Sit Room also grew the most in cable news at 5pm vs. last year, +84%/+121% and 6pm was also up the most +73%/+89%. Lemon referred to the town hall — which will be in direct competition with a town hall with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on ABC — as an “embarrassing ratings ploy” and accused NBC of allowing President Trump to dictate their programming. • CNN’s global Town Halls, Coronavirus: Facts and Fears, hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, along with health experts, CNN correspondents from around the world and others, have become essential programming since the first one aired on March 5th. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE WATCHING HANNITY? • CNN Newsroom with Fredricka Whitfield and CNN Newsroom with Ana Cabrera ranked either #1 or #2 in the demo during their respective time periods on Saturdays and Sundays this month, growing double to triple digits vs. last year. On Monday, the former Fox News anchor accused CNN’s Don Lemon of being biased. It’s like watching a child who’s losing an argument. MSNBC was up +38%/+33% and Fox +35%/42% respectively. CNN Tonight debuted in 1985 but was pushed off-air by the premier of Larry King Live. In the key demographic adults 25-54, CNN outperformed MSNBC (253k vs. 177k) for the eighth straight month. On weekends, CNN was #1 in cable news in total day (196k) topping both Fox (195k) and MSNBC (103k) and every hour from11am-8pm on Saturdays and every hour on Sundays from 11a-2p and 3p-5a in the key demo 25-54. Lemon has reported and anchored on-the-scene for CNN from many breaking news stories, including Hurricane Florence (2018), Las Vegas shooting (2017), the Orlando shooting at Pulse Nightclub (2016), Charleston church shooting (2015), death of Freddie Gray while in police custody, the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO (2014), the George Zimmerman trial (2013), the Boston marathon bombing (2013), the Philadelphia building collapse (2013),the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting (2012), the Colorado Theater Shooting (2012), the death of Whitney Houston, the Inaugural of the 44th President in Washington, D.C., the death of Michael Jackson (2009), Hurricane Gustav in Louisiana (2008) and the Minneapolis bridge collapse (2007). 9am) outperformed MSNBC in total viewers (1.050 million vs. 739k) and in the demo (228k vs. 114k) this month. He needs to report facts, not his opinion. CNN almost beat Fox in the total day demo last month, but the margin widened in Fox News’ favor in July. It was, however, revived to its current format in April 2014 as a replacement for Piers Morgan Live amid a new primetime schedule. Arnold Schwarzenegger slams California Republican Party, Don Lemon presses Kamala Harris on court-packing stance, Mary Trump: President in for a rough ride if Biden wins, WaPo: Barr's 'unmasking' investigation concludes without charges, Senate seat challenger: Sen. Graham should be worried, Kellyanne Conway tweets she tested positive for coronavirus, Trump tweets he's starting 'quarantine process', Navarro: Trump paid Stormy Daniels more than he paid in taxes, Reporter for The Atlantic 'scared' by Trump team discussions, Hear what Trump supporter told his daughter before dying from virus, Senator's ad boasts she's 'more conservative than Attila the Hun', Sister of doctor who died of Covid-19: I'm so lucky to have had her. Here’s the July 2020 CNN ratings press release: CNN BEATS MSNBC IN PRIME TIME FOR THE 5TH STRAIGHT MONTH AND IN TOTAL DAY FOR THE 8TH CONSECUTIVE MONTH IN DEMO, CNN is the #1 Television Network in All of Cable (not just news) Throughout Dayside, Burnett, Tapper, Stelter Are #1 in Cable News in July in Demo; is a jackass. • CNN Tonight with Don Lemon (10pm) topped MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell now for the fifth consecutive month in the demo adults 25-54 (447k vs. 363k). him and bubba smollett should get a room. Lemon made headlines earlier this week for saying that he has stopped being friends with people who support Trump. How does that help the American people? It reflects the kind of network they are full of bitterness and lies. Speaking with Erin Burnett in the afternoon on CNN, Lemon questioned whether the AT&T-owned cable-news network should have aired live comments from President Donald Trump, saying the president’s remarks were tantamount to “propaganda” that people who had yet to vote might have heard. I cannot watch this guy any longer. “The producer yelled at me. “CNN still pretends he is an objective news anchor (yeah, sure) … In total day, CNN had its best July in history among total viewers, averaging 998k and second highest among adults 25-54 since the presidential election cycle of 2016. The average Nielsen live + same day impressions for July 2020: CNN prime-time programs Cuomo Prime Time and CNN Tonight with Don Lemon each registered its most-watched July ever. 9am) ranked #2 in cable news in the key demo (188k), growing double digits during the time period among both total viewers (+46%) and in the demo 25-54 (58%) vs. a year ago. The King-led program was also up the most in cable news in its time period, increasing +62% in total viewers and +61% in the demo compared to last year. The network is touting its performance among Adults 25-54, and understandably so. Don Lemon is a joke! !” he screamed before storming off the set. This is an outright embarrassing ratings ploy on behalf of NBC. He has become so bias that he can no longer report. In the weeks prior to Piers Morgan Live's exit from CNN's primetime lineup, the show's total audience dipped to as low as 270,000 at a time when its cable news competitor The Kelly File on Fox News was racking upwards of 2 million. Among total viewers, CNN finished in second place in prime with 2.510 million viewers, followed by MSNBC with 2.266 million, according to ratings data … The Cuomo-led program was up the most at 9pm in cable news increasing +96% in total viewers and +109% among adults 25-54; while MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show (+36%/+33%) and Fox’s Hannity (+26%/+34%) grew far less vs. a year ago during this busy newscycle. Early Start with Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett (5-6am) topped MSNBC (104k vs. 66k), increasing +38% in total viewers and +35% in the demo compared to a year ago. CNN defines dayside as 9 a.m.-4 p.m., whereas other networks define it as 9 a.m.-5 p.m. No difference, as CNN remains No. • On 7/26 CNN aired the second installment of Unconscious Bias: Facing the Realities of Racism hosted by Fredricka Whitfield ranked #1 across cable news in the 8pm hour delivering 209k, followed by Fox (185k) and MSNBC lagged with 116k among adults 25-54. Don Lemon Ratings: Compared with the program CNN Tonight replaced, Don Lemon's show has gained significant viewership since its introduction. A recipient of the Edward R. Murrow Award and three regional Emmy Awards, Lemon has reported and/or anchored on-the-scene for CNN from several breaking news stories, including Hurricane Florence (2018), Las Vegas shooting (2017), Orlando shooting at Pulse Nightclub (2016), and the Charleston church shooting (2015). 2 in total viewers. He, too will fade away. • On 7/20, CNN’s Special Report: Donald Trump’s Conspiracy Theories hosted by Fareed Zakaria attracted 542k adults 25-54 and 2.295 million total viewers. Digital-to-TV Lift • On 7/18, CNN premiered its expanded version of CNN Special Report: The Pandemic and the President anchored by Jake Tapper (10pm-12am) averaged 255k among 25-54 and 1.203million total viewers. In 2006, he won three more local Emmys for his reporting in Africa and a business feature about Craigslist, an online community. CNN was the worlds very best starting with the first Gulf War and beyond for many years. The Tapper led program was also up the most in cable news during the time period, growing +79% in total viewers and +63% in the demo. Compared to a year ago, CNN grew far more than Fox or MSNBC in total viewers, increasing its audience by +77%, while Fox was up +19% and MSNBC was +41%. “I had to get rid of a lot of people in my life because sometimes you’ve just got to let them go.”. The program was ranked #2 in the demo, ahead of MSNBC by +11% in the time period. • The Lead with Jake Tapper (4pm) easily ranked #1 in cable news for the fourth straight month among 25-54. “Don’t give me that BS about well you can tape one,” Lemon continued. EBOF also grew the most in cable news at 7pm this month, increasing +94% in total viewers and by triple digits (+107% ) in the demo vs. last year. To send TVNewser senior editor A.J. Pure reporting, class, dignity and trustworthy. I am outraged by this,” Lemon added. June 2, 2020, 12:00 AM EDT Updated on June 2, 2020, 1:56 PM EDT 4:25. He won’t listen to anyone he’s interviewing and when he’s challenged, he laughs and cuts them off. You don’t have to do it at the same time and then divide the country further by having them choose — the whole point of it was to bring them together.”, Cuomo then said that Trump had told NBC that was the only time he would do the event, prompting Lemon to ask, “So he is controlling the programming schedule at NBC?”.