Following are the best dwarf names that you can ever find: Here are some dwarven names that will inspire your ideas: Here are some cool and attractive dwarf last names for you: Here are some of the best dwarf clan names for your inspirations: Following are the best hill Dwarven names for your fantasy world: Below are some cool female and male dwarf names for you: These are the best mountain fantasy dwarf names that will inspire you: Dwarves weren’t that famous until Dungeons & Dragons came into the world. We have also shared the dwarf clan names that will make your imagined story amazing and lit. Fifth edition sees another shift in the look, with a powerfully built torso and a much more humanoid/mammalian gait than before. Troglodytes, as described in the original. His body was 10 ft (3 m) tall and 12 ft (3.7 m) long, made monstrously fat by his constant acts of voracity. If a dwarf name isn’t conveying a message, it means that you are missing an opportunity to talk to your audience. It's often used to refer to cave-dwelling subterranean races, such as H.G. The name you are going to select should convey a message. Thus is because they aren’t memorable. Racial Skills: A troglodyte’s humanoid levels give it skill points equal to 5 × (2 + Int modifier, minimum 1). The text says the eyes are black, but the picture shows them as gold. Medium size. The tail is longer, dragging on the ground, and the body slimmer, with smaller scales, while the head crest, which we are now told is only found in males, has a different form. All the dwarf names we have listed here are well researched and collected from the fantasies and dramas around the world. Now that we can see their more detailed statistics, troglodytes turn out to be rather unimpressive, equal or inferior to untrained humans in most respects other than combat skill and physical resilience. Troglodytes can breed with normal Lizardfolk to produce a hybrid called a Tren. Although they looks cool, but they should be ignored. The individual shown is slimmer than the 2E one, but that might not be a universal trait. But these enemies can feel as tired as starting your games in a tavern.D&D is full of unique low level encounter enemies that rarely get to see the light of day. Troglodytes have a +4 racial bonus on Hide checks (+8 in rocky or underground surroundings). Having said which, the term, which literally means "cave-divers" in Ancient Greek, is an old one, and was used to refer to a purported human tribe by Herodotus back in the 5th century BC, and by other authors since. Their hips are low down on their body, with the sprawling gait typical of real lizards, rather than the more mammalian arrangement seen in lizard men, and the long toes on a narrow foot also echo many monitor species. So, one should try to get names that have meanings. READ ALSO: 100+ celestial names for boys and girls that are out of this world. Darkvision out to 90 feet. You are likely to enjoy your game more when you are equipped with a fitting name. They are more intelligent than before, although still pretty dim - the same as orcs, but no longer truly bestial. Description [edit | edit source]. Like lizardfolk, troglodytes lay eggs. The new version is noticeably less humanoid, and has a particular resemblance to monitor lizards - the group that includes the largest real-world species. The next 3 names are 2 word names, the names are descriptive and tend to contain a monster as a noun.