One of the more aggressive sunfishes. High oxygen level and water quality required in addition to a strong current. Requires space to swim; not suitable for nano tanks in spite of its small size. It will school with similarly sized and tempered fish. This yet to be officially named species is intermediate in scale count between gibberosa and frontosa. Keep in groups of 3 or more. Here's some pics from his acclimation container. This fish should only be kept by the experienced aquarium keeper. Very aware of environment outside of aquarium, making it an engaging "wet pet." The name "silver dollar" may also refer to, The red-bellied pacu is a close relative of the. He looks... Did 4 severum, 2 electric blue dempsey Cichlids And 1 red tail catfish r co... How do I tell if my Electric Blue Crayfish's eggs have been fertilized. This genus (often represented by N. anomala, the golden dwarf cichlid) is often recommended as one of the best cichlids for new cichlid keepers and smaller aquaria. Also known as the Queen loach. Many color and tail pattern varieties exist. Like most barbs, needs a diet with some vegetable food or algae. Difficult to breed in captivity, most halfbeaks sold are wild-caught. Due to their small size, the neon tetra should not be kept with large or aggressive fish. Peppered corydoras, salt and pepper catfish, Threestripe corydoras, leopard catfish, false julii cory. google_color_border = "FFFFFF"; they require aquarium salt in the water or hard water. Needs good water quality, prefers low light. My question is, I guess, can I house it in my 55 gallon until I bring it back tomorrow? A schooling species. Tropical fish for sale online. 31.4 cm (12.4 in) at maturity, 37 centimetres (15 in) maximum length. The blind tetra needs to be in a shoal in order to show peaceful behavior, and to prevent fin nipping. Generally hardy and peaceful. very peaceful and hardy, and works well with white clouds and neon tetras. Will crossbreed with, Gold and silver varieties commonly found; also thrive in brackish water, The dalmatian molly is a hybrid color variation that can be generated by crossing some species of. On the other hand, what are the chances of it being a dwarf? All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License Electric catfish are usually nocturnal and feed primarily on other fish, incapacitating their prey with electric discharges. Sometimes called Feeder platy because can be used to feed larger fish like Stingrays, Payara, Cichlids, Pickerel, Catfish, Sunfish, Arowanas, Gar, Arapaima, and other predator fish. Betta is the name of the, Various color varieties each given a different name (blue gourami, gold gourami, and opaline gourami). Killifish of all species breed in captivity but are short-lived by nature; many species live for 1 year and breeding may be triggered by changes in water or temperature. aggressive with fish of same species. However, just the opposite is true: Angelfish should not be kept with fish that may nip and annoy it such as some large tetras. Less aggressive with members of its own species than most pencilfish; males rarely spar. The oscar can be messy to look after as they love to dig up plants and scoop up rocks. Lyretail Mollies are available in all of these species, can be cross bred with any species of Molly. Common pleco, suckermouth catfish, Amazon sailfin catfish. Leopard sailfin pleco, clown sailfin pleco. Territorial; keep in groups of 6+ to diffuse aggression between males. A beautiful fish with bad temper. best kept alone or in groups of 5 or more. Returning him tomorrow, By entering this site you declare It's a beautiful fish but it could never live with my stock I'll be returning it tomorrow after work. This is also an aggressive fish and does best in a species-only setup. Peaceful and very bold; for example it is unafraid of gravel cleaners and algae scrubbers. This is because that if two are kept together, the larger fish will pick on the smaller fish. Peaceful and dwells at the top of the tank in schools. This powerful leaper can easily jump out of an aquarium, so keep only in a fully covered tank. Not a true goby, a gudgeon. I lost my trust for them own. All text is available under the terms Can only be fed live or frozen foods. US), Numerous color and fin pattern varieties. All guppies and mollies are hardy fish that tolerate lower oxygen levels and temperatures than most aquarium fish, give birth to live young, and readily breed in home tanks. The cave tetra is the blind cave form of the Mexican tetra. Fairly aggressive, but prefers to live in shoals. Glass Catfish (Kryptopterus vitreolus): A Fish Unlike Any Other! Electric catfish were known as far back as the ancient Egyptians. The wild type of this species is greenish-gray and rarely seen for sale. A small shell-dwelling cichlid from Lake Tanganyika. Angel Fish and ghost (glass) catfish. The oscar cichlid is fast growing and can grow to a very large size when mature, and therefore should be housed in a large aquarium. Nocturnal, can slither around out of water as long as they stay wet. A schooling species (keep in groups of 8-10). They hide during the day. More aggressive with members of its own species than most pencilfish.