That is, There is an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, deadly heart rhythms, and accidents from daytime sleepiness in patients with untreated obstructive sleep apnea. Two of the most significant differences between a custom oral appliance and a snoring mouthguard is adjustability and customization. Required fields are marked *, “Differences Between Oral Appliances & Snoring Mouthpieces”. SnoreRx is not one-size-fits-all due to its adjustment features and custom fit, so it could be the MAD choice for you, as long as you don't have any contraindications mentioned above. SnoreRx can be refitted up to three times to create the best impression of the device. You've seen these machines, right? I’m thinking about buying a replacement device but if I can’t avoid this problem then I may have to look into another brand. Although some snoring mouth guards also have an FDA indication for treatment of mild obstructive sleep apnea, most of these devices are required by law to have a physician’s prescription. You can buy two of them for $154, just in case you are a couple that both snore or maybe you want to pre-buy your next unit. Now, there are cheaper mandibular advancement devices than the SnoreRx ($99 as of today). It is not suitable for people with sleep apnea, individuals who suffer from TMD, individuals with respiratory illnesses, snorers with loose or weak teeth, individuals with periodontal disease, people who wear dentures or braces, and individuals under the age of 18. was the Breathe Right strip! However, in many parts of the world, especially in Scandinavian countries, oral appliances are the first line of treatment. It helps to read the instructions through before beginning since timing is important, and also have the materials out and ready. Over an extended period of time, bacteria can grow and cause the irritation and soreness that you have described. As you sleep (and that soft tissue relaxes), it's more difficult to get air past that tissue. Happily, a MAD can keep that soft tissue from blocking your airway. SnoreRx is not an alternative treatment to CPAP machines and masks and does not treat sleep apnea. Cheaper snoring mouthguards are normally made of cheaper industrialized plastic, which contains BPA and latex materials. SnoreRx is guaranteed and will offer a full refund (minus the price of shipping) if the device is returned within 30 days, braces, retainers, or recent dental implants (within the last year), a history of TMD (temporomandibular disorder). As happy as I am to use the SnoreRx Plus, the biggest advantage is that my wife can now sleep in peace. My experience with the SnoreRx Plus and the SnoreMender is similar to that of a majority of consumers: both MAD devices do a good job in stopping a person from snoring.. That can be the source of some significant snoring! With SnoreRx Plus, if you can give it a couple of nights to get the settings solved, you'll forget it's even there. The purpose of a MAD is to hold the jaw forward during sleep to prevent obstruction of the airway so air can move in and out quietly. You're going to really love the flex-jaw adjustments! Hi Eric, sorry to hear about the irritation issue. It will feel strange to have something in your mouth at first, but you quickly adapt to it. With most other anti-snoring mouthpieces, you mold the mouthpiece when you receive it. My wife shouldn't have to hear a CPAP operate and I'm glad the mouthpiece worked instead. They have a video that says that any more than 60 seconds may actually damage the device. The SnoreRx Plus replaces the SnoreRx as my top-rated anti-snoring mouthpiece. It's essentially the same unit with generational improvements. American Sleep Association® ASA does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The manufacturer recommends starting by only wearing the device 1-3 hours for the first couple of days to lessen these side effects until the mouth acclimates to it. Both custom oral appliances and snoring mouthguards treat snoring by extending the lower jaw slightly forward to open the airway. The mold is personalized to the user’s mouth and is designed specifically for that user. A timer, cup, bowl of cold tap water, spatula or tongs, and microwave are needed to boil and fit the device. As I've said many times, snoring can really damage relationships if left untreated. Not everyone needs the same degree of lower jaw advancement. Does this device also help with teeth grinding? SnoreRx is only recommended for oral snorers. smaller than they used to be, but still cumbersome and ugly to wear. The price for a SnoreRx device is $129 with a current online price of $99. Custom oral appliances are often prescribed by dentists and sleep physicians for the treatment of sleep apnea.