123 likes. Grammarians frequently use the phrase “Keats’s poems” or “Keats’ poems” as a battleground. Will the book have the same appeal for American readers? They don’t eat up people’s gardens, don’t nest in corncribs, they don’t do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. (153). Find archives and join, Notes from ‘The Hard Thing About Hard Things’ by Ben Horowitz, language has always evolved, more like fashion, I admit I hadn’t considered that the familiar “O” prefix for Irish names (like, O’Henry) was an anglicization of the “ua”  prefix meaning “grandson of,” similar to, There are examples of how apostrophe use has faded in some cases that she doesn’t bemoan (ABCs rather than ABC’s) from the 1980s (yes, 1980s, not 1980’s) but she will hold fast to uses familiar to her today. ), the resources below will generally offer Eats … Spam Free: Your email is never shared with anyone; opt out any time. This "beyond the book" feature is available to non-members for a limited time. Proper punctuation is both the sign and the cause of clear thinking. In a 2004 review, Louis Menand of The New Yorker pointed out several dozen punctuation errors in the book, including one in the dedication, and wrote that "an Englishwoman lecturing Americans on semicolons is a little like an American lecturing the French on sauces. We see signs in shops every day for "Banana's" and even "Gateaux's". asks the confused waiter, as the panda makes towards the exit. • Here are a few takeaways from the book that I will most remember: Perspective on entrepreneurship from an influential VC, I curate and send a monthly newsletter of links I've been reading, thinking about and writing myself.   .   tags: pandas, punctuation. The intended audience is typically anyone who can read or write. The message that Lynn intends to gear toward her audience, is that grammar, specifically punctuation is incredibly and indubitably important and should be used by everyone who can read or write. Reviews | After reading Lynne Truss's Eats, Shoots & Leaves, Steven Poole concludes that punctuation should be a help, not a hindrance Steven Poole … with particular reference to phenological observations on the effects of light on its distribution and growth   Contrary to usual publishing practice, the US edition of the book left the original British conventions intact. For each set of sentences, there are thumbnails of the illustrations and an explanation of the function of … Flim Analysis 819 Words | 4 Pages. (Though, tellingly, I really struggled in high school when I came across another presciptivist teacher who held none of my middle school teacher’s charm or love for language.) They find hooker who has been killed by having sex with a man that we will just say's wearing an apparatus on his body for, that her grandson John Wesley asked her to just stay home. Readalikes | American Psycho is a horror/thriller 2000 film directed by Mary Harron and stars Christian Bale. (p. 46). Those who find poor grammar frustrating will enjoy the eloquent voice of their new champion; some who want to improve their writing will also benefit; but others will buy Eats, Shoots and Leaves simply to find out what the fuss is all about and many of those will come away disappointed as, however well dressed, this is still a book about grammar, which is a subject of limited appeal to many!..continued.