Was: $98.00. Bonobos, home of better-fitting menswear and an easier shopping experience. Bonobos, home of better-fitting menswear and an easier shopping experience. That, to me, sounds like an all-season option. All-purpose cotton chinos with 2% stretch for extra comfort and mobility. During These Times?! Aside from being a sweatpants enthusiasts, I am a wide pants enthusiast. Why all the fuss? And the spring. Browse our selection of men's pants including chinos, dress pants, jeans, joggers and golf pants. Update: These pants just got fully restocked in a range of sizes and colors. Hell, no! (Really, though. Now: … Model is 6'2" with a 32" waist, and is wearing a 32x32 in Slim Fit. Pick Up: Set location. Sign up for email alerts. Time to get shopping. Bonobos Stretch Weekday Warrior Slim Fit Dress Pants. Not Just for Off-Duty Bros: Track Pants Are Back, Celebrities in the '70s Off-Duty: The Photos, Dickies Work Pants Are the Brand at Its Best. Pants? some leather-soled shoes. Limited Time: 25% Off Sitewide, 30% Off $250+ with Code 321GIFTOFF | Terms apply. Think of them as the pants you wear to visit your parents when you don't want to bother with the "explaining the vibe" song and dance. Bonobos, home of better-fitting menswear and an easier shopping experience. Oct 6, 2020 Allie Holloway. Sitting, as it does, amidst an ever-expanding library of soft-waisted pants of the chino-ish variety, the Off Duty Pant isn't mind-blowingly new or novel. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, The Double Breasted Suit Is A Serious Power Move, Please Listen to Harry Styles and His T-Shirt, The 18 Best Cargo Pants to Wear Right Now, L.L.Bean and Todd Snyder Tap Wooden Sleepers, Five Fits With: Throwing Fits' Lawrence Schlossman, A Good Mohair Sweater Is an Essential This Fall, The Lasting Impact of Sean Connery's Style, The Coolest New Menswear Picks to Scoop This Week, L.L.Bean x Todd Snyder Brings Heritage Into 2020, Bonobos' Off-Duty Pants Live Up to the Name. off. (136) Slim Fit Stretch Washed Chinos Free Shipping & Extended Returns until 1/15/2021 in the U.S. Comfy stretch, tons of colors & our signature curved waistband. Bonobos, home of better-fitting menswear and an easier shopping experience. These chinos are made from stretch organic fabric, available in slim, athletic, skinny and standard fits. Thoroughly vetted. So a lightweight pair of chinos that can hang with a little heat and humidity but isn't so paper-thin it can't hold up to a brisk breeze? Signature curved waistband and contrast pocket liner, Italian slide snap at center front closure, 98% Cotton | 2% Lycra; Stretch Cotton Twill, Machine Wash Cold with Like Colors | Tumble Dry Low | Do Not Bleach | Cool iron if needed. And, if we're all being honest with ourselves, in the winter, too. Free shipping and returns on Bonobos Weekday Warrior Tailored Fit Stretch Pants at Nordstrom.com. But sometimes, all I want is a well-calibrated, slim-but-not-too-slim pair of chinos. Want exclusive offers and first access to products? Instead, it's just...a very good pair of pants. Sort by: FRIDAY KHAKI BEIGE/WHITE; BLUE/GREY YARN DYE; CHARCOAL HERRINGBONE YARN DYE; COAL GREY; FRIDAY GREY PATTERN YARN DYE; FRIDAY GREY YARN DYE; MONDAY BLUES; TUESDAY CHARCOAL YARN DYE; WEDNESDAY WHEAT; Price Matched. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. These are those pants. A sharp look for any day of the week, these flat-front pants feature a trim (but not tight) fit and a finish of soft, easy-care stretch cotton. Welcome to The Esquire Endorsement. And it promptly flew off the digital shelves, necessitating a restock just a month after its debut. Instead, the Off Duty Pant, as it was dubbed, is done up with an elasticated waistband, a drawstring, and a cropped, right-at-the-ankle length. If history teaches us anything, though, they won't be around for long. But thanks to the, er, let's say shifting nature of the climate these days, unseasonably warm temperatures are to be expected in the fall. Want exclusive offers and first access to products? These pants are made out of imported cotton, and are available in dozens of unique colors! A weird pants enthusiast. Bonobos' Off Duty Pants Live Up to the Hype—and Just Got Restocked. Groundbreaking. And I am very well aware of the fact that for most guys, weird isn't on the menu. 26 items. Get 'em now, keep 'em in the closet when it's bone-chilling cold, and wear them with anything you like the rest of the time. In the summer? The stories behind our clothes, the people who wear them, and everything else you need to know. The perfectly relaxed drawstring chinos keep selling out for a reason. That's not wrong! Free Shipping & Extended Returns until 1/15/2021 in the U.S. Wrinkle-resistant, easy-care cotton that simplifies your work day. Headquartered in New York City, the brand originally focused on creating great-fitting pants, which resulted in their best-selling Washed Chinos. The stories behind our clothes, the people who wear them, and everything else you need to know. Our best selling, easy-care stretch cotton pants simplifies how you dress for the office. Ah, but here's the thing: These weren't your normal, everyday chinos. Men's Pants Bonobos Clothing. I simply encourage you to expand your horizons. Even for a company that built its reputation on trousers, the move could be construed as a little audacious.). The perfectly relaxed drawstring chinos keep selling out for a reason. Our fits range from athletic, slim, casual and standard. Limited Time: 25% Off Sitewide, 30% Off $250+ with Code 321GIFTOFF | Terms apply. Stretch Washed Chinos | Bonobos Our most popular Chinos, available in the most color options. Today, Bonobos has expanded to include a full line of shirts, dress pants, polos, sweaters and more. {"affirmMinimumThreshold":"100","isConstructorPlpDisabled":"constructor-on","adyenKey":"10001|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disableColorFilters":false,"supportContactUsUrl":"https://help.bonobos.com/s/contactsupport","affirmAPR":"0","enablePaypalExpressCheckout":true,"affirmScriptUrl":"https://cdn1.affirm.com/js/v2/affirm.js","accountCreationOnConfirmationEnabled":true,"salesforceChatSecondaryQueueButtonId":"5733u000000cgKM","contentfulSpace":"1zbm708fksg8","isReview":false,"contentfulCacheExpireSeconds":"3600","assetPrefix":"https://highline-production-dynamic.bonobos.com","constructorSearchNumResultsPerPageDesktop":"90","estimatedDeliveryDateEnabled":true,"isProduction":true,"constructorPlpNumResultsPerPageMobile":"42","friendbuyReferralWidgetId":"d5T-pAI","numPdpRecommendations":5,"constructorKey":"key_Mp65OJnW8U79Olpq","powerReviewsIsPdpEnabled":true,"enableApplePayExpressCheckout":true,"clientAuthToken":"iITkA3apTvW7MVnIxPHZ0vckhkPiU7ZX","cookieDomain":".bonobos.com","isDevelopmentLike":false,"affirmApiKey":"FX2U7MIY7M87AJ25","hotjarId":"42288","salesforceChatEnabled":true,"googleReCaptchaSiteKey":"6LdpIdkZAAAAAJDi_jFAQiSw-J6xKnLS4qC-Fc3J","isContentfulDisabled":false,"showCCPALinks":true,"disableSvsGiftCards":true,"contentfulPreviewHost":"preview.contentful.com","brickworkBaseUrl":"https://bonobos.brickworksoftware.com","salesforceChatSecondaryQueueFilter":"Get style and fit advice","segmentKey":"b3b8z84HEVGevJa55fFjG4lSlaSF3UTu","isRollbarSourceMapEnabled":false,"google2faEnabled":true,"apiCdnEnabled":true,"friendbuyEmailVerificationWidgetId":"d5T-pAL","flatironUrl":"https://api.bonobos.com","newRelicEnabled":true,"contentfulEnvironment":"master","enableGifting":true,"sslMode":false,"isFeatureMode":false,"adyenUrl":"https://live.adyen.com/hpp/skipDetails.shtml","hotjarSv":"6","isDevelopment":false,"contentfulAccessToken":"2OKkqJ8cnPQmEMgaIlcMzfa0Ae4FEoKHWc-N92IVQNY","contentfulPreviewAccessToken":"d8JQsduTAsNqE2Gm0DHDqEKrOIz9dJV2bAC4GydRW8k","isStaging":false,"salesforceChatEnvId":"00D6A000002Errk","disableCartRecommendations":false,"oneTrustScriptUrl":"https://cdn.cookielaw.org/consent/623cec57-28a7-489f-94e0-ae45f351c241.js","numZeroResultsRecommendations":5,"salesforceChatPrimaryQueueButtonId":"5736A000000UOGL","visaCheckoutSdk":"https://assets.secure.checkout.visa.com/checkout-widget/resources/js/integration/v1/sdk.js","environment":"production","newRelicBrowserLicenseKey":"ed0cf94e53","disableWarehouseTransitionMessaging":true,"ccpaUrlAffirmation":"https://cpa-ui.walmart.com/affirmation","isConstructorSearchDisabled":"constructor-on","brandCode":"BON","rollbarClientAccessToken":"7d433d6cf7ea4c33ad7c8c91e3f28873","ccpaEncrypt":"https://bonobos-ccpa.azure-api.net/encryptParams","apiUrl":"https://api.bonobos.com","salesforceMobileChatDisabled":false,"newRelicAccountId":"1440666","adyenCSE":"https://live.adyen.com/hpp/cse/js/2614842449560879.shtml","isCSSAnimationEnabled":false,"googleLoginClientId":"104112762067-t92aiofqrmolgjrv299rqsc0kpteh0es.apps.googleusercontent.com","affirmMonths":"3","adminClientAuthToken":"Ayqrq4E9UVt9SsQ3QFeZNCya6K8J8Wai","visaCheckoutKey":"AILSP7AOXRYR1L6FI0L921dLqwKb0XUE7n62pQQ-DDobYXtUY","salesforceChatUrl":"https://bonobos.my.salesforce.com","newRelicApplicationId":"63195753","searchEnabled":true,"powerReviewsMerchantId":"748500","constructorPlpNumResultsPerPageDesktop":"90","applePayEnableThreshold":1,"ccpaUrlRedirect":"https://cpa-ui.walmart.com/redirect","isProductionLike":true,"supportFeedbackUrl":"https://help.bonobos.com/s/feedback","powerReviewsApiKey":"c5592381-4ea5-4302-ada8-34660c2ae0b9","supportReturnsUrl":"https://help.bonobos.com/s/article/What-s-your-return-policy","disableCategorySavedItemCta":false,"constructorSearchNumResultsPerPageMobile":"42","apiCdnUrl":"https://api-cdn.bonobos.com","isTest":false,"maxExpireSeconds":"900","ccpaDecrypt":"https://bonobos-ccpa.azure-api.net/decryptAndVerify","powerReviewsMerchantGroupId":"80265","ccpaIntake":"https://ccpa-core.azurewebsites.net/api/userInfoIntake","googleReCaptchaThreshold":0.5,"salesforceChatCommunityUrl":"https://bonobossupport.secure.force.com","affirmPaymentEnabled":true,"brickworkIntegrationEnabled":true,"supportHelpUrl":"https://help.bonobos.com/s/","defaultExpireSeconds":"30"}.