And you know after having all these situations, it's like, reconfirming to me just stay in the moment. "I think we've all felt like this was our season and this was our time. As for the pandemic, Howard is trying to remain as level-headed as he can. "My son's mom, she had passed away a month and a half ago and it's extremely difficult for me to try to understand how to talk to my son, who's 6 years old, just about the whole situation.". He plans to stay in Georgia "until everything's cleared up" and then will book a commercial flight back to L.A. to rejoin his team. Home » NEWS » DWIGHT HOWARD MOURNS SON’S MOTHER, MELISSA RIOS. Dwight Howard healing after death of son's mother. ", Dwight Howard not taking life for granted after death of son's mom (1:30), Lakers' Howard grieving after death of son's mom, Lowe's NBA offseason preview: Giannis' future, All-Star trades and the draft, Pistons intrigued by LaMelo, moving up in draft, Rockets' new coach, GM: Goal remains NBA title, Sources: Agreement near on Dec. 22 NBA start, LeBron seeks answers in death of friend's sister, 'Fast Eddie' Johnson, ex-NBA All-Star, dies at 65, KAT talks mom's COVID battle, coping with loss, Inside the political donation history of wealthy sports owners, Warriors' new jerseys are a nod to the team's 'We Believe' era, NBA free agency and trade debate: How the Pelicans help Zion, and bold predictions, Autopsies show Kobe, all in crash died instantly. Many funeral arrangements have been limited or canceled altogether because of coronavirus concerns, and Rios, who went by Mimi, was honored with social distancing measures in place for those who attended. And you know after having all these situations, it's like, reconfirming to me just stay in the moment. Told me not to be sad because he can FaceTime me. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Melissa Rios Death / Obituary – It is with sadness as we learnt that Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard Baby Mother, Melissa Rios was pronounced dead at age 31 on March 27, 2020, following a courageous battle with an epileptic seizure. Although the Lakers are allowing players to use their facility for individual workouts starting this weekend, Howard will remain in Georgia until there is more clarity about the future of the NBA season. "I've had some things happen in my personal life that has been difficult to really handle," Howard said on a video conference call. Howard installed a slide in his front yard. But I take the proper precautions to make sure my family and myself are protected from the virus.”. (1:30). This is deeper than white grievance politics. Howard said the death was … Howard was planning to invite Rios -- a real estate agent and epilepsy advocate -- to spend time with him and their son in Georgia when he found out she had died. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. "I've had some things happen in my personal life that has been difficult to really handle," Howard said on a video conference call. One day in late March, the Lakers center was thinking about inviting Melissa Rios, the mother of his 6-year-old son, to stay with them for a while and wait out the pandemic together. NBA star Dwight Howard has been struggling to cope with the passing of Melissa Rios, the late mother of his 6-year-old son David Howard. I love you son. When the Trojans open a football season delayed by two months on Saturday at 9 a.m., they’ll not only be battling Arizona State, but also the weather. Always be grateful. Even though me and Kobe wasn’t as close as me and my son’s mom were, but just trying to grieve over that, and then the corona situation, and then all of a sudden my son’s mom died. David is with Howard in Georgia, where he has been riding out the NBA hiatus on his 23-acre property. "I think everybody's anxious just to get back playing," Howard said. He’s enjoyed spending time with his kids — basketball would have made that impossible. So it's kind of more so like an awakening.". He missed the only shot he took but would soon become a Lakers legend. So I wouldn’t know how to talk to my son about it. "It's bittersweet because I do want to play basketball, but my son right now needs me more than anything," Howard said. She was 31. “I don’t know how I’ve been able to deal with it,” Howard said. They build bonfires. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. This is how many states count votes received after Election Day, Most visitors to Washington, DC, required to have negative COVID-19 test: Mayor, Stocks soar on prospect of divided government, States still in play and what makes them that way, DAVE MCMENAMIN via ESPN . She was 31. Dwight Howard Reveals Melissa Rios The Mother of His 6-Year-Old Son Has Unexpectedly Passed Away. "There was no way I could not be there for my son, and even for her family," Howard said in regard to the funeral. He works out every day, with a pool, a gym and a basketball court on his property. Howard is grateful for the chance to heal from the loss without the daily grind of the NBA schedule. Millions voted for Trump again. “There was no way I could not be there for my son and even for her family,” said Howard. ‘Never fear, Magic is here’: On May 16, 1980, with the Cap sidelined with an ankle injury, Magic Johnson launched a decade of Lakers ‘Showtime’ dominance. I love you son. Michael Jordan often created a rivalry with an opponent like LaBradford Smith over a perceived slight to help fuel a desire to dominate on the court. Dwight Howard talks to the media about being grateful for every moment after the death of his son's mother. Always be grateful. Rios had died after having an epileptic seizure. As the nation reels from the coronavirus pandemic, Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard is mourning the loss of Melissa Rios, the mother of his 6-year-old son, David, he told reporters Friday. ✈️ out to see his Dad. Those who attended adhered to strict social distancing measures as they mourned, but Howard felt he needed to be there.