Critically appraising articles allows one to filter out the reduced quality studies and distinguish misleading information (Cormack, Gerrish & Lacey, 2010). The title of this article is; ‘Clinical handover in the trauma setting: A qualitative study of paramedics and trauma team members.’ (Evans, Murray, Patrick, Fitzgerald, Smith, Cameron, 2010). Yes, the researcher has got the ethical approval from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s ethical committees before the study. Topic The article is well set out, permitting the research design to be effortlessly recognisable and easily read. Aims should be written plainly, in non-technical language and state the concepts the research is addressing (Stommel & Wills, 2004). (Evans, Murray, Patrick, Fitzgerald, Smith, Cameron, 2010). If you need assistance with writing your essay, our professional essay writing service is here to help! Only education without gown, 3. The researcher has not commented on their rationale for using any of these methods; supplying a rationale can help ensure validity in the research process and results (Piekkari & Welch, 2004).There is no mention of any changes made throughout the study, therefore one can assume the original plan was followed through the majority of the study. The population of the research is the couples that without children even if they tried. The researcher does not disclose how they determined the exact method used. By utilizing a coding programme to categorise replies from members, the researchers were able to find recurrent themes or templates and were with the capacity of placing reactions into three nodes which were directed by the original aims. The interview consisted of pre-determined questions, using a topic guide. There is a consensus that countless handovers are ineffective and several members agreed on known reasons for this. 2. Dissertation Proposal 1. Grounded theory usually records data using audio and video tapes, allowing the researcher to carefully examine responses given (Schreiber & Stern, 2001). Yes, this trial has addressed a clear focus issue. This would be beneficial as the research question, approach to data collection and data examination all rely upon each other, and therefore these paramount decisions have to be made continuously throughout the study process (Willig, 2008). ” (Schulz, K. F. & Grimes, D. A. *You can also browse our support articles here >. The research I completed mostly entailed of articles that I found online through EBSCO host database, other databases were used such as Embase and Ovid etc. By using a coding programme to categorise responses from participants, the researchers were able to find recurrent themes and were capable of placing responses into three nodes that were directed by the initial aims. Print & Fill, CASP Diagnostic Study Checklist