Adjusted amount of emitted bullets. - Increased durability of claw and fist weapons. Lasts 90 seconds. - Bluemoon Greatsword now uses Titanite for reinforcement. - Reduced FP regen from Black Witch Veil. The first is in Program.cs, which calls into Randomizer.cs, which executes each phase of the randomizer. Scales with FTH. Scales with FTH. - The NG+ coffin now shows the correct journey count after you use it. - Only the following Dark spells now inflict Curse: - Chaos Servants now sell a Soul of a Demon and Soul of a Stray Demon. - Crown of the Great Lord is now just a separate drop when defeating the Soul of Cinder. - Adjusted the NG+/CoC Enemies in Archdragon Peak. - Each wave is unique. - Fume Sword and Smelter Hammer now use their DS2 models. To keep item randomizer while uninstalling other mods, you can delete other mods' files (basically every directory except for the 'dist' directory) and then rerun item randomizer with the same seed and settings. There are two points of interest for the randomizer. - Torch and Follower Torch now have proper infusion values. - Several items have now become covenant offerings. - Rock Lizards now only drop Dragon Scales. - Quelaag's Fury Sword: now has innate Fire DOT. - Removed four of the added Silver Knights. - Rosaria's Fingers: Pale Tongues are now spent via a separate transposition menu with Rosaria. - [Head] Effect: boosts physical damage by 5%. - Changed the spell tool material quantities to 3/6/9/12 for +1 to +4. - Changed the Darkmoon weapons to deal Magic damage scaled by Faith. - Added Anri's Straight Sword location in the Dreg Heap. Transposed from the Stray Demon's soul. - Increased the HP of summoned AI characters greatly. - Darkeater Midir: Reduces absorption by 50%. Wielding a Spell Tool adds an additional 3 FP per second. - Added Lothric Castle warp: commune with the estus soup in the area below the Farron Keep tower. - Blunt/Sharp weapon effects now stack when you wield 2 weapons with the same effect. - Reduced poison damage from Poison Spores WA to 15 per tick. - Adjusted the hybrid spell tool weapons so they are more worthwhile. - Witching/Hexing Urn now scale with STR/DEX, like firebombs. - Light Infusion - Changes scaling into 80% DEX, 20% STR. - Added the Accursed Ring, letting you use the Curse crystal look. - The following were removed due to the issues adding flat damage causes. Cinderscapes enchances the default minecraft experience by adding 6 new rich and detailed nether biomes following in the same style as those already in the vanilla game. - Resting at a bonfire will now remove 100 stacks of the stacking rings. - Twinkling Dragon Head Stone: Shoot fire breath, dealing 150 Fire damage, has 150% INT and 150% FTH scaling. - Adjusted Chaos Flame reinforcement material cost values. - Needle of Eternal Agony: inflicts Curse. - Ringed Knights now drop Filianore's Spear Ornament more commonly. - Updated the textures for the bloodborne weapon models. - Removed extra stamina cost on rolling (is now vanilla). - Covetous Silver Serpent Ring: Grants 25% extra souls. X depends on weapon type. - Adjusted stability of weapons so it is more inline with shields. - Removed the timer for CoC cinders drop activation, since it is no longer relevant. - Ring of Londor: Triggers an abyssal burst at 25% HP, restoring 25% HP. - Pilgrim Dummy now has 100,000 HP and is affected by statuses. - Rusted Coin and Rusted Gold Coin can now stack. - Whisper of Despair: reduces enemy absorption by 10% for 60 seconds. - Removed the 2 Lothric Knights in the Dancer hall. - Reverted the armor absorption values back to vanilla levels. - Renamed Emblem of Thorns to Band of Stone and gave it new icon. It makes navigating the world feel more like a complicated maze, allowing for other randomizer mods to truly shine. [Spell tools and Bows/Crossbows are unfortunately not included because the infusion menu doesn't display them, and changing their category messes up other things. - Dancer of the Boreal Valley respawns through Dreams/Nightmares now retracts the ladder. RELATED: Dark Souls: 10 Best Tips For Beginners. - Adjusted Havel the Rock and Knight Slayer Tsorig absorptions. - Dark Edge uses farron flashsword animation normally. - Darkmoon Faithful: Proof of a Concord Kept are now spent via a separate transposition menu with Yorshka. - Dragon Crest Shield - Effect: boosts Lightning damage by 5%. Found with the Black Cleric Set. - Added Beast Claw. gems/titanite) unlock when it is unlocked with ashes for the bonfire shop. Dropped by Serpent-men. Stacks. This restores the ability to progress his quest through buying out his spells. It is now limited to offensive magic and dark sorceries. - Reduced FTH scaling curve for Holy Infusion. Dark Hand is no longer equippable in both hands. - Removed the Black Knights on the ascent to the Soul of Cinder. - Great Swamp Ring: Grants 10% boost to the power of Pyromancies but reduces absorption by 10%. - Reduced the power of the Soul of Cinder. - Added the Forge Equipment menu option to Andre. - Increased the HP of most bosses. - Clarity: Grants 5 (+0) to 10 (+10) FP every 5 seconds. - Added Flask of Abyss and Ledo's Great Hammer as treasures in the Ringed City using existing itemlots. - Changed the Champion's Pact into the Thieves' Pact. - Materials at the covenant shops (i.e. What else could it have been? - Smouldering Greatsword is now Smouldering Blade, a straight sword. - Added Winged Knight to courtyard between Vordt and Dancer. - Ancient Dragon Halberd: prevents stagger from weak attacks. - Dark Blade now adjusts its buff with INT and FTH (not just FTH). - Reduced the HP of new NPCs to more suitable amounts. Redesigned spell. - Deep Accursed now drop Awestones at 10% (whilst in Champion's Pact). - Sage's Devout drop Infusing and Degrading Essence. The First Person Cam mod takes this to the extreme. Changed Abyssal Burst spell SFX and effect. - Spears of the Church: Grants 1 HP per second. - Abyssal Burst is now transfused from the Soul of Midir. - Wretched Pendant: stacks now last 10 seconds. Stacks with itself. - Wolf Ring: Grants 10% attack boost as long as attacking persists. Sold by the Shrine Handmaid in Untended Graves. - Removed Sunset Set drop from Holy Knight Morton. - Outcast now has Deep Barb and Dark Edge, - Sorcerer now has Farron Dart and Farron Flashsword, - Pyromancer now has has Singe and Flame Fan, - Changed Samurai class to Mercenary class: Sellsword Twinblades + Sellsword Set + Horsehoof Ring. Stacks. The Magic, Fire, etc Stones have been moved into his shop. - Dragon Acolyte NPCs and the Primordial NPCs now respawn when Blood of Might is used. - Runic Seal: Prevents staggering but reduces stamina recovery by 15. - Adjusted the Ring of the Exalted effects. - Tailbone Weapons now act like DS1 dragon weapons, were they have no scaling but offer greater initial base damage than normal weapons. It receives frequent updates and even has a Discord server where the community can plan events and discuss tactics! - Added Pilgrim's Spontoon. - Cataclysm is now a more distinct spell. You need to have killed the boss for this to be available. - Dark spells now apply Curse to enemies (except the Gnaw spells). - Violet Tearstone Ring: Reduces skill and spell FP consumption by 50% whilst below 25% health. Dropped by the Giant Crabs in Smouldering Lake. - Added three Hollow Soldiers to starting rampart after first bonfire. - Boosted the early area scaling for damage, so early enemies pose a little bit more of a threat. - Darkmoon Faithful emblem drop is no longer 100%. - Changed Bountiful Quiver into Enchanted Quiver: Kills increase bow range by 10. - Added Dark Ember: unlocks the latent power of Dark infused weapons. - HP and FP Absorb is now % from armor effects. • - Removed the infused bow/crossbow weapons as I'm not happy with the implementation. - Removed three of the Harald Knights in the Ringed City Streets. - Blinding Light now acts like Force, dealing no damage. With an understanding of games for as long as he can remember, Charles has a large interest in understanding what makes things fun. - Added Hollow Crossbowman to courtyard between Vordt and Dancer. (Old location is Broken Straight Sword), - Added Fire Keeper Mask treasure. Fixed Wolnir taking 8000% damage rather than 80% from normal attacks. - Increased the leveling boundry value to 0.01 (from 0.0034), increasing leveling cost to half of the original rate in vanilla DS3, but with less severe steps up. - Red Eye Orb now boosts soul gain by 25% for 120 seconds. FP cost now 60. - Pyromancies no longer have stat requirements to use (although they do scale with INT and FTH still). The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account. This will make low damage sources much more effective. - Hexer's Robe now correctly shows Hexer's Hood when worn together. - Darkmoon Ring: Grants 3 FP every second. Damage output is inline with vanilla at +10 (rather than +12 before).