Back in the early ‘90s, the Germans seemed to be going head to head against each other, both track-side and on the road. . . Body extensions (laminate parts and replacements). Rumors have it that the M3 LTW CSL was almost scrapped due to these regulations at some point in the development process. The checkered flags were correct in size and placed in the exact factory positioning. Hello, @nightterrror over here! . The cars final weight ended up being 2,950lbs (1,338kg), a full 225lbs (102kg) less than the standard E36 M3. I'll go back and amend that now. The interior was immaculate, and shared all of the correct characteristics of the factory car, including the special weave carbon fiber accents. Once the cars were sold, the dealership would force the buyers to sign a waiver stating that if they installed these LTW CSL bits on the car, the entire warranty would be voided, clearing BMW’s name from any sort of lawsuit that would potentially arise after making the modifications. I saw one of these last year here in Massachusetts and also stopped dead in my tracks. CSL WINGS. light weight doors. Email Vendor Duraflex. Lastly, this bit of detail is more oriented to the quirky story I mentioned I’d explain earlier, and it’s about how far BMW went to ensure this car was offered to the true enthusiasts in the United States. BMW E46 COUPE CSL WING $ 170.00. You see, each of the LTW CSLs were actually exported to PTG (Performance Technology Group) out in Virginia, which was part of BMW’s racing arm in the US. BMW E46 CABRIO CSL WING $ 170.00. @sebastian_fontijn76 riding doors @clintvanoort ! . Quick view. Reluctantly, BMW caved and decided to do a US-spec homologation version of their E36 DTM/WTCC race car, alongside the UK market’s M3 GT homologation car. To see this page as it is meant to appear please use a Javascript enabled browser. . . Probably one of my favorite factory BMWs of all time. CSL WINGS. A real-deal factory E36 M3 LTW CSL. . . . . So the next time you find yourself walking around a morning Cars & Coffee, don’t forget to stop by the cars that others seem to ignore. . . It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The middle line ends that controversy right here, right now. Mind you, this is the same famous parking lot in the west Bay Area mountains where you can stand around on any given Sunday and indulge in supercar heaven. Speedhunters is an international collective of photographers, writers and drivers with a shared passion for uncovering the world's most exciting car culture stories. @vvhite.glint Geez! 5/5 I saw this car seven years ago, and I think it's even more clean now than it was then. When your beast e36 is waiting for next season - you have fun and polish skills with that e46! . The ugly 4-spoke really shouldn't be in an m3, let alone a super rare CSL. I know i'm just being picky though, it is all in all a very nice car and would be a hoot to drive on mountain roads. Rear wing for BMW e36 coupe in CSL style. A small, professional team. I know this would defeat the entire purpose of the car itself, but it just seems so unfinished without a radio or speakers. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. . Duraflex Spoiler BMW 3 Series / M3 E36 Ti HB (92-98) CSL or RBS Wing. #cliqtuning #aerokit #overfenders #e46 #e46sedan #e46drift #e46stance #e46gang #e46fanatics, #aero #overs . . @gabes_days_ @sam_xv_ Keep your facts straight please, the articles don't deserve that wrong namecalling. Thank you so much for this feature, what a treat! These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. So let’s get to it. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. . The E36 M3 LTW CSL has its own story, its own persona, and a hell of a lot of historical significance to offer to its owners for years to come. With regards the second part, yes, it should be Evo I, Evo II & Sport Evolution. I've personally never really referred to it as an 'LTW CSL' before, but the BMW documents photographed above refer to it as 'Sonderserie [Special Series] M3 US CSL' and with CSL translating as 'Coupe Sport Lightweight' it does fit the bill, regardless of how unpopular it might be. If you couldn’t guess by the name, the main premise behind the car was based around shedding weight, so BMW only offered the car with the lightest trim possible. I'll have to try and dig deeper into this to see if some of my BMW friends out in socal know of any whereabouts on these parts or bits! Because BMW wanted ensure that E36 M3 LTW CSL was a proper homologation to their factory race cars, they decided to go as far as hand-picking the engines that went into these cars. Delivery date: Producer: Again, I was out driving in the mountains with a few friends from our local R32 owners group, when all of a sudden Bill Broeder showed up in the parking lot. During this drive, he and my other buddy G had quite the run through the canyons, with G in the sport evo. Working on new products mostly for BMW drifters. The weave in the carbon consists of a red accent only (not tri-colors). But there’s a quirky story behind this that I’ll get to in just a bit. Sorry. #cliqtuning #aerokit #overfenders #roofwing #e46 #e46sedan #e46drift #e46stance #e46static #e46ers. (1x). I think it was last year seeing and article online, about one of this cars for sale, it wasn’t registered, few miles on the odometer. Bang bang @driftordead ! We're always very interested to hear your own stories as well as to receive your feedback. BMW E30 rear tower bar strut bar . Lastly, the carpet was replaced with the anthracite-colored lighter material found in the four-cylinder variant of the E36. And are those A/C dials just there for show if there's no system i suppose? It was nice to see the rear wing being briefly mentioned. M-way, Email:* . #cliqtuning #aerokit #overfenders #noanglekit #smokedriftteam #streetallstars #latviadrift #streetdrift #drift #e36drift #e36 #e36sedan #e36wagon #e36touring, #frontlip #overs And of course, it was numbered by a plaque. It’s more so a short-lived gift given to the people of the US market, where we generally are stuck with the shit end of the stick when it comes to specialty cars. Though the M3 GT was dedicated to the FIA GT series homologation (meaning it has roughly 50 more horsepower thanks to the upgraded Euro S50B30), the M3 LTW CSL was homologated for the US-specific IMSA Firehawk series. . So awesome. CSL WINGS. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. @austinmarcero with that lsx! . @latviadrift street class “Final Fight” last round nr.6 of 2020 season. Stance guys love us as well. The E36 M3 LTW CSL might not be the fastest of the bunch, or the rarest in the classic lineage, or even the most thoroughly developed when compared to its predecessors. A real-deal factory E36 M3 LTW CSL. . Javascript is currently not supported/disabled by this browser. Made out of quality Fiberglass cloth. Wings (DUCKTAIL) Body extensions (laminate parts and replacements) Interior Seats Mounting (console) Aluminum door panels Engine and transmission Adapter for motor and gearbox Shortshifts ... BMW e36 coupe CSL rear wing. with or without wilwood master cylinder. Password. csl style wings. E46 & E36 Rear Deck Lid Bolts on to factory hardware. . Most of the rumors go that it wasn’t, but to clear things up for everyone, take a look at the spec-sheet above. The article, not so much. Not anywhere was the E36 LTW called CSL, but you persistently keep calling it that. Instagram: eatwithnaveed, Very nice example; clean ++stock....and is that a R32 fender I see... lol. Availability: But instead of giving up, BMW decided to take a more creative approach in selling the car to the public. #cliqtuning #overfenders #dragwing #roofwing #e46 #e46sedan #e46drift #e46gang #e46fanatics, #aero #overs Speculation says BMW did this to cover their own butts, but I tend to take the more optimistic approach to these sorts of things, and like to believe that this was done in order to get the car to the people.