The Horde (Catra, Shadow Weaver, Scorpia & Double Trouble) | Julian Assange | The start of the game covers what happened at the climax of the film, but the difference is that when the Depelter Turbo is activated, … While Gladys fights the cops and beats them up, Dwayne quietly escapes and climbs over a fence, only to be bitten on the leg by Nugent after stepping on one of the Rottweiler's squeaky toys. Wu Sisters | Nana | Not much is known about Dwayne's life prior to the events in Over The Hedge. Colonel Cutter | Over the course of the game, Dwayne attempts to stop the animals from stealing food, only for his traps to fail when the animals fight back using whatever weapons they have at their disposal, including golf clubs, hockey sticks, and shovels among other things. This suggests that despite being VermTech's only known employee, Dwayne is not in charge of the institute. Dwayne is hired as Gladys's henchman to exterminate the animals before they "get injured" (even though that was just an excuse). Decepticons (Starscream, Barricade, Frenzy, Blackout, Scorponok, Bonecrusher, Brawl & Dispensor) | Ocean Entity | Because Dwayne's truck is far away from them, the animals assume that Dwayne will never notice them until he takes out a set of binoculars and spots the animals. Pharaoh Seti I | Dwayne LaFontant Roy, Bill, Jake, Pete and Joe | Skrap-It | Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron: Colonel Kill RJ and the gang (failed). Lord Shen's Wolf Army (Boss Wolf) | After the animals successfully return from the Conner residence, they head for the amusement park to steal a cotton candy machine. In the video game, he was voiced by Fred Tatasciore, who would later fill in for Thomas Haden Church as. Bloodwolf | Eris | D-Stroy | Meanwhile, RJ is chased by Vincent atop the van. Lord Shen | Dr. Makunga | Gladys and Dwayne are arrested for illegal traps. In the film, Dwayne was hired by Gladys to exterminate RJ and his friends, only to be defeated when the Depelter Turbo stings Vincent, Gladys, and himself. He will stop at nothing to exterminate RJ and his friends. Humpty Alexander Dumpty | Robot Probes | Professor Poopypants | Boris Badenov | Prince Charming | Lola | Tara Ribble | Earl Latimore | Rapunzel | First Ones | RJ, borrowing Verne's shell, uses himself as bait to lure Vincent into Gladys' backyard. Sta'abi | Bee Movie: Layton T. Montgomery | Ken Rasputia Latimore | Dr. Blowhole | Harlen Maguire | The Road to El Dorado: Tzekel-Kan | Hernán Cortés Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. RJ, borrowing Verne's shell, uses himself as bait to lure Vincent into Gladys' backyard. With no control, Dwayne's van eventually makes a jump and flies through Gladys' house. One day, Dwayne arrived and tried to kill Ozzie (who faked passing out), but the possum got away and fled into the hedge. "I believe someone phoned about an animal problem?" Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit: Victor Quartermaine | Philip the Dog Character information "Let's party!". The impact knocks Dwayne out and frees the other animals, who turn the van around to go back home. Before RJ, Verne, Hammy and Stella encounter the brainwashed animals for the first time, they witness Dwayne placing a mind-control cap on a rat before fleeing. In addition to placing traps all around the suburbs, he also brings with him an army of brainwashed animals controlled with mind-control caps, which he's programmed to make them attack the Hedgies. Kai the Collector | Melvin Sneedly | Teachertrons | Other names Dwayne's appearance might be similar to Wayne Knight. Pharaoh Rameses | Sweeney Todd Villains | Over the Hedge Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Egyptian Guard | Gladys and Dwayne are arrested for illegal traps.