The fact that the character of Penny underwent an illegal abortion after she’d gotten pregnant by one of the workers in the movie, Robbie his name was, wasn’t even the main issue. Disney Zombies 2 Release Date, The two met six years earlier when Marx was working on the soundtrack for Staying Alive and he was apparently still too young for her. After staying away for this long it does appear that she’s happy where she’s at and that life has been going the way she wants it to more or less. With Cynthia Rhodes however, the truth is that she did retire in 1991, stepping out of the spotlight so that she could raise her family and take things down a notch. After 25 years of marriage, the couple filed for divorce in 2014. Where Was A Family Thing Filmed, Despite the fact that she didn’t have an extensive movie history before retiring it’s fair to say that her role as Penny was one that managed to get a lot of people to stand up and pay attention to a very crucial issue, even if it’s still a hotly debated topic today. [1] Raised in a Baptist family, Rhodes tried to maintain a clean-cut image in her acting roles and in the media, turning down scripts that required nudity and refusing offers to pose for pictorials in Playboy magazine. Cynthia Rhodes: Now a mother and housewife. Image: Cynthia Rhodes Family: Husband & Sons. Grave Of Tereus, The Magic Brush Story, Alice Movie 2019, 'Dirty Dancing': 10 Facts About The Iconic Soundtrack. In late 2014 Richard Marx released album titled- 'Beautiful Goodbye', some speculated it could be about his divorce with Cynthia, the album was about Love and seduction. The pretty blonde was portrayed by none other than Cynthia Rhodes (62). With Cynthia it feels as though she simply reasoned that it was time to raise her kids and enjoy the time she had with them, which is a pretty good reason all on its own. The Pretenders I'll Stand By You, She worked with them for two songs ‘Room to Move’ and ‘Calling it Love’. Neo Cryptocurrency Price, Arsenal Europa League Squad 2020 21, She began out singing and dancing at Opryland USA while attending high school. [9], "Richard Marx trades stardom for producing, parenthood", "Richard Marx and Cynthia Rhodes Divorcing After 25 Years of Marriage", Cynthia Rhodes: Actress, Dancer, & Singer,, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2019, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "Finding Out the Hard Way", "I'm Never Gonna Give You Up", This page was last edited on 23 September 2020, at 17:21. Ed Smith Stadium Reviews, Rhodes & Marx were always upheld as the epitome of a true relationship that survived the Hollywood curse and the test of time. Phantom Thread Vulture, The moment Penny got pregnant it wasn’t a big deal to anyone apart from Penny and the few people that were let in on the secret. Baby’s father was brought in to take care of Penny and despite his misgivings he did so, making sure that she was okay and would survive. diff = (start2 - today); var start2 = new Date(start); His most recent releases include “LMLILY,” and “Novocaine,” a track that was lauded on social media by his father Richard calling Brandon a “genius.”. Abortion in movies was at one time a very touchy thing and if the truth is known it still is since the issue itself is something that a lot of people can’t rightly discuss without getting into a huge argument about pro-life or pro-choice. Ever since its release in 1987, the cult movie Dirty Dancing, with the love story between "Baby" (Jennifer Grey, 59) and "Johnny" (Patrick Swayze, †57), is still being watched over and over again.