Status Power season 6 will conclude on Sunday, February 9 on Starz and Monday, February 10 on Netflix. Occupation He begins: \"Let me spell it out for you: Ghost is a drug kingpin,\"  READ MORE Power season 6 spoilers: Ghost's shooter revealed as Tommy Egan? Ghost agrees and tries to get to Alicia, but was too late when Tommy and his gang got to her first. Alphonse attacks James with his gun, and Tate orders Alphonse to drop his gun. With Ghost under pressure of Lobos he hires foot soldiers which happens to be Milan who fakes his name as Dean, when Tommy failed to assassinate Ghost, Holly then hires the Jamaicans to kill Ghost but it fails to plan as Milan and his men kill them in a drive by shooting, Tommy kills Holly when he found out and also found out moments before that Ghost had killed Dylan and his men for trying to kill Tommy, Tommy and Ghost make up again to plan to kill Lobos, but Angie warned Ghost that she could be in trouble for Lobos getting killed could cost her job, but Proctor did warn Ghost that its either protecting Angie or saving his own life, Ghost chose to save his own life with Tommy and go and kill Lobos. Power season 6: Paz ‘revealed’ as Ghost’s shooter in final episodes. When there was a big overdose in Truth Simon Stern starts sniffing in and gets suspicious about him owning Truth which also shuts down Truth on a temporary bases, he leaves Ghost's manager (Josh Kantos) incharge which he didn't want to take off Ghost. At Raina's grave, James breaks down and apologizes to his child for not protecting her. Unsure how to feel with Raina being avenged, Ghost has Tasha take Tariq home before he and Tommy dispose of the body to avoid framing Tariq. He was taken off the case and there wasn’t enough evidence to secure a conviction, bringing his glittering career to an end. Cooper Saxe (Shane Johnson) has his reasons for taking down Ghost, mainly because the kingpin managed to thwart the FBI worker’s attempts to take him down. So much so, Saxe is currently one of the suspects behind who shot Ghost after he was seen falling from the balcony in truth in the midseason finale. James convinces Vincent Ragni to order Tommy to kill his father, by showing him proof that Teresi is a snitch. Angela's sister Paz then storms out and attacks James revealing Angela is dead and James is shown distraught. At night, Tasha rants about James and Angela potentially setting her up, James tries to speak up as she says that Terry Silver will cover for her. Tasha admits that James proved her wrong & that his club could earn more money than his crime business could as he states he always has a plan.