Replaced the wheels as the rims were concave, but she is an eBay Special (£590) likewise the four panniers (£83). These bikes are characterised by having cost-saving aluminium frames, basic but solid drivetrain components (ie: gearing systems), rim brakes, and a basic rear rack to get you started. I am on a 2008 Dawes SG. No bike is without problems, it aint about the bike without blood, sweat and tears :-X. Not sure what to do now, but it definitely will not be a Ridgeback anything Walmart sells nice bikes (really). Do you have input on preferred bikes / systems for long rides with two young kids? I was wondering if you had any experience or knowledge of the Cinelli Hobo? Click here to read more about how I use affiliate links. It is a game changer and can carry a lot.You can get the load off your bike with it and still have a rack and space for other gear on your bike frame. We all had steel frames and we all managed to continue riding. thanks a lot for the replies Tom, happy cycling! It’s a really great bike! Thanks Tom for all your great articles. The seller has sent photos, and sent more photos at Koga’s request, but still no instructions. I notice that the Kona Sutra has them — does it not cause an issue when you run into maintenance problems, especially outside Europe? I tried to trade in my wife for a titanium bike, but they only take euros. Hi Tom and all, Suffolk and noerh Essex are most definitely part of my equation and between 50 — 110 miles per trip are not unusual along with cycling to and from work. I have to say it was the driest 3 month trip you could imagine so the lack of crap picked up to wear the Bike out was noticeable… The Only mechanicals, 2 broken cable and about 4 punctures. I have had negative experiences with an older Kona Sutra; however, it was with the former placement of the bb7 brake caliper and subsequent rear rack configuration with a huge bolt and spacers. I am the proud owner of a Dawes Galaxy Super Tourist with Reynolds 531 steel tubes. The Troll reminds me of the Explosif I built from the frame up for off-road touring. You need to be comfortable if you are going to spend up to 10hrs in the saddle and the more upright positions of most ‘tourers’, seem to take the weight and pressure from your hands/ arms. Japanese manufacturer Fuji’s entry-level touring bike, simply named the Touring, features a Reynolds 520 cromoly frameset with classic drop-bar touring geometry. The Dawes Galaxy, Super Galaxy and Ultra Galaxy are dependable bicycles that can be used for commuting, touring and more. Rear triangle & caliper positioning like the Sutra. I’m lucky enough to own a pair of touring bikes, a Thorn Sterling ( discontinued I think ) and a Troll, both built to my spec, with Shimano XTR v brakes ( I don’t like discs, squeaky, rotors too easily bent ‚hard to replace on a tour, and extra weight ), They are both fantastic bikes but with a different ride quality. I agree that renovating an old bike is just as valid as buying a new one. I have the male frame as I always had male frames in all my bikes and it’s what I’m used to. It’s also missing fenders. She thought being more upright helped the rubbing, by taking pressure off the front of the saddle and putting it more on the sitz bones, so I got some big curvy bar ends and cranked them way back, so she can sit totally upright. Bikes get stolen, plans go squiify and so what if we decide to take the really cruddy road upppp that turns into gravel then kind of goat track then.. and you land up pushing and doing singletrack downhill to .. mud and gravel and finally .. Roholf belt drive i have met a tourer using and he was happy with it, expensive combo but if it rolls for 100,000klm and comp have good rep. As it comes to preference and trail n error..I a bit like yourself wanted a rtw expadition bike. also of note… my ultra gal came equipped with a Brooks B17… nice touch. Chop out the brakes for V brakes. Hi Tom Thats all folks:-), Sadly the Schwalbe Marathon XR was discontinued years ago now , Hi tom and troops„, yeah the xr was too good „buy once product, found early originals recently 2 in holland…(where else.. for any tourers holland is ur candy store). The TX800 has a very upright position and quick (light) steering, ideal for circumnavigating rocky trails (like a Landover) but if you are the slow lad/lass at the back wanting to keep up then buy something skinnier. Keep it up. Touring bikes are surely headed in the Trek 920 direction wouldn’t you say? Dawes Galaxy Cromo 2017 Touring Bike | Black scored 9.9 in our review which makes it one of the top products available in the Cycling category. Having cycled and backpacked since I was at school, in my mid 50’s i decided it was time to combine the two persuites and try a spot of weekend touring. While that’s fine for short tours and commuting, I’d be concerned about its long-term durability on a big tour, where the aim is to reduce the likelihood of repairs and replacements.