I have to learn ” The bonnie lass o’ fyvie” until next tueday. The song has 8 bars only, though many people add a second part. Here’s the jig version of Neil’s famous hornpipe. Our band achieves a second part by repeating the first with a harmony. Looking for lessons on Rakes of Mallow Thanks so much Eric, I recently heard SFU playing “Hallelujah.” Can you possibly do sheet music and tutorial for that? Hi Josh I find the tune of Hallelujah on the web side http://www.lincolnhilton.com/#!shop/nrbxs where you can purchase it. Yesterday I was at a jam session with some good ol’ boys, into the drink of course, when I foolishly announced that I was learning bagpipes. Amer Abu seif. Hi Josh, it will be great if at some point you can do a tutorial for the Marquis of Huntly’s Highland Fling – very good for accompanying highland dancing. Clumsy Lover. You indicate in your comments that you have 100+ video tutorials however, in the tunes index I only see around 50 when it is set to “show all” Can you do a lesson on The Battle of Sterling Bridge? Thank you so much Jim. Lord Lovat’s Lament Castle Dangerous This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Wondering if when you are going over a tune you could play it at a good practice speed. Colonel Robertson. I would love to see you do a tutorial on “Come Thou Fount”. Thank you for all your tutorial. https://www.bagpipemaster.com/2016/03/22/danny-boy/. © 2020 Bagpipe Master. Murdo’s Wedding I would like Tutorials of Tunes like The Congress Reel, Gravel Walk, Clumsy Lover, Masons Apron Reel and so on…. If you wouldn’t mind do you have sheet music on 1. Super work keep it up, any chance for Tuesday request being the dawning of the day, can also be called raglan road, very popular Irish ballad, That being said, I’ve already created over 100+ video tutorials that should definitely give anyone a solid amount of help. I’ve had a few people ask for Hallelujah and don’t know it or have the sheet music so I will have to look into it and will let you know if I make a tutorial. Ah, you allready asked for this, I just did it by myself. Antholl Highlanders The efforts required by composers to create this music would inspire you. Ingo. It looks like you have not been active lately, hope everything is going great for you and family, My best regards, looking forward to here from you soon. The website pipetunes.ca is the first large-scale site of its kind to provide individual pieces of bagpipe sheet music and recorded demonstrations for download. I’m looking for the sheet music For Ireland I’ll Not Tell Her Name. I just uploaded the sheet music for Auld Lang Syne and will probably do a tutorial on it next week. Truley a beautiful tune which lends it self to BagPipes and moderately simple to play/master. Josh do you no how to play Farewell to Camraw I have the sheet music. Insist that fellow pipers and students support this site. I find that it is either played too slow or too fast for learning. One of my favourite bagpipe melodies is the “Highland Cathedral”, a truly beautiful tune. The original was published in the composer's first book (A Collection of Bagpipe Music for all Stages, 1983) and pipe version is still available in an available contemporary edition. Hey Josh, I’m looking for a tune called Tricia’s Song.. I am working on learning tunes so that I can join the Utah Pipe Band in Sandy. However, it will only allow you to access it if you have signed up for a membership. Im enjoying your website as I learn to play. Thanks, (The little drummer boy) would be awesome, I would like to see lessons for: The work, experience and finances that have gone into creating it would surprise you. I would like to see sheet music and tutorial for Will You Go Lassie Go, How ’bout: https://www.bagpipemaster.com/itchy-fingers-2/. I hope all is well with you and your family, and I’ll bet the little one is all over the place now. Keith, Following up on my note from March 25 regarding tunes and tutorials, Hey mate could you consider doing take me home country roads herd it played slow and it put hairs up on my neck cheers fergy, ?Balmoral.. could use a howto. While I hope it will never come to this, I will not tolerate abuses to these guidelines. -wake me up, avicii Corkhill. Cock of the North. merci pour tes tutorials. Your email address will not be published. I would like Tutorials of Tunes like The Congress Reel, Gravel Walk, Clumsy Lover, Masons Apron Reel and so on…. 2. https://www.bagpipemaster.com/2016/03/22/danny-boy/, Just finished “Danny Boy” here it is: Hey, I am new to playing the pipes, and really love your site and tutorials. Im looking for sheet music on ‘for hes a jolly good fellow’. Bob Calder, The first measure (about 45 sec) of Bear McCreary’s music from Outlander, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbHQ8hP9Rbs, I would love to see the sheet music and tutorial for “the High Drive” and the “Pumpkins Fancy”. Could you help me with this? Sheet Music Question (the Clumsy lover) Sorry if this is a silly question but I’m not much of an expert on sheet music & occasionally resort to it to learn a tune ! D. J. S. Murray Hope, Josh will hear us. Audio : MIDI Site n° 1249: Bagpipes Library Online music ; Tune scores ; Notes and Tips Audio : MP3 Site n° 848: BlankSheetMusic.net Print blank sheet music for free, supports guitar and bass tabs too, ready-to-print sheets in a few seconds, no software to download & install, no watermarks on prints. god speed. a tutorial on this wonderful piece of music. Their play list for Grade 5 in as follows, Rowan Tree Would be great if you do one of them…. If you can find the time to put up a tutorial on that one I would be most appreciative.. George Lewis again, I found it using search function, still getting used to new site changes.