1 sold. Cap-fuel tank Fit For Briggs & Stratton 594061. Position a plastic container under the tube which you would be pulling when releasing the gas. Login; My Account; Track My Order; Contact Us; 0 Product(s) in cart | Total $0.00 | Shopping cart. Living in a Tent Full Time: Is it for you? July 2020. 365 day returns. This is why you need to know how to drain gas from lawn mower to avoid engine problems. This could be caused by water corroding the fuel system. Are you looking for the Top 10 best fuel caps for lawn mowers? This is very easy to use and can quickly eliminate oil deposits, grime and all kinds of dirt from your engine. Just as in a car, the spark plug is what ignites the fuel/air mixture that makes the engine run. But like anything that you leave  for a long period of time it gets old and stale and brings bad news. Lawn Mower Parts and Equipment Since 1982! In the center of your mower is the engine, along with a gas tank, oil reservoir (except for in 2-stroke mowers, which aren’t as common these days — more on that below), and air filter. 7 left. Instagram That can result in incomplete combustion in the combustion chamber thus sputters or hard-starting can happen. sort by Refine Your Search. Then run your engine for 10 minutes even though your machine stays inside your garage. So the best way on how to drain gas from lawn mower is draining it from the tank like we have discussed above. If the gas turned black from golden brown and the machine sputters, drain again the gas completely and put in new gas. Screw the spark plug back and its cap then check the oil filter and the oil level. SureFit Fuel Tank Gas Cap for Briggs & Stratton 494559 Horizontal Lawn Mower. Saved by Bonnie Dodd. ReviewSkill Is A Participant In The Amazon Services Llc Associates Program, An Affiliate Advertising Program Designed To Provide A Means For Sites To Earn Advertising Fees By Advertising And Linking To Amazon.com. Check also the air filter. "lawn mower gas cap" & marketplace (6) Only (3) In-store: set your location. It is made of plastic and sold individually. 093J02, 09P602, 09P702, 126M02, 126M05, 126M07, 126T02, 126T05, 126T07, 126T12, 128M02, 128M05, 128M07, Fits Various Tecumseh Engines Including: Tecumseh H35-45751Y, Tecumseh H35-45801B, Tecumseh HM100-159010D, Tecumseh HM100-159035D, Tecumseh HM100-159090H, Tecumseh HM100-159151H, Tecumseh HM100-159317P, Tecumseh HM100-159319N, Tecumseh HM80-155022F, Tecumseh HM80-155128G, Tecumseh HM80-155261G, Tecumseh HM80-155315L, Tecumseh HM80-155371N, Tecumseh HM80-155400M, Tecumseh HM80-155450L, Tecumseh HM80-155472M, Tecumseh HM80-155490S, Tecumseh HM80-155569P, Tecumseh HM80-155571T, Tecumseh HM80-155574P, HM80-155579T, Tecumseh HM80-155638S, Tecumseh HMSK80-155326S, Tecumseh HMSK80-155361R, Tecumseh HMSK80-155377U, Tecumseh HMSK80-155550V, Tecumseh HMSK80-155672X, Tecumseh HS40-55614R, Tecumseh OHSK120-222005A. Pinterest. Then mixes along with the oxygen and fuel and enters the combustion chamber which causes starting and stalling problems. Many people suggest that the quickest way to drain gas from a lawn mower is siphoning it out. OEM Briggs & Stratton Simplicity Lawn Mower Fuel Tank Cap Gas Cap 692046 . High Quality Parts & Service! So check these as well. There could be some sputtering for a moment but wait till the engine run stabilizes. Sputters may also be caused either by flooding in the carburetor or a dirty oil filter. 3 sold. Fill the gas half-full first and put the lawn mower on the ground then start the engine. To ensure that no dirt remained in the gas tank you can drop a clean rag inside and wiggle it around the bottom of the tank using a stick. Well, just grab a cup of coffee and read on! 272 product ratings - Carburetor fits for Briggs & Stratton 5HP Engine 498298 692784 495951 495426, 2 product ratings - Flywheel Ring Gear Replaces Briggs & Stratton 399676 392134 696537 150-435, 296 product ratings - FOR Briggs Stratton Carburetor replacement carburetor 799868 799872 790821 Carb, 14 product ratings - Carburetor Carb for Briggs & Stratton 799868 799872 790821 5.5hp 6.5hp 6.75hp US, 38 product ratings - Carburetor Fit For Briggs & Stratton 594593 591731 794572 796109 14.5-21hp Intek, 25 product ratings - Briggs & Stratton 794683 Breather Tube Replaces # 697113, 3 product ratings - Briggs & Stratton Engine Recoil Starter Shroud Housing 3.5 HP (Old Style) 92582, 156 product ratings - 14hp 15hp 16hp 17hp 18hp Fit For Briggs & Stratton Carburetor 799727 698620 Carb, 89 product ratings - Briggs & Stratton Genuine OEM 492932 492932S Oil Filter (2 Pack), 1 product ratings - Briggs & Stratton Genuine 798521 KIT-CARB OVERHAUL * US Seller, 6 product ratings - New Armature Ignition Coil Magneto For Briggs & Stratton 590454 790817 799381, 3 product ratings - Carburetor for Briggs & Stratton 5000 5550 6200 8550 10HP Generator GenPower 305, 77 product ratings - Ignition Coil For Briggs & Stratton 799381 790817 692605 802574 5-6.75HP, 21 product ratings - Rewind Recoil Starter Pull Start for Briggs & Stratton 594062 Engine Lawn Mower, 13 product ratings - Carburetor 799728 Air Filter 496894 493909 Kit for Briggs Stratton 498027, 31 product ratings - RECOIL STARTER FOR B&S 593959 450E 500E 550EX 575E 600E 625E 625EX, 3 product ratings - Recoil Rewind Pull Starter For Briggs & Stratton 497830 135202 135212 135232, 97 product ratings - Genuine OEM Briggs & Stratton 692309 Rotary Switch Replaces 396691, 52 product ratings - Ignition coil for Briggs& Stratton 591420,398593,496914,793281,793295, 6 product ratings - Solid State Module Ignition Coil For Briggs & Stratton 5hp Engines 397358 298316, 74 product ratings - Carburetor For Briggs & Stratton 799728 Walbro LMT 5-4993 Engine High Quality US, 9 product ratings - Briggs & Stratton 13R232-0001-F1 9.5 GT Horizontal Shaft Engine, 115 product ratings - OEM Briggs & Stratton 84005207 793880 Camshaft 793583 792681 791942 795102, 6 product ratings - Briggs & Stratton 125P02-0012-F1 8.75 GT Vertical Shaft Engine, 20 product ratings - Briggs & Stratton 33S877-0019-G1 19 GHP Vertical Shaft Engine, 4 product ratings - Briggs & Stratton 799859 HEAD-CYLINDER , Replaces 799860, 14 product ratings - Briggs & Stratton 693593 Muffler, 143 product ratings - OEM Craftsman Briggs And & Stratton Gas Fuel Tank 799863 694260 695736 698110, 29 product ratings - New Starter Quality Electric Motor Fits Briggs & Stratton Engine 499521 795121, 3 product ratings - NEW STARTER FOR BRIGGS STRATTON 693551 14 tooth Craftsman STEEL GEAR 693551, 45 product ratings - Briggs & Stratton 796026 Cylinder Head Assembly, 7 product ratings - For Briggs & Stratton 793880 Camshaft 793583 792681 791942 795102 Gasket 697110, Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like. Use a long-nose plier to loosen the metal clamp on the fuel line and pull this clamp into the middle of the fuel line so as not to lose it. Then at the start of the mowing season which is usually in spring. Required fields are marked *. Do you need to collect a LOT of leaves? Misfires can occur with an improperly vented gas cap on your mower. Park your lawn mower on a high base to have easy access on its gas tank. Murray Gas Caps available online and ready to ship direct to your door from an Authorized Murray Dealer. Your machine may not get the right acceleration, surges or sputters and usually dies when you throttle it. $8.99. Do not tip the mower on its side like other people do to avoid oil from dripping and contaminating parts of the engine. This can cause a vapor lock. $7.95. $8.59. It would be ideal during the end of the mowing season. A Bad Gas Cap. Well, just grab a cup of coffee and read on! So when the carburetor sucks gasoline from the gas tank, water also comes along. Send an Email Water can enter the gasoline tank due to two main reasons – water seepage through the gas cap or through condensation that happens in the tank with old gasoline. The function of this cap is to ensure that no fuel leaves the fuel tank, as well as preventing outside contaminants from entering the tank. These Tent AC Units Will Make You “Chill” During Your Camping Trip, Top 4 Air Conditioners for Camping Keeping You Cool, The Best Truck Bed Tent Models For The On-The-Go Camper, Camping Bunk Beds: Why You Should Get One, Best Ultralight Tents and How To Choose Them Lighter is Happier, Drills for Women Calling All DIY Girl Bosses: Here’s a List of the Best power Drills, Tent Stove That Will Keep You Toasty While Camping. In cleaning your engine, the best way to use is an engine cleaner in a can or an engine degreaser. Fast Shipping! Before we discuss how to how to simply change gas in a lawn mower, let’s talk about the symptoms when its gas gets dirty. 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