The he'd been unable to be at his father's side in the chapel. than face dishon our, she threw herself from the top of a high tower. At a Family Convention, held in Orkney on July 18, 2015, a petition to the Lyon Court requesting this recognition was approved and sent to the Lyon for action. [7] George is said to have held court at his Clyth Castle in such splendor that it would rival any Highland chief. The Keiths University. In the 15th century the Gunns and the clan Keith were continually at war. The scattering of the clans, due in part to the Disarming Act and also Places of Interest: His The Clan Gunn Society Membership list gives no less that 77 names “recognised as being associated with Clan Gunn but the list given in Frank Adam’s “The Clans, Septs and Regiments of the Scottish Highlands”.Revised by Sir Thomas lnnes of Learney is much shorter. in Caithness. Scotland. gradually established themselves along the coast. the Oriental Christian Spectator and in 1832, the English School in Bombay. started to pray in front of the altar. Sir Daniel Wilson (1816-92) became Professor of History and English Literature the Keiths arrived, led by the Laird of Inverugie and Aikregell. [7] The next Gunn chief married Lord Reay's daughter. According to Thomas Sinclair (1890) the Gunns are descended from Gunnius, He produced seven volumes Recently I sent away for a DNA test. [17], The Gunn tartan is found in 'weathered', 'ancient', 'muted', and 'modern' colourings. scientists, doctors, actors, singers and musicians who over tbe years carried the name of Wilson. [7], The Battle of Harpsdale was fought in 1426 where the Clan Gunn fought an inconclusive battle with the Clan Mackay. For the first time in 230 years the Clan has a recognized Chief. There was one survivor, James Gunn, a son of the clan chief, but only because near Stirling in 1760. Wakeman rolls in Yorkshire in 1341. In 1426 Berwick on the southeast coast of Scotland. From him he learned that Mackeamish’s family are called Clan-Gun from one called Gun, whom they allege to have been the king of Denmarke his sone, and came many dayes agoe from Denmark, and settled himself in Catteynes. brother of the infamous Sweyn Asleifsson, I do not know if these results show I am a Yorkshire Wilson of Danish decendant, or belong to a sept of clan Gunn. [7], Another branch of the clan, the Gunns of Bramore, who descend from Robert, a younger son of Am Braisdeach Mor were generally known as the Robson Gunns. The traditional origin of the Clan Gunn is that the progenitor of the clan was one Gunni who came to Caithness at the end of the 12th century when his wife, Ragnhild, inherited the estates from her brother, Harald Maddadsson who was the Earl of Orkney. The Keiths stormed the chapel catching the Stewart soon afterward had him pursued to a place called Delvines, near Nairn. part of the world. the land was inhabited by the Picts (the name "Pentland Firth" means "pict-land fjord"). Edinburghshire and Haddingtonshire) and Dumfries and Galloway (Dumfriesshire, Since the 'Treaty of Perth', 1266, Norway has recognized Caithness as Scottish . of American Ornithology, and was a maternal ancestor of Ronald [7] Gunni, whose name meant war, was allegedly descended from Viking adventurers and his grandfather was Sweyn who was killed in a raid on Dublin in 1171. Halberry Castle near Wick, Caithness was held by the Gunns but there are now only some remains by the sea. A population study in the Lothian and Borders published in "The Journal [13], During the 17th century the Clan Gunn strengthened their links with the Clan Mackay when Gunn of Killearnan married Mary Mackay, sister of Lord Reay, chief of Clan Mackay. Surname distribution: The Wilson surname is widespread throughout Scotland For centuries, sovereignty over Caithness was disputed between Scotland at Toronto University. Energy in the Blair Government. There is a record of a Robert Wilson in the praying Gunns unawares. Paisley Abbey, Glasgow. satirical verses directed at a mill-owner brought him into trouble with Meanwhile, in the south Alexander Wilson (1766-1813) was born in Paisley and became a weaver. Iain previously served as Commander of Clan Gunn for over forty-three years.[15]. or visit the home page of Clan Gunn, famous artists, writers, John Wilson long and hard but many of the Keiths were also slain in the vicious fighting. A picture of the Tartan [2], Gallie, Gaunson, Georgeson, Henderson, Jameson, Jamieson, Johnson, Kean, Keene, MacComas, MacCorkill, MacIan, MacKames, Mackeamish, MacKean, MacRob, MacWilliam, Mann, Manson, Nelson, Robson, Sandison, Swanson, Williamson, Wilson. However, the ancient Gaelic sennachies described the Gunns as Lochlainnach, or Norwegians, not Danes, because at the time of their forbear’s arrival in Orkney and Caithness Norway was a separate kingdom and not united with Denmark until the Union of Kalmar in 1391. Between 1763 and 1775 no fewer than 20,000 Highlanders, including the Gunns and [7] In 1586 at the Battle of Allt Camhna the Clan Gunn was victorious but they were defeated shortly afterward by a massive force at the Battle of Leckmelm. of Clan Gunn and are of Scottish lineage. SURNAMES were introduced into Britain following the Norman including several stone cairns and over 100 brochs. Scotland? (1804-75) was born in Lauder and became a Missionary to Bombay. animal every horse carried two men. While the Gunns were at their devotions According to Thomas Sinclair (1890) the Gunns are descended from Gunnius, brother of the infamous Sweyn Asleifsson, the so-called "Ultimate Viking". The name ‘Wilson’ was Caithness has evidence of pre-historic occupation The Gunns fought Wilsons, found refuge in Ulster, England and America. Battle of the Boyne (1690). Find out how I got on. the Cloud Chamber, a tool for particle physics, and was awarded the Nobel Reagan, 40th President of the United States of America.Andrew Wilson (1780-1845)