Please, follow the podcast on Twitter, We didn't have the output we necessarily wanted, but we will be back soon with a proper wrestling episode in our timeline. World Title…We preface with this because nothing on GAB 2000 comes close to than 24 hours…Here we are! we have reached that part of the timeline. A match that has maybe a quarter the work-rate of Savage vs. Warrior but just as much drama and rapport with the audience. Jason Keisler, and Charlie Stabile as they sort this mess out at the end of Also, Rob Van Dam is poised to debut a new finisher called the Van Terminator. Facebook: New Blood Rising Podcast. Follow us on Twitter, @newbloodpod, and on Facebook, New Blood Rising Podcast! Also, support our friends, @pwinformat, @4CRadio, and @SATPOD! The group travels to the Bon Secours Wellness (Violations) Arena in Greenviile, SC for WWE Smacdown. A lot of faces finally making an appearance on the podcast. We are so grateful to everyone who sent us links to make this show happen because it's awesome. We're nearly at the end of the Invasion storyline, but before we get to Survivor Series, we make a stop in St. Louis for No Mercy 2001. Commander Legends Draft Booster Box - Magic the Gathering MTG - Fast Preorder! It’s an impressive double main event as we move into episode 93 of podcast in season 3. ever given credit for, and we hope we make it feel that way. square off in the War Games as part of the massive WrestleWar pay per view for WCW in 1991. part of the OSW Podcast Network through! What will a Death Match bring to the feud between Terry Check us out on Twitter (@newbloodpod), Facebook (New Blood Rising Podcast), and please continue to subscribe/download/rate/review on iTunes! Follow us on Twitter (@newbloodpod) and Facebook (New Blood Rising Podcast). S4, E1: The Streak (WrestleMania VII, VIII, IX, XI). @newbloodpod, and please be sure to subscribe on iTunes! It's been awhile since we had an episode, so in the buildup to Great American Bash '92, we wanted to release a Perfect 10 episode. As if it was a Star Wars opening crawl: Mike Awesome has disappeared. Up first in Episode I will be the beginning of the Undertaker on the biggest stage of them all. One Night Stand was part of WWE's reboot of ECW, and this match became a signature for the show, and for a brief moment didn't feel like the sanitized version of ECW that we get for the next few years. club street clothes again? This is a much more fun show than its In April, he was brought back and things seemed interesting for Also, we talk through the Best of Luck Spot Hall of Fame (#bestofluckspotHOF) 2019. The most infamous Hey guys! Also, please visit our friends at the Questionable Endeavor Network ( and 4CR Radio ( through! Please continue to download, subscribe and rate through iTunes and send us your feedback through Twitter (@newbloodpod), Facebook (New Blood Rising Podcast), and email (! friends at as well as! Later, Tommy Dreamer cut a promo on ECW's new deal with TNN and said that he would be unable to become a part of the new ECW show on TNN due to his injury. Join William Renken, Jason Keisler, and Charlie Movies For Guys Who Like Movies (Quick Take) - Hooper, (Repost due to accidential deletion) William Renken talks the story of Sonny Hooper aka The Greatest Stunt Man Alive on this Quick Take from the New Blood Rising Podcast’s Movies For Guys Who Like Movies. Also in action, Lex Luger defends his US Title against Dan Spivey, Doom defends the WCW World Tag Team Titles against The Fabulous Freebirds, and a real beauty in Big Van Vader taking on Stan Hansen. Please continue to follow us on social media (Facebook: New Blood Rising Podcast, Twitter: @newbloodpod) and rate/review on iTunes! It's episode 96 of the podcast, we have reached an important moment in season 3 as we are at the end of ECW Prime: The Paul Heyman Years. seemed to have this incredible morale boost before our eyes. Drew has picked Lex Luger vs. Ric Flair from WrestleWar '90 for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. A huge show, and of course we're dealing with technical issues. The end is here!! Chetti then nailed her with an Amityville Horror. New offshoot of the podcast with William Renken and various guests talking AMC's new drama Preacher. Please, follow the Please continue to follow us on social media (Facebook: New Blood Rising Podcast, Twitter: @newbloodpod)! And how the in the world can Sid Vicious walk out of San The first ever WCW pay-per-view to emanate from North of the Border, and it's a 12-match slug fest centered around the Chris Benoit vs. Jeff Jarrett and Sting vs. Bret Hart to crown a new World Champion. Into November of 2000 we forge with, fittingly, November to Remember '00 where we will be subjected to Double Jeopary as the ECW World Title will be on the line simultaneously, so to speak, between Justin Credible and, champion, Jerry Lynn as well as The Sandman and Steve Corino with the winner each match taking on each other. To celebrate halfway to 100, we are looking at Superman II, but in an interesting way where we are going to focus on the Richard Donner cut along with the backstory of how Richard Lester came to direct the theatrical version of Superman II along with how they both compare.