We are still in talks with several other companies... Operation: Carrot If Jensen is able to uncover evidence of Whittaker's involvement, Whittaker will admit to his wrongdoing, but state that he corrupted the footage only to protect Melissa.[2]. Industry: Banking By Dean Whittaker. After the bombing of Růžička Station, Whittaker was contacted by Melissa, who frantically explained that she knew Ivan was responsible for the bombing. That was followed by another move to England and then Qatar. He has enough evidence to prove it and wants him to confess what he did. Julian Casey Simon Whittaker's computer is a computer that appears in the Desperate Measures DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Industry: Banking/Data Storage Weight She doesn't get to do much of anything with the overstuffed ensemble. When Jimmy Calhoun found out that Theresa was alive, he hired an assassin to finish the job. #2 < > Showing 1-2 of 2 comments Industry: Personal He spent the first 6 years of his life there until his parents moved to Zambia. Monthly pro-bono work for charity. It is used by Simon Whittaker and is located in his office in the Tarvos Prague headquarters. Jensen heads to the local Tarvos headquarters to investigate further, eventually confronting Whittaker. They are reco... Karl infiltrates to Allagra Fortress. Location: The Czech Republic, Operation: Cherry Deciding on a course of action, he corrupts the station's camera footage so he can protect Melissa. Images (5) Theresa Whitaker is a teenager whose family was murdered following a land deal gone wrong. He is very close to uncover the important intel about them. Julian Casey was born 1968, in Dublin, Ireland. That was followed by another move to England and then Qatar. In Simon Whittaker's office, there is a picture of a British Army General with two children, which (based on his epaulets) was taken sometime during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. This Deus Ex Story page is, in spirit, descended from the Marathon's Story page. He shares his journey of how he found happiness in business and in life. This is the complete walkthrough of the game and solution of the all puzzles. After going through all of the missions, it is time to face the monster. There's a multitool on a ledge near a laser grid somewhere, between walls. Location: The Czech Republic, Operation: Pineapple Unknown. He attended Castleknock College in Dublin from 1980-86. General Practice Doctor Dwight Gibbons Industry: Gov. With our original title, The Secret Alameda , locals often assumed the magazine was … Tarvos Security Services (Prague). (4 Clients, 2 Tarvos) All received medical treatment and suffered slight bruises and cuts. He is still based in ... Syfy's ‘Helix’ Sneak Peek: Billy Campbell Hunts Down a Cure (Exclusive Video), BAFTA 2017 - Films with Multiple Nominations, Past Movies Set During the Future 2020s Decade, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate - Jack the Ripper, Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut, Assassin's Creed III: The Tyranny of King Washington, Quand je serai parti... vous vivrez encore, The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. At the end of the page is a summary of all acronyms used, in case … After a thorough review of all employees in the Prague office, I found just one employee who has an internal augment. It's our first accident/incident with these people. by Richard Whittaker, Mar 18, 1998 In 1996 I published one issue of Deus Ex Machina . Adam makes his way to the Lieutenant Whittaker who he believes is responsible for the alteration of evidence. Deus Ex Mankind Divided All Cutscenes Game Movie -... Deus Ex Mankind Divided Gameplay Walkthrough Despe... Deus Ex Mankind Divided End Credits And Images - N... Deus Ex Mankind Divided All Endings (Jammer, Fight... Deus Ex Mankind Divided Gameplay Walkthrough Part ... Deus Ex Mankind Divided Story Recap - No Commentar... Deus Ex Mankind Divided - The Mechanical Apartheid. Miles Tardiff 1 Fandom Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Possible Opponents 2 History 3 Death Battle Info 3.1 Background 3.2 Physicality 3.3 Mentality/Intelligence/Skill 3.4 Powers & Abilities 3.5 Arsenal 3.6 Feats 3.7 … Specialist and Sarif Chief of Security, currently Task Force 29 Operative and Juggernaut Collective Agent, Can lift and throw things like fridges, copy machines and large TVs with ease, Blocking bullets with a body after said bullets, Was in a cryosleep state for at least a day and was still able to complete his mission, At some point, he was captured and tortured while having his augmentations disabled and was forced to escape the base he was held in before re-entering the cryosleep, Capable of hacking into high-security terminals and sneaking through just as much highly-secured facilities with ease, As an ex-police officer, naturally thirsty for information, Was able to sneak into the morgue of a police station, Was able to sneak into a gang territory and hack an antenna on top of one of their buildings, Infiltrated a base of high-tech mercenaries, Snuck into the office of Lieutenant Simon Whittaker, the Head of Operations of Tarvos Security Services in Prague, Adam himself admits that Tarvos is "the best private security company in the world", Throughout Human Revolution, solved multiple mysteries, Solved the mystery of the Růžička Station bombing, Survived being injected with a poison that manipulated people's augmentations into killing them, After being nearly killed, Adam was saved by being turned into a cyborg, which gave him a multitude of advantages, His DNA allowed him to tolerate a surprising amount of these, replacing 50% of his body, 273 grams of blue liquid nano explosive wrapped in a transparent package that can stick to any surface, A remote explosive that can be activated via a radio remote trigger, The F-Type Fragmentation Grenades are a standard thrown projectile, which expels a high concentration of shaped polymer shards at extreme velocity when ruptured, Can be turned into the K-A-G Fragmentation Mine, The P-14 E-Mag EMP Grenade sends out an electromagnetic pulse, disabling cameras, turrets and robots as well as weakening opponents in exo-suits, The Stunner Concussion Grenade erupts in a flash of blinding light, staggering anyone in range of it and causing them to lose their vision and hear loud ringing noises for a few seconds, Can be turned into the ShokWave Concussion Mine, The KSA-Type Smoke Grenade emits a thick smokescreen around itself, The Riot CS Grenade emits gas around itself, which knocks out anybody in range, A sidearm holding up to 38 bullets when upgraded, Can be equipped with a Laser Sight and Silencer, A sidearm holding up to 12 bullets when upgraded, Can be equipped with a Silencer, Laser Sight and Holosight (An aiming-assistance modification), Described as a jack-of-all-trades firearm, Can fire regular or Armor-Piercing bullets, Can be equipped with a Silencer, Laser Sight, 4x Scope and Holosight, A devastating shotgun with Semi-Auto and Burst modes, Can be equipped with a Silencer and Laser Sight, Fires Guillaume Tell Golden Arrows - polycarbonate, carbide-tipped, fin-stabilized bolts, A semi-automatic, albeit weak, sniper rifle, Can fire regular or Armor-Piercing rounds, Fires .50 cal PPS darts that release torpor-inducing drugs on impact, incapacitating humans and animals, One of the most advanced battlefield weapons of the 2020s, Inaccuracy is canceled out by the large projectile, Magazine can allow for up to 50 shots when upgraded, Can be equipped with a Laser Sight and Cooling System, A Gatling-style multi-barreled machine gun, Can fire Fragmentation, EMP, Concussion and Gas grenades, Capable of taking down large mechs in a few shots, Fires smart rockets that the user can control, albeit only slightly, Can hold up to 900 battery charge, which lasts for about 18 seconds of continuous fire, Survived the augmentation surgery which turned him into a cyborg, Went through an entire facility of guards (by either killing, knocking out or sneaking past them) and secured the stolen Typhoon, Defeated Lawrence Barett and Yelena Fedorova, Made his way through a highly fortified port, planted a bomb and escaped by hiding in one of the cargo, Infiltrated the Omega Ranch, a high-security research center, found the scientists held hostage there, organized a mass distraction and uploaded a virus to the main computer, Defeated Jamon Namir, the leader of Belltower's Elite Special Operations Unit, Defeated Zhao Yun Ru and destroyed the Hyron Project, Went undercover into a supermax Aug-only prison known as "the Pent House", On his first mission as an anti-terrorist, crashed a Black Market deal, Defeated and killed Viktor Marchenko, an intelligent and highly-skilled ex-soldier, who set up traps and had an advantage on the battlefield, Gained the attention and respect of the Illuminati, Some of his augmentations consume energy - only a portion of it recharges on its own and he needs to consume CyberBoost products to regain the rest, Some of his equipment is non-lethal or useless against some types of enemies, His cybernetics can be tampered with, as shown during the events of Human Revolution, His augmentations can be disabled, although it has only been done via uploading a suppression biochip/virus directly into his brain. LOCATION: Prague To: Simon Whittaker[notes 2]. Industry: Gov. No one was sent to the hospital. And in the meantime, he will... Quantum Break Live-Action Show part 4 combines the live-action show movies with junction choices and how they affect the show. It's a throwback to Classic Who where the Doctor had up to 4 passengers. Location: The Czech Republic, Operation: Redberry The computer has a security rating of 3. Location: The Czech Republic, Operation: Pepper And how will Mole help them? This one's flawless. Karl is going to Sendari base to kill Admiral Herman Richter. Client: Bohemian Arts Grove Desperate Measures takes place after Jensen returns from Golem City. He has enough evidence to prove it and wants him to confess what he did. Deus Ex Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Is there another way of progressing? How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, https://deathbattlefanon.fandom.com/wiki/Adam_Jensen?oldid=1476301. Location: The Czech Republic, Operation: Vanilla Simon Whittaker's computer is a computer that appears in the Desperate Measures DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.