air problems completely and are a permanent fix. Statistically, these are the highest risk group of flyers. Later model aircraft with electric pumps operate slightly differently, but you still want to pay attention to the system by glancing down to ensure the yellow “up” light illuminates and then listen for the electric motor to stop running. The pant is assembled in two... Our nose wheel pant is the cleanest most efficient design on the market. Mixture full rich and propeller full in. The production line ended with the T210R/210R in 1986, along with the rest of the Cessna line, due to economic conditions. There are a number of factors that influence this idea such as frequency of use, calendar life, pilot technique and overhaul standards. Have a Blast at Your Next BFR - Add a Seaplane Rating! An easy trick that will keep you paying attention to the selector handle position is to simply hang your little finger off the throttle where it will lightly rest on the gear handle after switching gear up. Those who have read my articles know that there are not many aircraft I don’t like, but this is an airplane I love. This changed the airplane into a real contender for fast, comfortable IFR cross-country travel. These airplanes should have the original flush caps removed and new ones installed. 6" Wheel (Set of Two) LSM-200-701-1, Challenger Air Filter, High Performance, Cessna 206 & 210. It is expensive, time consuming and requires paint repair. With the first set complete and tooling in place, they plan on producing them for the industry. Industry experts generally suggest power reductions should be completed in steps to cool the engine gradually. n/a  By far the most common upgrade for a Turbo model is the installation of an “R” 310 horsepower engine. n/a  Each variation of hydraulic power pack and electrical interface has its own unique challenges. The answer, of course, is to not allow any water in the fuel tank. On the “D” model 210 in 1964, the flap system was made electric rather than part of the hydraulic power pack like its predecessors and this further improved the 210’s reliability. While many pilots obsess about cruise speed or short field takeoff length, I always found the 210’s incredible load-hauling ability to be a breakthrough in performance. Aircraft need constant repair, inspection, and upkeep whether they get used or not. The Cowl Fairing comes in two pieces and directs the air around the upper nose gear strut adding 3-4 mph in cruise speed to the aircraft. I see no reason to mess with a good thing. It comes higher up the nose gear for improved aerodynamics. With the pipe removed, less heat is transmitted to an area where the fuel pump lives, engine controls are located and hoses are carrying fuel and oil. The tires squeak and the 210 rolls to a stop. Cessna Aircraft Company has delivered more than 43,000 Cessna 172 airplanes to date. The main point is that the pilot needs to be aware of the entire cycle of the landing gear system. Reliability, comfort and […], […] short one day in our Cessna 210 at our old home base SMO, near LAX, the day before President Bush was due for a visit, two huge […]. If I were to shop for my idea of the perfect model Cessna 210, it would be post-1971 with the electric gear pump, tube gear legs and later cabin design. They also want 15 hrs of dual plus 10 hrs solo vs 10/5 and 5/0. The 210s do face some challenges that have negative effects on insurance, however. Once you have a clear mental picture of the electrical and hydraulic schematics, troubleshooting becomes much easier. Air vents on the 1970 and newer models are located in the center section of the headliner above the pilot and copilot. CP2207, Challenger Air Filter, High Perormance. This drop in temperature helps reduce the probability of detonation and increase the density of air entering the cylinders. (CP-2206), Vortex Generator Kit, Cessna 210, 210A-F, T210F Models, Vortex Generator Kit, Cessna 210G-N, T210G-N Models, Vortex Generator Kit, Cessna P210N Models, Vortex Generator Kit, Cessna P210R Models. Hinged doors are provided for quick tire pressure checks... Our new wheel pants are the cleanest design on the market. Maintenance costs are also higher because leaks in the induction and exhaust systems crop up occasionally and require repair in addition to all the routine adjustments that come up. Cessna did not have an aircraft model to bridge the gap between their fixed gear 182 and their twin-engine model 310. Speed Brakes. And although in its day, it was a revolutionary and awesome aircraft, today, these first generation aircraft have become expensive to repair and difficult to find parts for. Although there may be some advantages to do this modification, I am not generally in favor of it. When filling them the airplane must be level and the last few gallons have to go in slowly. Engineers went to work developing a way to retract landing gears into their high wing aircraft. Normally aspirated models are operated at full throttle on take off and at higher altitude locations may need a little leaner setting for take off than full rich. High-pressure hydraulic fluid is channeled to a specific area and time by the use of manual levers, solenoid valves, and pressure valves. When the doors are removed, there are also 4 door actuators that are taken off. This means right up to the cap. My job and my passion have led me to experiences that are unique and varied and there is hardly an aircraft I have flown I haven’t enjoyed. Now this technology is available and FAA-PMA approved... Micro Vortex Generators are small aluminum blades placed in a spanwise line aft of the leading edge of the wing and tail surfaces. To make matters worse, the early 210s, up until the struts were eliminated, had bladder fuel tanks that were subject to wrinkles that developed on the bottom of the tanks. I think I have flown nearly every model year of the 210 produced and worked on nearly as many over the years. Flat steel spring landing gear legs were replaced in 1970 with wider tubular steel gear legs. Fly the 210 for business, and the Mooney for fun! If you make it a habit, you may save yourself from an expensive repair. Regardless of how fast our planes fly, we want them to go faster. When it comes time to overhaul the engine, there are higher costs incurred due to the requirement to rebuild each of the additional components of the turbo system. Your job is to attempt to balance the temperature variations with cowl flaps. Insurance agents seem to specialize in certain areas of the industry and have contacts and arrangements in place with underwriters. Mods for Cessna Skymasters. It also may make a small difference in true airspeed depending on how high you fly. It all adds up to be an expensive upgrade but makes the airplane more capable. The fact that doors were unavailable was causing some insurance companies to stop writing policies on these aircraft since they don’t like to insure aircraft they can’t repair. They control airflow over the upper surface of the wing by creating vortices that energize the boundary layer. Don’t relax on landing, especially in gusty conditions, until you get it slowed way down. Waste gates, controllers, pressure relief valves, intercoolers and hoses all need service, upkeep and overhaul at the appropriate times. I have a 210L and love it! These wrinkles sometimes hold fluid away from drain valves located in the inboard section of the wing bottom. The turbo model got an engine change, boosting the power an additional 25 horsepower, now up to 310. I personally like the look of a beautiful Cessna 210 Centurion with gear doors installed. This provides for better/faster climb rates and true air speed. Landing gear systems on the 210 series seem awkward and complicated and normally intimidate the mechanic faced with his first experience troubleshooting them. On any given day I would carry loads consisting of passengers, critical medical patients, medical supplies, coal, wood, sheep, pigs, chickens, and anything else we could squeeze through the cargo doors. Reluctantly, though, I finally answered the question and the Cessna 210 was the winner. Fuel is selected to the fullest tank and several seconds later the green light illuminates, indicating the gear is down and locked. Cowl flaps are nothing more than hinged openings at the bottom of the cowl allowing the pilot to have some control of the flow of cooling air through the engine compartment. You see, I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to sit behind the controls of a lot of different aircraft. This was done because the aircraft was not quite as stable in slower flight with the new wing. Even today it is arguably considered one of the best high-performance singles. New doors from Cessna had a hefty price of $8,000 a piece, but even worse, they weren’t available. Original fuel caps were a flush type design with a lever that used a cam action to tighten the cap against a big o-ring seal. Removing the doors does not change the sequence of events that must happen inside it. These barrel type vents were poorly designed and are completely worn out on most of the airplanes. I had never seen anything so tightly packed and it appeared to be a task that may require removing the engine. Combined with the outer seal leakage, this can allow significant amounts of water into the tanks. Although changes were made to nearly every model, the most notable one occurred in 1967 with the “G” models. Over the past thirty years I have changed hundreds of cylinders on them and now don’t think twice about it. This... Cessna Flap Gap Seal Kit, Cessna 170 thru 210 Models. Jim is a true Disciple of Flight. It’s because it does so many things well and if you are going to own an aircraft to go places, it does this with the most benefits for the dollar. The only other aircraft I owned that ever came close to duplicating the feel and performance of those 201s was a 1965 Mooney M20E. If this happens, the doors will remain open and the electric motor will continue to run, risking its failure. This made room in the cabin to increase the size of the 5th and 6th seats, which were previously child seats, and could now comfortably seat 2 smaller adults. This is particularly true with turbocharged models.