Your personal data is administered by VIN-Info Sp. If you are importing a vehicle that you intend to register for on–road use that was manufactured after 1 January 1989, it will need a 17 character VIN so that the vehicle can be registered. A Free VIN Number search can also show you vehicle history, license … I’ve seen some Chinese scooters with VINS that don’t conform to the international standard, but most of them had been brought in illegally, or were on display at trade shows. filled in so the vehicle can be registered. A Free VIN Number search can reveal a lot of important information about a vehicle. VIN DecoderChina Qingqi -LAEAC51003AA91259 -2003China Qingqi. The NAU then validates and (if valid) decodes these VINs in order to upload them onto the national database. support (at) [ support (at) ] This could be an administrative error on behalf of the Department or a personal error on your application form. eml = 'support' + x + ''; In the PRC, an ID card is mandatory for all citizens who are over 16 years old. - for legally justified reasons, in course of direct marketing of our services, including with your consent, using profiling to screen any future advertisements for our services in other web sites, throughout the lifetime of the site or by the time your consent is withdrawn. it's good to know your VIN number, particularly when ordering parts. Clocking a car by 100 km costs the buyer 5.6 EUR on average, Using the service means you have accepted the, Please be informed that this site uses cookies to enable you to use our service, provide optimised content and adjust the Website to your needs. Privacy policy and cookies. the number is often compared to a car's DNA or a fingerprint, as it makes it possible to There are additional digits that you may encounter, although they are less common. In this instance you will need to contact the NAU in order to identify the exact issue. Your personal data is administered by VIN-Info Sp. There was no standard for the VIN (VIN). identify a vehicle just as easily and precisely. // Privacy policy and cookies. 1, 4, or 5 is for the U.S., L is for China, 2 … If so, the car was built in Canada. The first three characters uniquely identify the manufacturer of the vehicle using the World Manufacturer Identifier or WMI code. In some cases, the VIN you will find in the car will only contain 12 characters. Some vehicles will have the VIN on different elements of the body. By continuing to use our Website without changing the settings of your browser, you agree for our use of cookies. You are not obliged to provide us your data, but when you refuse to do so, the site may function incorrectly. No data can be transferred to any non-EU country or entity, other than those accepted by EU law. Inspect the first digit in the VIN. Inspect the first digit in the VIN. // --> USA. - 1st digit : represents the country in which it was made. Some cars like kit cars or seriously altered vehicles have had a VIN change, but this is very rare. ©2020 All rights reserved. what’s the number? To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Manufacturer builds more than 500 vehicles per year. All manufacturers logos, marques, and all other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This is why The chassis number is always fewer than 17 characters. VIN is not only used to identify passenger cars but also all the other vehicle types,