Winchester then tearfully described the plot to kill Mike. Joe Rondone/Democrat/USA Today, The area where Mike Williams’ remains were found in Florida, | He said he dragged Williams' body back to shore, put him in his truck and buried him hours later. “There’s no tangible evidence or physical evidence to connect Denise Williams to this crime,” attorney Philip Padovano told jurors, according to the Associated Press. He loved Mike. “Not only did Denise steal my son. Howard Drew, a friend of Mike's, also testified that he taught Mike what to do if water got into his waders, which is relevant to the claim made by Denise that Mike had likely drowned, in order to pronounce him dead after he had been missing for five years and collect on his insurance money. In order to find Denise guilty, Padovano told the jury that 'you will have to rely on the word of a murderer and a convicted felon'. Courtesy Cheryl Williams. No one spoke on behalf of Denise Williams, who quietly shook her head in disagreement as Cheryl spoke about her granddaughter. Denise Williams didn't put him up to that." Please don’t allow Denise to ever be around any of her future grandchildren because one generation of Williams’ children growing up around murders is enough.”. Beginning in January of 2015, Cheryl wrote a total of 240 letters to Governor Rick Scott asking for him to personally step in and properly handle her son's murder case, only to learn that none of those letters reached him. Photos were presented of Denise and Thomas, which showed them kissing during a spring break trip to Panama City after Mike's death. News Director Jennifer Portman takes you through the disappearance of Mike Williams and the case's eventual turn in to a murder investigation. But in a December trial, a jury found her guilty for her role in her husband's murder. Mike Williams Disappeared in 2000. Denise Williams would later collect a $1.75 million life insurance policy after investigators initially concluded Mike, 31, had been eaten by alligators after falling from a boat in Dec. of 2000. More: Closure for Mike Williams' mother and brother is still to come. Before Cheryl took the stand, her other son, Nick Williams, testified about her efforts to find Mike after he went missing, and to pressure authorities to keep the investigation open. Mike's mother, Cheryl Williams (pictured), also testified briefly on Wednesday before a judge in Tallahassee, sharing that Denise threatened to keep her grandchild away from her if she didn't stop looking for her son. Coyote Ugly Turns 20: Where Is the Cast Now? He was granted immunity in Mike’s death. It's believed Mike also had other policies to total the $1.75million amount. Other witnesses called on Wednesday included Sargent Richard Wooten who worked as an undercover officer with the Florida Department of law enforcement to make to make contact with Denise, and Timothy Langland, an insurance compliance specialist, who explained the application for insurance that Mike applied for and listed Denise as sole beneficiary. Break in Mike Williams' case blows open new door, Mike Williams' remains found in northern Leon County, Mike Williams' body found 17 years later; FDLE says he was murdered, Closure for Mike Williams' mother and brother is still to come, Court records: Fears over Mike Williams case drove 2016 kidnapping by Brian Winchester, Brian Winchester sentenced to 20 years in prison, 'Please don’t let him out': Winchester to remain in jail, Video: Denise Winchester pleads to keep Brian Winchester in jail, Man with ties to cold case in jail on unrelated charges, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. SUBSCRIBE NOW Only $5 for 3 months. At the time of his death, the two had an 18-month old daughter and were set to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary. Winchester, who is serving a 20-year prison sentence for the armed kidnapping of his then-estranged wife Denise Williams, led them to the spot after receiving immunity from prosecution for Mike's murder.