There is not one episode you can rest, something is definitely going on. He has such great potentials, everyone is convinced he will once become a great warrior. Great Yan is invaded amid the terrible mistake of an official. 24 Wanderlust Inspiring Movies Like Eat Pray Love, Best Romantic Japanese dramas to watch on Netflix & VIKI in 2020. The love story of the Flower Goddess’ daughter Jing Mi (Yang Zi) and the Heavenly Emperor’s second son Xu Feng (Deng Lun) continues in 2020. Everyone seems to be perfectly fitting in the story and you will quickly grow fond of the two protagonists. The story takes us to a fictive place, where five kingdoms are ruled by the Imperial City of Tianquan. Starring Liang Jie, Xin Yunlai and Liu Haikuan. Xu Xiao Bing decides to change her name after a while to make things easier. This is for sure number one of the most anticipated Chinese dramas of 2020. She learns many things in the process of finding herself as she reclaims her road to success. As time passes, nothing else is in their mind, but finding and killing the other. Chinese Drama - 2022, 60 episodes. Let’s take a journey back to 1949 Shanghai and meet Huang Li Wen, a communist agent. He is pretty smart trying to be always a step ahead of others in the court. We’re already heading straight into summer, and the dramas just keep on coming! The challenging life of Ming Lan, Sheng Hong’s sixth daughter is captivating. It has received rave reviews from both China and abroad with many critics saying that it takes Chinese dramas to a whole new level. The twelve-episode short series is set mostly in Thailand, but the story takes us to Japan and Taiwan as well. His father is the Mu Chief, however, his mother had to leave them. All the fifty episodes are pretty interesting, never allowing you to be bored for a moment. Tian Si Chuan. Spirit Realm is among the most exciting upcoming Chinese adventure dramas in 2020. It was based on the successful Chinese novel by Lu Han and it is definitely a series that will enchant you instantly. 62. To show how beloved this show is, in less than four months it recorded over 15 billion views. Detective Chinatown was one of the most anticipated Chinese dramas of 2020 following the successful mystery movies in 2015 and 2018. Situ Mo is quite bad at making the right decision on her own. While there are increasingly more modern dramas that provide slice of life stories and deal with modern social issues there are still plenty of historical dramas. You Are Always With Me. It literally means martial heroes, so you can guess, it is going to be an eventful ride. You might also likeBest Chinese Dramas to Watch on Netflix | 2020. A descendant of gods begins his adventure to become a hero the world needs. Meeting the crown prince reveals further secrets about her identity and brings love in her life too. Find Yourself is one of the most interesting new Chinese dramas about a love triangle that is available on both Netflix and VIKI. The Bad Kids (隐秘的角落 yǐnmì de jiǎoluò) made some seriously big waves in the land of Chinese TV when it landed in June 2020. One day, he meets an elder, who helps him and Xiao manages to become better. Due to an accident, he becomes involved in the warfare and veiled strife among the various powers in the pugilistic world while engaging in efforts to save the people. All the way up to becoming the empress because she doesn’t give up easily. After watching the trailer for Fated to Love You I have to rescind my statement – it looked pretty close to the original Taiwan version and looked quite cute. Her love life couldn’t be worse either, because she is after her childhood friend. 11. 51. 13 Captivating Dinosaur Attractions & Filming Locations Around The World, The Curious Life and Death Of… The Weird & Wonderful Show You Need, 36 Best Witchcraft Books for Beginners & Practicing Witches, 20 Best Zombie Books & Novels of All Time | 2020 Updated, 10 Unbelievably Beautiful Anime Art Books For Otaku, Wanderlusty Animated Movies & Series On Netflix For Adults, Unique & Comfy Reading Chairs That Will Transform Your Home, Magical & Remote Scotland Glamping Sites – Glamping UK, Enchanting Japanese Folktales & Fairy Tales Everyone Should Read, 17 Magical & Cozy Winter Books From Around The World, Unique Travel Destinations & Travel Guides. I've watched around 10 episodes of it although we basically know what is going to happen and it does have few cliches in it, I'll admit that the story is pretty good. You’ll also find here classic Chinese dramas from 2019, 2018, and beyond. 52. The murder mystery, detective drama is yet to be released this year. Dear Missy. This new favorite Chinese drama is quickly going to sweep the world with its rather dark pictures and eventful episodes. 13. Chinese Drama - 2020, 9 episodes.