Many young people dream of becoming a famous football player or an actor/actress because they … Required fields are marked *, IELTS Essay IELTS Letter IELTS FAQ GT Reading IELTS Vocabulary Download Section Computer-delivered IELTS, Copyright ©2017-2020 IELTS General Training. Answer #1 | 23/02 2015 19:26 Argue with your teacher about having to argue about something you don't have an argument for. No matter what Simmons is saying by his sport analogies, movie stats or bold statements about reader’s favorite actors, he seems to be able to easily intrigue you. Their claim is that stars don’t work as hard as working, middle-class Americans. Celebrities such as singers and film stars earn too much money buy too many goods and care too little about other people to what extent do you think this is true should anything be done to change the situation, Writing Task 1 at least 150 words The graphs below provide information on global population gures and gures for urban populations in different world regions Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where, Writing Task 1-Write at least 150 words. Some celebrities also hold fan meetings occasionally to bond with their fans. There are also celebrities doing volunteer works during their free time, and in Singapore, almost all the celebrities have to perform some difficult stunts on charity shows to help to raise funds for those people in need. While average people struggle to make a decent living, movie stars, sports personnel, singers and moviemakers have a pile of money. ...Anywhere you look today you can see Mark McGwire hitting a home run, or Kobe Bryant dunking over someone. These cookies do not store any personal information. This website and its owners are not endorsed, approved or affiliated by any of the IELTS Authority. Model Answer 1: (Neutral Opinion) Many celebrities who are in movies, music and sports are highly paid but those who are yet to come into the limelight struggle to make a living from their career. People who work directly to make our society a better place should be highly paid as well. Answer for question: Your name: Answers. Some people think it is unfair that athletes and actors are paid the amount that they are. ...Sport and Money Everywhere you look you see sport intertwined into everyday life, be it on the television, in your back yard, in schools, universities or in social networks. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. In my opinion, i do not think that being a celebrity is a easy job, as sometimes they have to sacrifice their sleep to act or record for songs. (2013, 01). You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. However, when a talented screenwriter, a rural sports coach or a writer whose book is adapted to make a movie are poorly paid, the discrimination becomes obvious. In conclusion, i do not think that there is anything that should be done to change the situation, as celebrities are also human, they get to decide what kind of life they want to live. Hundreds of border security guards in combination would never be paid this much money in their entire life. This leads some to believe that they don’t deserve their money. ...Anywhere you look today you can see Mark McGwire hitting a home run, or Kobe Bryant dunking over someone. Some argue that these huge salaries are fully justified while others deem it unfair that doctors earn less. Some of the most successful sporting franchises are backed by owners with seemingly unlimited financial resources. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Sentence-Sentence Coherence: 0.13 0.07 Some other professionals who constantly work for the betterment of all should also be paid adequately. of Spelling Errors: 0 2 Sentence-Text Coherence: 0.407 0.35 Fourth Root of Number of Words: 4.319 4.7 For instance, Leonardo DiCaprio, a renowned actor, earned over $50 million for the movie Inception and the money is still pouring in. This leads us to the question: Do footballers deserve high salaries? Just like everyone else, they earn the money they make and deserve it. ...They deserve to make money