If that’s not enough, we’ve got you covered with TELUS Boost Wi-Fi Expansion Packs. Depending on the device, I can get 866Mbps on the 5Ghz band of the Actiontec. 1 Kudo I also find it so annoying that I need to mark my calendar and go to battle every time to get rates that are what we should be paying in the first place (still not cheap in my eyes). Say goodbye to wifi dead zones with TELUS Boost Wi-Fi range extender. Am thinking of a NetGear WiFi RangeExtender (EX3700) and wonder whether there might be an issues with it and BlueCurve. But that’s with basic cable. Is the monthly price fixed. All rights reserved. The usual hassles but in the end, quite polite. Free Installation fees are based on the number of services you will have after installation. Set up took me 2 minutes. I opted to get a Netgear... How did you set this up? 4..Can the service be changed? 2. xray. Another key step to negotiating with Telus and Shaw for Internet is being organized and setting a reminder. The TELUS Boost Wi-Fi starter pack can provide up to 2,000 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage. After years of trying our best to keep the rates low, we finally switched to Lightspeed and have been very happy. I would suggest having a checklist for phone/internet/tv to refer to when negotiating: 1. We don't support third-party equipment, but you can visit an electronics store to get more information if you're interested in that option. I personally ALMOST had to walk away (because the customer service representative just knew I was crying wolf when I called in to ‘cancel’ my Internet). TELUS Boost Wi-Fi is more than just a Wi-Fi range extender. I was doing these steps as well about 7-8 years ago with our internet provider. Can you use a aftermarket remote like the Harmony or does Telus offer a different remote? It is tiresome. One thing you can try is, if possible, you can move the modem to a more central location, as that might shift your coverage to reach more spots in your home. All rights reserved. Any help would be appreciated. That said, I did end up getting a fairly substantial discount for my troubles – and when they finally did wire our building, we got a discount then, too. Thank you. I ask this as I would not be able to use the app if I were to leave telus. In fact, with Shaw and it was hard to find non 2 year contracts, and I see that they are trying to coax new customers into signing a 2 year ValuePlan term (meaning if you try and cancel beforehand they will ding you with $15 for each month you have left in the contract). At least you got compensated for it. This is mandatory for strategic negotiations. Secondly, timing is very important. The no contract price for Internet 25 is $55/month for the first 3 months: This page may contain affiliate links. Visit How To: Restart your modem with My Shaw to learn more. That's definitely frustrating! Extend your WiFi coverage and eliminate dead spots using Shaw’s plug and play Fibre+ WiFi Pods with the latest mesh technology. My Primus telephone is 3 cents per minute. My favourite free Canadian financial tool I’ve been using since 2017 to manage my net worth and track my investment return is Wealthica. Does the boost system just name itself to match the name of the router it is plugged into? I was usually able to negotiate it down but it was always a headache. I have to terminate the Ethernet at my house before I can test which is why I am asking here. What can I do to extend / boost the signal in that spot? Perhaps I am a little biased since I am a Telus shareholder and it is one of my favourite Canadian dividend stocks. I use a HP keyboard and a Microsoft mouse with my DELL desktop computer, and I have no issues among the 3 companies. I highly recommend the Telus Boost Wifi system, and it's a bargain right now at $125 CDN for 2 boosters. . You agree and nod and say “yes, I don’t want to go because the Internet is great, but I don’t want to pay $75 a month for Internet, it’s just too much”. Just got 2 TP-Link AC1750 Wi-Fi extenders, and just installed the first one. Though Shaw's BlueCurve box does not support WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) for one click set up, you can easily add the EX2700 to your home network and extended your WiFi. $50 for Fastpatht15. head to its forum board for active discussions or to start a new discussion. Easily connect the TELUS Boost Wi-Fi Starter Pack to your home Wi-Fi network and extend your Wi-Fi signal. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. So, if you have no services with Shaw at all currently and install internet, it will be $29.95. I even had the last date of Internet with my provider available to me. Will boost wifi work with routers from other providers if I have to leave Telus at some point. Due to COVID-19, our regular store hours have changed. It started at $40/month and just last year it increased to $50. Is there a price for terminating the contract early? You don’t have anything to threaten Telus or Shaw with (e.g. I think most people lose track of when the promo goes, life is busy! Access Wi-Fi from every corner of the house, on any device with TELUS Boost Wi-Fi. @Harry- You’re welcome! Well, I am glad to know NB isn’t the only place where the pricing on Internet is bonkers. Cool. However, sometimes you can’t help it and will have to take what’s available, especially if you’re having to call back every 3-6 months to negotiate your Internet. Already have a TELUS Boost Wi-Fi Starter Pack? Connect your entire home to the same network. I agree that $10/month adds up. Just curious as to what the name of this ‘fiber’ reseller is and what province/city are you in? I have signed up with Pathway who I believe is all across the country. Couldn’t tell you what we pay for our Internet right now (all our utilities are included in our rent, which is nice) but when we lived in our first apartment, it was insane. He was very insistent that was not the case, that they checked that, etc. Man, that must have pissed you off royally. Thank you for the help. I don't have the instructions anywhere here. This greatly reduced interference to improve signal strength and reliability. In addition, the special price includes 4 or 5 promos, any of which can disappear at anytime 6. This time planning to drop our home phone (have North American LD & all features incl in mobile plan already (Telus))…hopefully our cable/internet won’t jump!! Read the fine print. You don’t have to be a TELUS customer to enjoy our stores. How do you save money on Internet? 2. Now I’m not willing to negotiate anymore because it’s one of the lowest providers out there and sitting on $50/month is fine by me. Personally I would be prepared to leave Telus for Teksavvy Internet if they ever not honour my pricing or if I have to pay a lot more. You’ll likely be stuck paying $70+ a month for your Internet because you wanted that $500 Prepaid Visa (or whatever that gift they enticed you with). 0 Likes All forum topics; Previous Topic; Next Topic; Most Popular Neighbours in this board . It is important to read the fine print because the “contracts” may not be worded like a contract and instead say “2 year Plan” or something like that. Is boost wifi compatible with other routers. Started at $45/month – I didn’t know anything about contracts at that time, so I stupidly signed up for a promo – then it doubled. @David- Thanks for this checklist, very comprehensive .