Violet: It means “purple” and has another variation, Viola. Without getting into too-crazy spelling variations or too-easy international forms, here some twists on classic baby names. The SSA has released an official list of popular names for the year 2013. Rex: Another Latin name that one means “king” If you purchase a product or service linked from this site, we may receive an "affiliate commission". Anja is heard in several European cultures, including Germany,... Read More, Annika is a surprise hit of recent years, inspired by golfer Sorenstam; for Trekkies, it was also the name of a 'Star Trek:Voyager' character. CHARLES: Any parents searching for cute names to honour a Charles may wish to consider Airlie, which is similar to Charlie but with a modern twist. Names may have a deeper meaning despite looking simple in spelling and in hearing. Click on a letter to search for more baby girl names and meanings. Experiment with vowels. Check out these popular pages to discover more baby boy and baby girl names and meanings. You can stay on-trend with a beloved classic name, while making it your own with a special little twist. The answer is quite simple: you’ll never go wrong with classics. Should I choose among Classic baby names or go for a trendy one? Download my printable checklist below—at no cost to you! Old fashion seems to have a negative connotation in the present time especially that people, nowadays, are very much conscious to follow the current trend; otherwise, we will be made as laughingstocks by the people around us. Logan is a Scottish place name and surname that o... Olive tree. Here are few examples of classic names that are still in use nowadays: Classic Boy names: Oliver, Thomas, Edward, Jonathan, Phillip If you're looking for a moniker that is both classical and original, the folks at Nameberry have put together a list of 83 beautiful classic baby names with a twist. Sep 7, 2016 - Love classic baby names but looking for something more original? Abilene is a rarely used place name, mentioned as such in the New Testament, that combines the cowboy spunk of the Texas city with the midwestern morality of the Kansas town where Dwight D.... Read More, Adriano is a dashing Italian name which gets around the possible gender confusion of Adrian.Read More, Alec, though an old nickname for Alexander, is much fresher sounding than Alex, with the additional advantage, at least to some parents, of being distinctly male (there are as many girl Alexes... Read More, For anyone seeking a more exotic and unusual version of Alexander, this is a real winner. Rose: A floral name of Latin origin that means “rose”. Hence, choosing a name befitting for your baby boy or baby girl is another hard task for both new and expectant parents alike would undergo. Try joining a special family name with a more contemporary moniker for something completely unexpected. These Baby Names Are Predicted to Be 2020's Most Popular, These Unique Spellings of Common Baby Names Add Major Flair, What Is Fiber & How Does It Work? Judson: A variation of the name Jude. He who supplants. Stuart: Another occupational name that means “steward”. Porter: This name means “gatekeeper” and is of English origin. Anne: This name with Hebrew origin, meaning “favored grace”. If there’s one thing modern parents are good at, it’s creating unique spelling variations of traditional names. Examples are: Daniel – from the Hebrew word, meaning ‘God is my judge’ Is your name on the list? Classic names still dominate the rankings and the following names that will appear below made it to the top 20. check our wide list of Traditional baby names. Elena: Another version of Helen which means “sun ray, shining light”. When can you expect your little bundle to arrive? Grant: A Scottish name that means “tall, big”. Ezra: Hebrew name meaning “helper”. Download The Appto explore more tools like Planner+ and Food Safety. Remember, you are going to call that name for the rest of your life, and your new born baby will hear it for the rest of its own. If TV or movie-inspired baby names are what you're after, these 22 baby names would be just perfect for your little superhero, and here are 26 magical baby names that will cast a spell over Harry Potter fans. As a girls' name, Harper has had a met... Home ruler. Still not sure on a name ? Wilson: Old English name that means “son of William“. According to an ongoing poll, 72% of our Rollercoaster readers would prefer to choose a classic name for their baby, with 9% choosing a trendy name and 19% falling somewhere in between both. Classic baby girl and baby boy names are those that have been around for years, but are still popular today. Check out these literary characters from popular children’s books: we think you’ll love some of the boy and girl names for your child. I compiled several of them and their origins, meanings, and nicknames below: Picking baby names is just one of the many tasks you need to do during pregnancy. Daniel remains one of the most fascinati... Harpist, minstrel. Roxie: Of Persian origin that means means “dawn”. Your due date is 40 weeks from the start of your last period. Sophia, Emma, Isabella, Olivia, Ava, Emily, Abigail and Elizabeth are all on current top 10 lists. Home » Pregnancy » 50 Classic Boy Names That Are Still Cool. Sort: popular A - Z. filter: all girl boy unisex. The majority of people would have agreed with that statement as it entails the responsibility of raising a child into a proper and fine being. Victor: A Latin name meaning “champion”. Lydia: This Ancient Greek name that means “from Lydia” (an area in Asia where Midas and Croesus resided). Sadie: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “princess”. The kinds of tasks you might easily overlook or never think to do but that are crucial for a smooth pregnancy. Victoria: This is the female version of the name Victor, meaning “Victory”. If you’re looking for timeless baby names that still sound cool, look no further. Other than that, classic names will never go extinct regardless of what generation we belong to. Lillian: Of Latin origin, meaning “lily”. Miles: One more Latin name which has the meaning “soldier”. Birdie: Another classic name, meaning “bright, famous, little bird”. The defender of mankind has been... Firmness, long-lived. One major difference that distinguishes classic from vintage baby names was that the latter refers to the specific era in the timeline. We checked how the initials would look and made sure we felt comfortable saying them over and over. Morris: Derivative of the Latin name Maurice, meaning “Moorish”. Benjamin – Hebrew word meaning ‘son of the right hand’ New mum? Classic baby names are making a major comeback. Anna – variation of the Hebrew name “Hannah”, meaning ‘grace’ Forrest: A name that means “woodsman”. Max: A name that was popular decades ago and becoming even more popular. It’s true that celebrities are partly responsible to why there’s always a change in trend. Jack: Another form of John, an Old English name that means “the Lord is gracious”. Learn how your comment data is processed. If Sarah isn’t interesting enough, go for Sarai or Zadie. Choose a name wisely, with all your love to it. Wade: This is a Scandinavian name which means “river ford.” We didn’t name our boys after anyone we knew, or even after my husband. Classic baby girl and baby boy names are those that have been around for years, but are still popular today. By continuing to browse or by clicking “Accept Cookies,” you agree to the storing of first- and third-party cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. Along with Alessandro and Sarai, other twists on classic baby names in the US Top 600 include Amalia, Francesca, Hendrix, Jameson, Matthias, Nico, Willa, and Zara. The first name of the son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex aka Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We also had one criteria for each name: They had to be classic. Silas: Another Latin name that and means “forest, woods” Warner: Old German name meaning “army guard”. We get it: trying to settle on a name for your little one can be tough.