Just a thought for all those wanting to put adjustable sights on this: View all posts by Justin. Weekly range trips that involve several hundred rounds fired in training and competition meets my definition of “high volume.” If you’re shooting like that, get a bigger, stronger gun, or plan to visit the gunsmith a little more frequently. It never happened to me or the dozens of people I watched fire these guns, so I’m hesitant to label it a design issue (versus an individual gun issue) without more data. Only one of my hand loads, a recreation of the Skeeter Skelton .38 Spl +P+++ load, ever had any trouble ejecting from the cylinder, as long as I gave the ejector rod a solid press. Despite the intense muzzle flash, noise, and recoil generated by Speer’s full-on 125-grain Gold Dot, the King Cobra seemed to like it. I don’t know about all of their revolvers, but Colt definitely uses MIM parts in their 1911s. Having enough ammo left over from the Python review, I was able to shoot it a pretty good amount. The Colt King Cobra’s trigger was incredibly smooth. For those just now coming across this model, how has it stood up over the years? This does many things, as the barrel is up ant dirt falls down in the cases not under the star. He asked, “They let you carry that on duty?” I replied, “Sure; why not?” As he walked away I heard him mutter, “I know I’m in the South now.” Finally VZ Grips. I’m not one to engage in hyperbole (I generally consider it to be the last resort of the poorly-lettered), so take my word at face value when I say, the fit of this revolver is absolutely superb. They haven’t been taught sear riding, but they may not allow the trigger to fully reset as result of general inexperience, or a lack of experience with the Colt system in particular. The HSTs may expand more, but they tend to penetrate less. Ruger should have brought this out as a bigger LCR years ago ( I have emailed them many times but they have not listened to me – imagine that). I tried my hand with some double action shooting off hand at 15 yards. In the PX and at the magazine stand. Though reports were mixed on the “new model” Cobras, the King Cobra is truly a phenomenal fighting revolver. (By the way, after shooting 700 rounds, I cleaned the gun and measured the end shake and found no discernible difference than when I pulled it out of the box.). A Note on the “King Cobra” name: Unaccustomed and emotionally unattached as I am to Colt Revolvers, I brook no complaint with the re-use of the “King Cobra” designation. Action: Double-action But—-if you do not get a good one—-Colt service is about as slow as it gets ! Thank you Mike, I really apreciate the comparisons and detailed response! If you don’t like the factory grips, excellent aftermarket grips for the Colt King Cobra are available through VZ Grips. Most of the .38 Spl rounds are reloads and all of the .357 Magnums were commercial ammunition. Even up in the trees. I still want a model 60 with a 2inch barrel and adjustable sights one day…….