Boo Radley 's cruel parents robbed him of his innocence by confining him to the house. Respecting The Elders (Essay Sample) September 15, 2017 by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples. I’m sure it’s going to be a moving novel that will touch many hearts. So I believe that letting the elders do away with their wrong philosophies in life would do no good to any side of the parties. Doing something odd against the society needs lot of commitment. I just listed a few ways of respecting the elderly in the post, though I know a lot more can be added in there. Feelings and emotions need to expressed and shown I feel, and if you love and respect an elder let them know you do! Yes! Not much – then why have second thoughts about it? Any stealthy small crimes committed in Maycomb were his work (Lee 11), Experiment: The Differences Of The Milgram Experiments, Negative Effects Of Inarceration In Prison, Disrespecting Elders In To Kill A Mockingbird Analysis. Nice to know that this is something you can so well relate to . Choosing the best phones or devices for your elderly is not as hard as we think. Calling the elderly by their first or last names was forbidden for us, though nowadays the younger generation doesn’t think twice to do so, or perhaps even the elderly people have gotten used to it and some of them don’t even mind it. It sure is, yet some people refuse to understand this simple face. Elders have been where you are now. India too has an ancient culture in which respect for elders holds prime position. I believe what goes around comes around and for those who don’t respect and mistreat our elders, they had better be prepared to receive the same treatment when it’s their turn, just sayin’ like my daughter says . Respect For Elders Essay. Glad you liked this post on respecting the elderly. I wish such were the case, but seeing the changing trend in society, I thought it best to make those people a little aware who aren’t respecting the elderly. So, perhaps the change has to start from a combined effort made by parents and their children. So, play your part and always be and do good, even if you haven’t been done good to – you lose nothing, but will gain much . Glad you liked the post, and sorry for the tears. Their presence, attitude, persona, and aura all oozes of that respect. Just this one thought should stop them from doing so. Way cheaper than just any personal emergency responder or medical alert system. What a world we are living in these days? What an article on the elderly in the society. Why I Love Disrespecting My Elders Essay If an elderly person asks you something, or asks you to do something – answer to them, and do it happily. No society consider all this as good or polite behaviour, but we also do not believe in regimentation. Yes, that maturity level is something they still have to reach and once they start understanding it they might start respecting the elderly too. Similarly, all of us also have a very high regard for them and all that they do for us. I guess some people don’t have a good relationship with their parents but I definitely do and I enjoy her company. Be someplace I thought I could make a difference. We keep changing and so do our thoughts and views. That’s exactly how people are getting all over the world, though perhaps it might be more in the UK as you mentioned. It gives bad signal to a society. Because in my case, it surely gives me a nausea when I am expected to greet a teacher â€Å"Good morning!† when I already heard her telling snide remarks to one of her students before. ” … This is also one reason i hate being a civil servant or an employee of any kind. Respect involves being aware of the impact we have on others and the world around us. Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time. If you see elders carrying groceries, offer to carry it instead. One can just hope and pray for the best, though from our side we should keep trying – isn’t it? Age = Wisdom. You have given some great examples and ways people can respect their elders. Copyright © 2010-2020 Aha!NOW. This may even lead to depression in the elderly. Elderly people need to be respected and it’s one way of making them feel special. Respecting the Elders. It is entrusted to people who have earned it in life, in general. Not to mention, that even the elderly don’t like going to care homes, yet they have to go as they have no choice. Through my travels around the world, I have learned, like you, that there are many different ways of showing respect to elders, depending on what culture you are in. But I believe older people, regardless of their wisdom and success in life, should be honored and respected. You raised a good point about whether respecting is being afraid, which is not the case. Have a lovely weekend – with your Mom . Use our samples but remember about PLAGIARISM! The comforting factor for me is that his rich, colorful life will live on and hopefully touch others. He lives to talk. Perhaps these youngsters have been taught the ways of respecting the elderly, but they just don’t want or wish to do so, or prefer making fun of it all as it doesn’t concern them. We were also taught that in our school when we were taken to old age homes and each one of us were assigned an elder we had to take care of, which we did in our best way for the whole year. Prayer in Public schools Essay Example | Topics an... Psycholinguistics and Second Language Acquisition ... Company Law and Business Client Research Proposal. . They have taken the best of the West and blended it smoothly with the best of the East. He can’t bathe or dress himself anymore and he needs 24 hour medical care. I must admit that technology has had a detrimental role in hampering the younger generation’s respect towards the elderly. Thanks for sharing such an awesome post Harleena. You can never generalize a particular category of people as good or bad, and the same goes for the elderly or the young. Be patient and tolerant with elders. What might work could be getting a full time nurse or caretaker who looks after him at home, though that might have to be at your Mom’s place perhaps. As they age, elderly people tend to repeat things. One-stop destination for daily inspiration. Being respectful to elders is a way of demonstrating respect. I can understand what you mean, though going out of your way to help the needy or the elderly when you have the time or over the weekend might help too. Yes – such things are happening more in other countries, though we are still lucky that we aren’t affected all that much as yet. That is a better way to deal with those elderly people who aren’t really worthy of our respect, though it still seems so tough not to respect them. All that for the hope that someday, everyone would become aware of how they affect their community and see their mistakes and realize what they must do to become better citizens of this country. It all does start from the way you instill the values in your children and teach them about respecting the elderly. Some people normally fold hands and bow their heads, and in some places they even touch the feet of their elders when they meet them for the first time or in the morning, while some others just hug them too where the elders allow and want it that way. It was as if it was a social crime to stay inside away from harmful people and the world and still be happy. Respect should be about the content of someone’s character. But yes, when you show respect to your elders, your children see you do that and would respect you when you reach that age too. That’s because in this phase of their life when they have retired or left their jobs, and aren’t living with their families, it helps them feel valued and appreciated. Gratitude comes in many forms, and you can express it by way of love, kindness, and simply by respecting them – isn’t it? local schools sending Kids into care homes to look after an elderly person. This sickens me and if ever I see it I step forward and do my bit, often asking how they’d feel if it was their grandparents getting disrespected? Asking them about their traditions will also show lots of respect for their traditions, and in the process, you will learn the ways of your ancestors. I guess our times were so much different, and so were we as compared to the generation nowadays – isn’t it? Written by academic experts with 10 years of experience. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-img'); The problem was that it was too far for me to drive and the hours were late, which I liked, but the money wasn’t worth the time or gas it took me to get there. But keep all those thoughts aside, especially when they grow old and dependent on you. Just as the new generation should respect the elders, so also the elders should conduct themselves with dignity. Absolutely! And those are what make or break a man as they say – isn’t it? More over, you never lose anything by doing so, instead, only seek their love and blessings – isn’t it? The problems create a domino effect and allows the reader(s) to discover how they all fit together to create one large social problem; prejudice.