Beneficial Effect 1: Purifies all of Windlune's debuffs. Removing S and SS class heroes? I'm on Dark Fortress right now and all of my allies are already dead but I'm only half way through. Posted by 3 days ago. Special Ability 1: Exposure (2nd-phase, excludes Boss-type enemies, sends an enemy flying for 3 seconds. New. 3. Specialty: Normal Attacks inflict 30x damage. Discussion. Thanks. : Creating an Wiki account decreases ads and loading time. Passive 1: Stealth detection up to 2nd-phase, reduces Windlune's active skill cooldown speed by 5%. Rising. Enhancing an ally grants it increased stats that will apply on all sources the ally receives. Archived. To be read from left to right. Condition: When an enemy or ally dies or is revived. Personal Passive: Increases additional Random damage by 4810%. Combine only works on SS or lower grade allies. Maze exploration. Special Ability 1: Maintain Stealth status with immunity to all debuffs (2nd-phase, for 9 sec). Hot New Top Rising. Condition: 100% chance to activate on hit, Ally Aura: Increases STR by 900% and Physical by 1150%. Games Movies TV Video. Specialty 3: All enemy damage is reduced by 440% and the damage they receive is increased by 330%. Allies (sg Ally, kr 동료, dongryo) are the acquirable characters in Dragon Blaze. Mark of Death Effect 3: Enemy cannot use death-triggered and revive abilities. Question. What is the next good first impact champion coming for PVE content? Such is the SSS-grade Deities, which are stronger than regular SSS grade.The special U-grade units take form as the Key Units, which are not typically considered allies, since they are equipped on such. First Impact. share. Passive: Increase Windlune's ATK by 3000% and additional Boss damage by 3000%. Increase your Melee ATK by 11000% during World Boss Cerberus. Add category; Cancel Save. share. Condition: During Arena, when Deathcrown Ende Hades and First Impact Mercedes are on the battlefield. Specialty 2: Removes all debuffs on Deathcrown (up to 3rd-phase), Personal Passive 1: Immunity status (2nd-phase). First Impact. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Posted by 17 hours ago. 3. Dragon Blaze Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. card. The following table shows links to the respective Category pages.The order (G to SSS) represents a hierarchy among the units. Specialty 4: Enemies kill from this are unable to be revived (Ignores Immunity and EVA, for 9 sec), Personal Passive Effect 3: Immune to enemy Insta-Kill abilities (2nd-phase), Immune to, Personal Passive Effect 4: Reduces skill cooldown by 5%, Specialty 1: When using 'Fatal Blow' and 'Mark of Death' skills, inflicts 20x damage (. Unlike main characters, allies are divided not only in classes also in grades, from ~ (lowest to highest). Arbiter of Death Effect 1: Self-Immunity and all enemy attacks are focused on Deathcrown and decreases all damage received by 90%, Arbiter of Death Effect 2: Inflicts 32940% of the received damage an additional 16670%. Specialty 3: Upon Normal Attacks, inflict 30x damage (. Special Ability 2: Inflicts 16500% Skill ATK to enemy in normal attack and added same Skill ATK to, Special Ability 3: Attack damage by 3 times with the skill damage given to enemy during normal attack to, Special Ability 4: Every time the Noble Being skill is used, increase, Special Ability 5: Every time the Noble Being skill is used, increase Windlune's, Special Ability 6: Every time Death Sentence is used, increase. Tracy's Forest Sniper can be used on the enemy that was blown away). Also, what's the point of having a healer in the party if they don't heal? Thank you for your patience and support.+++ KR tabs were added to each main character pages to reflect the latest season 6 rework.+++ Did you know? To that end, I have created a poll asking for your third-choice unit, assuming that Gram and Shabelle are first and second. Allies (sg Ally, kr 동료, dongryo) are the acquirable characters in Dragon Blaze. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 3. Increase your Single ATK by 10800% during Guild World Boss Odin. 5 comments. Passive 2: Increase ATK by 1500%, additional Boss damage by 628%, Ranged ATK by 1980% and Physical ATK by 3554%. card classic compact. Allied Aura: Increase Main Stats by 1500%, Physical ATK by 2000%, Single ATK by 1900% and Skill ATK by 1800% for all party members. Specialty 2: Removes all Buffs from all enemies (4th-phase, Only 1st-phase on Boss-types, ignores Immunity and EVA), and inflicts 11540% additional damage for each buff removed. Special Ability 1: Restore Windlune's HP by 38% of the damage inflicted on enemies. Top. The [SSS] and [U] grade allies also feature special races of units. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Special Ability 3: Can be used unconditionally and inflicts 8x damage to. by Gamevil and FLINT. This table can be invoked to any wiki text with {{Template:Folio}}. Hot. What do I need to do to finish it? hide. (Ads are hosted by wikia. The grade of an ally can be simply determined by the number of stars on the badge. 2 comments. Similarly, there is save. Allies (sg Ally, kr 동료, dongryo) are the acquirable characters in Dragon Blaze. FANDOM. Special Ability 2: Every time the Death Sentence skill is used, inflicts 32x damage (unconditional). Special Ability 1: Attack enemy dealers first with normal attack and remove 1 beneficial effect. Latest Korean News Quick Announcements+++ We're back in business! Community content is available under CC-BY … Special Ability 1: Every time the Yggdrasil's Rage skill is used, inflicts 36x damage. Will first impact blackaria dominate when she is released or will she be overshadowed by the current meta healer? FI Blackaria. The grade of an ally can be simply determined by the number of stars on the badge. 2. Join. The two base allies must have reached MAX enhancement status and reach 100 rapport. save. Posts Old Reddit. In short, combine is a system that use two lower grade allies to create a random ally that is 1 grade higher. 3. SSS Allies and Deities from Reddit, SSS Allies Only - Korean, SSS Allies with Deities - Korean, All Deities& Keys 11.23.15 - Korean, Draco/Angels/Bodens - Korean, Another Deity List - Korean . Beneficial Effect 2: Increases Attack Speed by 82% and all attacks during this time are dealt as, Beneficial Effect 3: Increases additional. Condition: Every time Windlune kills an enemy. First Impact. Personal Passive: Deathcrown cannot be banned from Champion League. Special Ability 2: 440% of all damage received by 1 enemy (2nd-phase). Allies. Wikis. They can be labeled as "Units", to include both regular allies and their grade's special type.The traditional U-grade allies were released on a later date as the Transcended allies. Special Ability 1: Eliminate beneficial effects. Allies. Specialty 1: Inflicts 18830% Skill ATK on all enemies. Special Ability 2: Increases the damage dealt to enemies that have been previously attacked by 100%. Allied Aura: Increase Main Stats by 120%, Physical ATK by 2328% and Single ATK by 2372% for allied units. report. Unlike main characters, allies are divided not only in classes also in grades, from [C]~[G] (lowest to highest). I hope this list helps you decide on your combines/rebirths and generates discussion about how to best use these allies! Condition: When entering the battlefield for the first time. Specialty 2: When attacking, inflict an additional 18800% Skill ATK as damage.