However, when she kissed him later, he could see her face clearly and marveled at her blue eyes. Female Echo was an Oread, a mountain nymph, who loved to gossip, she also loved her own voice. She wears a Greek-style tunic which changes color depending on the surface she is standing in front of. Anyway, let me introduce you to my character. After Narcissus becomes so annoyed that he turned away from the bronze, Hazel pulls the bronze sheet from the pond while everyone is distracted and runs with it. Echo unwillingly repeats his command. She tried to enter his home, but realized it was too late. Echo appears when Hazel Levesque and Leo Valdez go looking for Celestial Bronze and lime on a small island. The Sound of An Echo (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) Fanfiction (Set Post-"Olympians", prior to "Heroes of Olympus") Percy Jackson may have played a key part in winning a massive war among the gods of Olympus... but the relative peace isn't going to last forever. Fantastic story! Pan felt regretful for what he did, and swore that it would never happen again. Narcissus, who had fallen in love with his own reflection as punishment for breaking the hearts of so many girls by Nemesis, would talk to his reflection and say how much he loved it. The florist looked up and he was star-struck. Possibly as a result of her curse, no one can remember what Echo truly looks like after a short amount of time. Gender However, he eventually died when he drowned in the small lake. The voice was female and it was as smooth as silk. Appearances Leo and Echo keep Narcissus occupied by repeatedly shunning him with jokes. Physical description Pleeeeeas write more soon! Nymphs (cousins)Jinx (daughter) "Hello," a voice said to a young florist one summer evening at the florist's little stall. She is another soul that had escaped the Underworld using the Doors of Death. God/Goddess Parent: Aphrodite Finally he says "Let us meet together." Pleeeeease write more soon!, Excluding Gwen, Echo is the only known person to be revived using the. Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan (2) Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms - All Media Types (2) The Heroes of Olympus - Rick Riordan (1) Include Characters Echo (Percy Jackson) (3) Nico di Angelo (2) Percy Jackson (1) Agamemnon (1) Thalia Grace (1) Python (Metal Gear) (1) Cassiopeia (1) Orpheus (1) Jason Grace (1) Echo repeats all of Leo's words, but because few could see her, some nymphs thought it was one of the nymphs in their group instead of Echo. Yanking as a rag doll, Narcissus ordered her to put him down. Eye Changes color Nemesissaw this and lured Narcissus to a pool where he saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with it, not realizing it was merely an image. This was when Pan, the God of the Wild, came to her as a gift. She was wearing a light, white sun-dress and wedged sandals. When Leo aids her by stealing the shield that Narcissus was using as a mirror, Echo stood against a large number of other nymphs to aid in Leo's escape, showing that she isn't afraid to put her life in danger as long as it helps Narcissus. Family Whenever Zeus went to consort with the beautiful nymphs, Echo always distracted Hera with stories to detain the goddess until the nymphs made their escape. This surprises Leo and he compliments Echo on her bravery. She followed Narcissus into the woods and grabbed him. Blue Percy Jackson is one of the most beloved young adult book series, and a decade after the first live-action film was released, the books are being turned into a Disney Plus series.