Automotive tire pressure gauges are not accurate enough at such low pressures. Tyre flexes and heats during wheel rotation. In some cases, an alternative will also be included. Some of #TeamD #Elite joined the festivities out i, Starting the day right ✊ #gatedrop #moto @ri, Speed and style champ roostin the the 1st loser☝, @motoplayground never disappoints at #poncacity #2, FMF KTM Factory Racing Team’s @kr_557 won t, @jamesrispoli is your 2020 @americanflattrack Prod. D402 PT bead-lock tires may be mounted only on matching Harley-Davidson FXRP, FLHTP or FLHP rims. Maintaining the proper tire inflation pressure is crucial because it affects numerous vehicle and tyre performances, safety and environment: Nearly all of these manifestations of the tyre pressure impact are correlated and cannot be considered separately. Centralize rim band and tube to prevent pinching if tube-type rim. For additional safety information, read your vehicle owner’s manual and any safety decals, and call the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (949) 727-3227, or the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (949) 727-3727. A new front tire with a worn rear tire can cause instability. Never subject a tire on the motorcycle to dynamometer engine testing. Take the advice of the professionals: the motorcycle or tire manufacturer. Braking causes the tire to grab and wear in one direction. Trailers may contribute to motorcycle instability, grossly exaggerated tire stresses and overload. Dunlop motorcycle tires are not designed for retreadability (recappability), nor will Dunlop be responsible for any retread process or performance. Following the aforementioned guidelines will help avoid uneven wear. Such tires are remanufactured products for which Dunlop’s new tire testing and certifications are voided. In other words, don’t follow someone’s personal recommendation. Gauges do wear out and should be checked annually to ensure accuracy. Mixing radials, or mixing radials with bias or belted-bias tires, may adversely affect handling and stability, and should only be done when specifically fitted and/or recommended by an OE vehicle manufacturer. Many scientific and safety organizations have tested the impact of low tire pressure on vehicle stopping distance. Underinflated tires can result in imprecise cornering, higher running temperatures, irregular tread wear, fatigue cracking, overstressing and eventual failure of the tire carcass, or loss of control, which could cause accident, injury or death. It may be a significant source of energy and fuel savings. Ensure that tube markings match radial tire markings before fitting to rims requiring tubes. This service-related evolution varies widely so that accurately predicting the serviceable life of any specific tire in advance is not possible. As a result, motocross tires varied in dimensions from one manufacturer to another. Consult the motorcycle manufacturer if you intend to mount sizes other than indicated in the owner’s manual. Exception: Dunlop does not recommend fitment of non-radial tubes in radial tires. It means loss of 8000 km (5000 mi) on possible 40000 km (25000 mi). Why are some dealers selling the same tires cheaper than others— are they seconds? This results in a much smaller contact footprint for a motorcycle tire. Under emergency or extreme maneuvering conditions, an automotive tire on a motorcycle may not allow the bike to handle as it was intended, which can lead to accident, injury or death. Low suspension pressure will generate excessive tire stresses. Apply baby powder to the outside of the tube and inside the tire. Maintain your tire pressures. Checking tires regularly is the most important maintenance function you can perform. With a tube inserted, a tubeless tire may be fitted to a tube-type wheel. Always remove tires from service before they reach the tread-wear indicator bars (1/32 of an inch tread pattern depth remaining). Never overload or overinflate Dunlop Winter Maxx 2 tires beyond the maximum tire load capacity and tire inflation values indicated on the tire sidewall.