New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Purely in terms of looks, the new Nokia 8110 is one of my favourite phones of the last ten years. There’s just one button, a LED notification ring and a speaker (plus headphone port) to stay in touch walkie-talkie style with anyone you can set up via the Relay app. This makes it ideal to use as an emergency backup phone in your car or home or to use in places where electricity and cell service aren't as reliable as they should be. Unfortunately I couldn't get hold of one of these to test it. You’ll have no camera, no music, no internet, no GPS, no games, no social media. Safe to say though, it should be able to survive the vast majority of what you put it through. Speaking of apps, there is a rudimentary app store on the device. I'm new to this I just need a dumbphone for the following, - Music (no app as I have MP3's on my computer). If you like the concept but you’re looking for something a tiny bit smarter, Light Phone’s second iteration is planned to launch in 2019. I don’t need need any features to the MP3 player - it just needs to be simple and easy to interface with, have good storage (64gb or more ideally). That device has raised funding of over £1.4m so hopefully it shouldn’t be too long before we get to see it firsthand. Still, despite these flaws, it’s hard not to be charmed by the Cat B30. It’s probably also helpful for those who are wont to lose their devices frequently. Is it a dealbreaker? The brand is also considering including GPS directions, music, voice commands, a calculator and dictionary, and perhaps a weather app. For those with a bit more technical know-how, you can plug in a microSD card with music on it to listen through the phone. The A1 also has a hearing aid compatibility mode to reduce the chance of painful and annoying electronic feedback while talking on the phone. Essentially, the B30 is a pared down version of the B35. On the other hand, my Luddite father (and many other people his age) who still doesn’t know why he pays for a data connection on his phone has been crying out for this for years. Another slightly irksome feature is the bright LED torch. Like many of the other phones in this guide, the Cat B35 has a 2MP camera on board which can record photos and videos. Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our It’s just an extra step than is really necessary and irritating as a result. It’s also significantly bigger than the original, taking up the majority of the phone’s upper half. Its rechargeable battery gives you over six hours of talk time, and it can last up to 27 days between charges with minimal use. If you want GPS and Email, a smart phone is the most convenient. To be fair, it’s exactly the phone you’d expect a company best known for its tractors and bulldozers, and could probably survive being run over by one too. It is a charger but, probably more importantly, it’s just a handy place for you to put down your phone so you can stop worrying about where you left it. The dull navy blue of the original has been replaced with glossy neon red and yellow designs (or more muted black and grey if you’re feeling serious). The best basic cell phones focus on the necessities. The easy-to-use menus and large, durable keys are great for seniors looking for a simple phone as well as parents looking for their kid's first cell phone. That’s the only thing it can do. UShining may not be a big name in the smartphone game, but the U181 nevertheless delivers quality and usability for a fraction of the price of the major players. This device takes and receives calls and that is it. You can also supplement the phone's internal storage with a microSD card up to 32GB to store all your favorite photos and songs. The phone's menu is pretty straightforward and easy to navigate. Imagine if an iPhone could last that long…. Ideal for those who are partially-sighted or just prone to forgetting glasses. Which "smart" features can you disable on the Key2 LE? And that's it. Here you’ll find the buttons are big and everything is as uncomplicated as it possibly can be. No. The first thing you’ll note about the Cat B35 is that it is rugged. This is the updated version of the classic Nokia phone, and it is a good buy. That said, unless you're just looking for a disposable burner phone for some illicit activity, you want even a basic cell phone to deliver the goods in terms of clear call audio, a legible display, and ease of use. any suggestions? Just be aware that you’re getting a smarter device than you might be expecting. Not only does this basic cell phone let you talk and text your friends and family, but it also has a built-in MP3 player, GPS function, and Bluetooth connectivity for headsets and external speakers. In terms of basic phones, the B30 is almost as basic as they come. The Key2 LE is fabulous to type on ... and the sound chip is really well done on both of these phones. I also tried dropping it, hurling it and stamping on it and it had no scratches on it, which is great to see. (Also, most importantly, Snake is on the Nokia 8110 but on this version the snake can move in any direction and isn’t bound to a grid by default – an egregious insult to the original game’s legacy!). That plastic body feels a little less durable than the original 3310 – AKA 'The Brick – which was famous for its cockroach-like ability to survive any drop, spill, or crush you could subject it to. 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