I have my own story since Every person has a different process,, so I married my wife, last year she is a US citizen, an I was a DACA holder, even tho that my daca was expired during the process well I’m still in the process. Do U know how straightforward is the process, I’m in the same situation, I came to the US with tourist visa, I just received my EAD CARD 2 days ago. Long story short I got into a relationship with a daca recipient that i want to last a lifetime but the US is very tricky with immigration laws. UU. Los beneficiarios de la Acción Diferida para los Llegados en la Infancia (DACA), generalmente, no tienen un camino directo para adquirir el estado de residencia permanente (“green card”). legalmente (reingreso a los EE. ... After online research and reading the DACA threads here on Reddit, it sounds like his best bet would be to renew his DACA status FIRST, and then wait until their baby is born to apply for a green card? Is this even possible? 2 years? o en el extranjero; Si ha solicitado otras peticiones de inmigración; Si ha sido alguna vez te sacado / deportado de los EE. Once you know that then you can start from there. Hello everyone.. came with a visa and over stayed 15 years ago. UU.”  y  podrá  continuar con su entrevista en los EE. We had a wedding and a reception. It's the uncertainty of going back and not knowing if I'll be allowed back in that's the issue. UU. UNLESS... the trump administration brings back advanced parole. Sin embargo, si el poseedor de DACA no ha re-ingresado legalmente a los EE. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients generally do not have a direct path to permanent resident status (green card). They are expensive but can save you some headaches along the way. You also must be able to adjust your status to a green card while staying within the U.S., which is a process available only to foreign nationals who have lawfully entered the U.S. (A foreign national also can get a green card through the consular processing system in their home country, but you should not leave the U.S. if you have DACA because you may not be able to return.) The only problem is that he wants to be able to come back to visit his family. Strongly recommend that you consult with an immigration lawyer that has experience with this sort of thing. The firm was very prompt, responding to my emails and…, Have a valid and good faith based marriage to a U.S. Citizen; and. Sin embargo, algunos beneficiarios de DACA pueden obtener su estado de residencia permanente a través del matrimonio con un ciudadano de los EE. But most DACA recipients who entered the United States illegally don’t have a travel permit, in which case the only way to get a green card based on marriage — to a U.S. citizen or a green card holder (permanent resident) — is to return to your country of origin and apply through a U.S. embassy or consulate. es importante que se informe a su abogado de inmigración la siguiente información, ya que eso puede afectar su proceso de aplicación : WHAT IS A PUBLIC CHARGE? Be admitted into the U.S. lawfully (Re-entered the U.S. with Advance Parole). I have daca since it was released (after I turned 18) and I am turning 25 the 27th. Los beneficiarios de la Acción Diferida para los Llegados en la Infancia (DACA), generalmente, Tener un matrimonio válido y de buena fe con un ciudadano de los EE.UU. Knowing it will catch attention of daca recipients that have the intentions of getting there green card through marriage. On the other hand, it may help you negate problems caused by unlawful presence in the U.S. and prove that you lawfully entered the U.S.