Not that I'm comparing this to Shakespeare, but I do not go to books, movies and TV necessarily to find admirable behavior, but to see life limned in all its ups and downs. Plank, you might consider doing a little research and rethinking whether your title should really call it an 'Amazon series.'. Can you imagine, a show where the Nazis win. A 14-year-old boy, Tim, is found hanging from a tree--murder or suicide? Available only on Morgoth's Bitchute Channel and here at, the original and best, Morgoth's Review Blog. Reviewed in the United States on April 17, 2016, Robbie's the gift of gab...but the relationship hook can't land the whale, Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2013. Leave the Lefty preaching out of the story line and forget the 'romance' for a full five stars. Just follow the steps below and get your free Prime Membership now. Furthermore, the issue of Volition must be sprinkled loosely but never consistently throughout the plot. The gold standard for flippant and flawed detectives. Following the break-up of his home life, Fitz discovers that a young woman he knew has been viciously murdered. Cracker shambles and shuffles through his ruin of a life, faultlessly portrayed by Robbie Coltrane. This is my favorite Masterpiece Mystery series. Looking back on the Trump years and mulling over what tricks are at play now among the American deep state and bureaucracy. Pour les fans de séries policières anglaises, ROBBIE COLTRANE excelle dans cette série qui comporte 3 saisons sous titrée en VF, au charme même suranné des années 90 incontestable et les "moeurs" de la société anglaise (et autre) de cette période. But will Fitz play the role of hero? I would not have been shocked to see him hooked up to life support by the last episode. But only time will tell if Fitz is in control of the situation! I was sorry to see it ended. Something a little fishy about the OP if you ask me. Steps over the line in criticizing others but rarely gets away with it as he takes his share of "the truth" thrown right back at him. I felt like coughing. Good point. The series is really well done, but I have to admit feeling very sorry for his family as he was so very weak in giving up any one of his addictions. Directed by Dale Resteghini. And last but not least, you must take "fat men in charge" as a wonderful thing. Really glad I don't live in Britain anymore. Amazon Prime Video releases original new movies and shows like Uncle Frank and Small Axe for free streaming this November. DS Bilborough needs to be seen to make an arrest, and when he does, incurs the wrath of Fitz. If you are easily offended or of a Liberal persuasion this is not the place for you. Whilst on their spree of violence, Tina and Sean murder DS Briggs. Video availability outside of United States varies. Problems between Fitz and his wife Judith continue. I love that it takes 2 or 3 hours to close one case but it still holds the tension and your attention as he and the detectives all labor to get the job done.