The bonding of the edges distributes the shock and load evenly throughout the caravan or that is the theory. Is a damp issue and could be an inherent fault and covered by CRA 2015, 9. State in the letter that you expect the repairs to be carried out within a reasonable time and by reasonable I think a month would be more then ample. It is one of the things that has been putting us off, but you can have problems with any make. If there is what are they? This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. You will notice that the best manufacturers who become leaders in the market take huge risks in order to win big and this is how it has been for Elddis caravans. I’ll let you know how it goes . I have a 4 year old Elddis 155.At last habitation check in May it got damp readings of upto 90%+.All 3 sides of the van are affected.Elddis say the SoLiD construction should eliminate such problems. The toilet damp would not normally be flagged up - only above 20% to be monitored. The decent amount of work surface can be boosted via the tip-up flap at the end of the kitchen unit – add the lowered cooker lid for even more. 10. Larger items will find good homes in the lounge seat boxes or in the gaping space under the island bed, which can also be accessed from outside the van. That was damp free because I bought a Sthil damptester before taking it in and from that I knew it was good.Luckily the Elddis was spot on so deal done. Whether this is honoured is another thing of course, so do your due diligence. The Avanté 462 scores well in all sections but excels in few, perhaps reserving that for more upmarket models. But why are the adjoining shelves and worktop so narrow? RV tires is there any difference to other tires. To be fair Paul not all German vans are built as well as yours. inspected, waiting for the warranty claim to be approved, then waiting for the parts to be delivered, then waiting to get it we are trading the caravan in early for a motorhome which we will take delivery of next year. Do you have any sort of paper trail regarding repairs and issues? Started May 28, 2019, Copyright Alphaquad Ltd We have an Elddis 840 which we bought in July 2018 . Overhead storage is good but the lower cupboard lacks shelves, so it’s less useful. The main draw of the Elddis Avanté 860 is, of course, its rear island bed, designed to allow both occupants to visit the washroom in the night without having to disturb each other. Elddis caravans was started by Siddle Cook who began building caravans at his home way back in 1963. We were worried about our Elddis 185 as the dealer would only agree to the good Px trade in price he offered on the strenght of a full check, its the 1st time a dealer has bothered, in fact our last trade in was a 12 year old Rapido Aclassand we did the deal at a show and they never even looked at it till the day we took it in to pick our new van up. Staszów (Świętokrzyskie) Obserwuj Usuń z obserwowanych. The Avanté range has a sharp new design for 2013 and boasts Elddis’s new SoLiD construction system. 6. Lighting and ventilation are good, but if the mirror steams up, there’s a full-length one just outside with a 230V socket nearby. The all-LED lighting impresses, especially the bright, indirect illumination above the lockers. Aside from sleeping provision, the rear bedroom also features two large overhead lockers and a pair of wardrobes, plus a corner vanity unit with power point that makes it into a handy hairdryer station. It is a well planned caravan with a classic interior, and some thoughtful extras to make touring more comfortable. Although we still love the layout of the 462, we've lost faith in it and are tired of continually travelling back & forth to the service centre to get it Also if it is not brief, dealer will glance at it and probably chuck it in the bin. I paid with a debit card. Once the warranties ran out I did try a local dealer for a service, they did a good job but not being an Elddis dealer they said they could not get Elddis parts if any were needed. It looks like Elddis do turn out some perfectly good examples, but every now and then they produce one almighty horror. When it comes down to it, sadly,  isn't it a case of what potential faults are you willing to accept? Share your stories here. Elddis will want the dealer to report on the position, and the dealers have every right to check this for themselves. Damp entering side/front of van after 1 year old. The lounge is great for reclining in or seating visitors, but the raked front makes lounging in the corners difficult. Stability under tow will be improved by the Al-Ko ATC anti-snaking system, fitted as standard to the Al-Ko galvanised steel chassis, which also features heavy duty corner steadies. The washroom uses the other 10cm of extra length, but with less benefit than in the kitchen. All well at the first service, we’d covered quite a few miles, including touring down through Spain. By continuing to use our website you acknowledge that you are happy to receive all cookies. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA. Let's assume that you paid cash (maybe via a bank loan). Are you a lifelong Elddis admirer? Avanté’s teaming of light-toned wood, beige sofas and grey curtains makes for a living area that feels bright and airy. My experience with Elddis is poor. Update your browser to view this website correctly. Elddis w Polsce expand_more expand_less. Started Tuesday at 21:15, By From this move came the Crusader Aurora and Cyclone models which all had lots of added specifications. JavaScript is disabled. With a decent handle and gas struts, the bed is easily lifted. Rectified by dealer during serving at 10 months after purchase. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. By The twin-dinette five-berth 2010 Elddis Avanté 505 is aimed squarely at the family market – here's... © 2020 Practical Caravan is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Maritime History. Caravan (obviously), family, relaxing, and am an avid petrol head!! As it is you will have to take the caravan to them and probably have to pay them to do their own damp check before they consider doing any warranty work. March 2019 it was in for its second service, when the workshop called to report finding 47% damp at the front of the van and 34%at the rear. Started Yesterday at 10:01, By I wrote to dealer stating van should be at suffiecnet strength to accept the force of awning Pole withit effecting it’s apprarance of integrity. As with all EHG UK tourers, the Avanté 860 features a ‘SoLiD’ bonded (glued not screwed) bodyshell which carries a 10-year warranty as standard. Indentation in side of van from waning poles in general use. All rights reserved. The worktop is boosted by a wing that extends over the seat and a removable drainer. You can use who you want to do a service but I would think if you had used the dealer then as a valued regular customer they might be more helpful. Visited the retailer today and they were questioning If the service engineer is fully qualified . 10. Choose to sleep in the double bed and there’s no such problem: pull-out slats retained on their slides bridge the two seats for a bed measuring 2.14m x 1.41m, even with the chest of drawers in place. Given what the problem must have cost Eldiss it would be financial sucicide not to correct it but nothing official seems to have been said. Two current must-haves – an island bed and full-width central washroom – feature in this floorplan, and the 8ft width brings out the best in the interior layout. As an enthusiast builder he entered his hand made caravan into a competition for enthusiasts. We have the Avante 462 bought new in 2013 and we're on our 2nd replacement rear panel. Is it the because the Frdge door will not open far enough because of a design"malfunction "at Elddis. 90% so not far off running water. As a result of resistance to change is probably the reason that their caravans have so many problems. The van was just 23 months old at that point and we were told the repairs were not covered by warranty??? When they do warranty work I do not think they get paid much which is one possible reason why other dealers to the supplying one may refuse. Surprisingly, we could not find a cutlery tray anywhere. Our caravan was from Glossop Caravans. Elddis caravans have continued to innovate over a long period of time through trial and error as most companies do. We only had one issue since the caravan was new - an internal panel became unstuck on our first journey, I have lost all confidence in the caravan and want to reject it and request it to be replaced with a new van. 5. Indeed it is a design fault as the fridge door opens against the end of the o/s bench end panel and the door needs to open passed 90 degrees. The range has had a big make-over and now has a new transverse-bed layout – so... Elddis is launching a new layout for the Avanté 454, comprising a transverse fixed bed and... Be wowed by the spacious, flexible and family-friendly 2017 Elddis Avanté 866, a twin-axle caravan that's... Can Elddis meet the demands of modern caravan families? It was also during this period because of expansion that Elddis moved to a new manufacturing facility where they were able to improve even further. I bought a new Elddis 840 in April 2018. You are more than entitled to your opinion but I guess there are more happy owners out there than unhappy ones and most probably the same goes for other manufacturers. As you have passed the 6 month period under CRA 2015 it makes it a bit more difficult for rejection  as repairs within that time period have been rectified. But like everything it is not always perfect and leaks do happen due to pressure on staff to create as many caravans as possible in a day. When this is done properly though the bond is impervious to leaks. This model runs on 230V or gas, so it cannot warm up as quickly as systems that use both power sources at once. I suppose it's difficult for the manufacturers to play it correctly as they'd be damned by previous buyers if they admitted there had been a problem. 7. Like other beds of its type on the market, the 860’s island bed is retractable, to enable daytime access to the wardrobe or corner vanity unit on the rear wall.   Your previous content has been restored. Told Elddis who havent changed their claim.