Can I cut the Balayage extensions shorter? As was mentioned above, I would definitely wait it out. Reputations: 307 Messages: 1,216 Likes Received: 791 Trophy Points: 131. Sofern der Empfänger nichts von DHL Express gehört hat, sollte er selbst die DHL-Express-Hotline anrufen und nachfragen, ob für die Verzollung Unterlagen benötigt werden. Tell the TD it's been held and see what can be done with them. Am Montag gab's gleich den clearance event, hab dann nachmittags angerufen, Mail erhalten, Formular ausgefüllt, eingescannt, zurückgeschickt (Mail), Mittwoch morgen um halb 9 war sie da. Noob here, been lurking for awhile and finally pulled the trigger on May 24 and purchased my first RW from a TD. Why have I only been accepted for a certain order value? Hopefully we’re all good , More posts from the Repsneakers community, Reddit's Largest Replica Sneaker Discussion Board - A community for posting of reviews of replica sneakers, Press J to jump to the feed. Safe travels, its happening to a bunch of people, myself included. Once it was a Rolex coming from Australia (M2M purchase) and I told them it was broken and a favour I was doing to a friend as I had to fix it. How do you prevent tangling/matting and reduce shedding? They had my design on them, but some were on athletic shirts that had the copyrighted design of "Dri-Fit" (Nike's meshed back of athletic clothing). How do I choose between clip-in and Halo extensions? Do I have to pay for the shipping of my return or exchange? What lengths do you offer, and what do they look like on? Under "Full Details" and "Next Step" it shows: The Clearance process for this shipment is on-going with additional details required for clearance, The clearance process will continue once the additional details are provided for clearance. Can I wear the Highlights collection? CC customer support: hello hello - sir are you still there.... please stay on the line till the boys in blue arrive... You're obviously here to start a war, and not to make any intelligent contribution to a predicament. I just called DHL Customer Service at 866-600-0014. Just have to talk to them. Sobald sie vorliegen, dürfte die Zollfreigabe nicht länger als 1-2 Tage dauern (Status: Verzollung abgeschlossen). I had this in the UK with Parcelforce. Discussion in 'Logistics - Payment & Shipping' started by bobby8787, Oct 21, 2013. You need to contact your TD with the letter to see their terms and conditions/. Chargeback will lead you down all sorts of difficult paths, including the post you were so sarcastic about. Why haven't I received a confirmation email? Mine just departed Taipei after 4 clearance events. If your tracking information shows repeated “Clearance event” updates, this means your package is being processed at customs. Good Luck and hope you get the watch soon, Do not call your CC company or even think about a chargeback, sure fire way to get banned from all the rep forums, if need be contact a mod, it's what they're for and they are very successful in helping members and dealers resolve issues. How strict are customs about this stuff? Froyo Jun 17, 2016. dwlimf, Jun 17, 2016: I have the exact same event. i mean, as long as they offer them some biscoff cookies and a free drink, they’ll be alright, Yeah same here have two on the way with the same issues. Hello, was wondering if anyone has had clearance event showing 3 times in Taipei? They work with us to expedite the clearance and get your goods delivered quickly and efficiently. Can you help? MyDHL+ helps you quiclky create a customs invoice with accurate goods descriptions and commodity codes. But telling, for instance, that this is a present from a Chinese guy you hosted during a trip he did in your country, and that he told you about that only when he saw the package stuck with tracking, and that you completely are unaware of what it contains, should keep you on the safe side. If you still have any questions, please email us at A DHL representative shall attempt to contact the importer if additional requirements are necessary. What happens if I leave and decide to join again. noob: oh er umm it's a watch, from blah blah clones. Everyone here on the forums says don't ever call DHL, but the TD says to call DHL. The constant calling of DHL may or may not have gone against you. Nope, because I didn't call DH, and eventually got a bill for about £30 for VAT and their services. Akku soll übrigens nächste Woche verschickt werden. 10 Clearance event SHENZHEN - CHINA, PEOPLES REPUBLIC 23:42 9 Customs status updated HONG KONG - HONG KONG 05:56 8 Departed Facility in SHENZHEN - … Followers 0. I will find … Anybody else can care to share their experience with calling DHL in similar situations? This was always a risk you were taking. You either commit fraud by lying to your CC company about the goods you bought or you admit to using the card to import counterfeit goods which were seized by customs. What in the world is going on? I purchased hair extensions from aliexpress the estimated delivery date was 09/17/14 but has went through customs more than once, I have contacted DHL and aliexpress customer service and neither can tell me what is going on. How do I refer a friend to give $10 and get $10 off my order? After 8 days of no the status says Please Contact DHL. Let us know. Depending on the TD, you should receive a replacement. Customs – a simple enough word – but how do we actually define the word in relation to our business? Looks like all our shits delayed, this made me a little ore relieved knowing I’m not the only one. Hi everyone. Prices shown in your local currency. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > bobby8787. CC customer support: okay great can you please tell me what your ordered and from whom? If you receive a letter from customs, kiss that watch goodbye and contact the TD. Contact TD - PC and ask for a refund or a replacement? Are your Balayage colors available in sample swatches? DHL is billing us TWICE?” *Then I was put on hold for 10 minutes because representative had to cross check with her supervisor* DHL: “The amount on invoice for your sender is different. I've contacted Cocosneakers and they've told me it will process. Destroy it then!". Card PM. This site uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. The cornerstone in this situation is the Notice of Seizure as already explained. Shipments will not clear customs unless paperwork is totally accurate and fully complete. To ask all pertinent questions. Some TD's do not provide replacement services. Once thoroughly checked, your shipment information is handed over to the appropriate customs authority.