This unusual French name, meaning ‘God’s beloved one’, is sure to set your little one apart. Single-syllable three letter baby names tend to be more cute than sophisticated, but Mae pulls it off. Love unique names? Giselle - Though this is derived from the Germanic word “gisil,” this moniker has origins in France. The patron saint of Paris, Genevieve is French elegance at its finest. but sweet nickname Ellie makes it more down-to-earth. Brigitte - Just like the french beauty Brigitte Bardot. 20 Important Things To Know When You Are Pregnant For The First Time. Fever During Pregnancy: Can It Harm Your Baby? We love this lilting for its nicknames Lucy or Lucia. Daniella - The slightly more feminine version of Danielle. The Italian version, Elisabetta is a softer, more glamorous alternative. This name, meaning ‘fiery’, may not be very common among Americans, but it sure is elegant. Ethan, meaning ‘strong or firm’, got a major boost via the film series, “Mission Impossible”. Sophia means ‘wisdom’. This classic name is now popular as one of the trendiest place names. A Greek name meaning “help”, beautiful Ophelia has long been associated with literature (Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Harriett Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin come to mind). Augustus means ‘great’. Charlotte - A perfectly regal choice for your little girl. This classic name, meaning ‘he who supplants’ was made famous by none other than the First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. Viola - If you’re looking for a play on the color purple (violet), this is it. A name rooted in American history (Eleanor Roosevelt for example), Eleanor has that high class vintage feel. Octavia, meaning ‘eight’, is both elegant and old-timey. This enchanting and rarely used name means ‘gazelle’. This charming name is the Anglicized form of Aveline and means ‘living’. More: 50 Dark But Beautiful Names for Baby Girls. Orlando means ‘famous land’. If you want an elegant unisex name for your child, pick Marvel, meaning ‘miracle’. This gorgeous baby name, meaning ‘good news’, is perfect for the apple of your eye. If you want to give your little girl the taste of victory right from the start, name her Victoria, which means ‘victory’. Adelaide - Meaning “noble-natured,” this is a strong choice. These elegant names for your baby girl exude class and sophistication, and will be a choice she’ll love forever. I think it’s such an elegant name and will suit any personality. Common Elle associations include supermodel Elle MacPhearson, the character Elle Woods of Legally Blond, and ELLE magazine. The name Albert, meaning ‘bright and noble’, has been held by upper crust people for generations. Percival is a French name, meaning ‘one who pierces the valley’. Philip, the name of one of the five kings of Macedonia, means ‘lover of horse’. Alasdair is the Scottish form of Alexander and means ‘defender of mankind’. Evangeline - Perfect for the new center of your world, this moniker means “good news.”. Francesca - Widely associated with romance, you can’t go wrong with this choice. An Italian girl name meaning “purple”, Violetta is an ultra feminine, posh and refined name to suit a classy little lady. The best part of Nathaniel is that it can be shortened to quirky nicknames such as Nate or Nathan. It is very rarely used in the U.S., but that could soon change given how many “A” names are found at the top of the charts. Caterina means ‘pure’. Olivia - Looking for something inspired by nature? Luciana means ‘light’. Marguerite just sounds fancy! Camilla is a rarely used name, but the royal history sets it apart. Don’t miss this list of 200 unique baby names for boys, girls, and unisex! Broderick is a formal name, meaning ‘brother’. Annabelle, meaning ‘graceful’, rose out of Scotland to the height of elegant baby name class. Leaning more towards Jasmine to stick with the flower middle name theme. Edward means ‘wealthy guard’. It means ‘safe’. A name with a superior reputation, Tennyson means ‘son of Dennis’. This stylish name means “God has answered me” in Hebrew and in Greek/ Latin means “Daughter of the Sun”. This French surname meaning “pipe, channel” was launched into the elegant category thanks to Coco Chanel and her famous luxurious fragrance, Chanel No. Angelica is a beautiful name with Latin origins. Adele - This name literally means “nobility,” and can also be a nod to the songstress. The ‘o’ ending and soft consonants make Cielo a favorite with Italian parents. It has Latin origins meaning “life” and is a great choice if you’re going for something vintage but still fashionable. Evianna is either a compound name made by combining Eva and Anna or a variant of the name Aviana. Just as Jacqueline, Josephine, meaning ‘Jehovah increases’, was also made popular by a queen, Napoleon’s famous Empress Josephine. Odessa. Bernice is the short form of the name Berenice and means ‘to bring victory’. 5. Lauren - This name may seem simple, but is forever associated with elegance thanks to Ralph Lauren. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Super feminine Natalia embodies the grace and elegance of famous Russian ballerina Natalia Makarova and beauty of supermodel Natalia Vodianova. George means ‘farmer’. A child with this name is sure to make a strong statement. This Latin name, meaning ‘given by God’, oozes European flair. This perfectly beautiful name originated from the Gaelic word, meaning ‘strength’. Daniella means ‘God is my judge’. Eleanor - Meaning “shining light,” this old French name can be easily abbreviated to Elle or Ellie. Odessa is an elegant-sounding girl name with intrigue. Verity is a refined name, meaning ‘truth’. READ. Genevieve - Meaning “woman of the race,” this name has Celtic origins. If you are looking for a name with understated, refined elegance, Caroline is it. Louisa is an attractive and sophisticated variant of Louise, meaning ‘famous warrior’. Natalia means ‘born during Christmas’. Short and sassy names might be trendy and fashionable, but they can never take the place of fancy and sophisticated names. This classy name with Spanish bent will bring elegance to your girl. This twist on ever popular Katherine has enough foreign elegance to last a lifetime. Cecelia, meaning ‘blind’, maybe falling out in popularity, but it is classy nonetheless. Eloise - This name may sound delicate, but it actually means “famous warrior.”. All rights reserved. Short and sweet Ian is the Scottish version of John and means ‘God is gracious’. Violetta is the Italian form of Violet, and means ‘violet flower’. A name with genteel reputation, Emmanuella means ‘faith’. Griffin is an appealing two syllable name, meaning ‘strong lord’. Blair and Sloane are equally elegant, offering loads of style in few letters. Alfred, meaning ‘elf counsel’, has the reputation of a refined name. With a comeback of traditional names such as Claire and Elizabeth, even Genevieve can be considered. Don’t miss this list of 200, Preppy Boy Names For Your Uptown Guy - Real Mom Recs, unique baby names for boys, girls, and unisex, Unique Baby Names You’ll Fall In Love With, Stunning Baby Names You Have Not Thought Of, Old Fashioned Baby Names That Are Ready For a Comeback, Scary Things Newborns Do That Are Completely Normal. Aubrey may be popular for boys now, but it originated for boys first. These names can attract all the attention and are actually quite chic! Matteo is the Italian form of Matthew and means ‘gift from God’. Fashionable and lacy Arabella brings to mind a glammed-up version of Isabella. Rupert is the German form of Robert and means ‘bright’. Elegant and beautiful, the Russian name Anastasia is strongly associated with the lost princess Anastasia of the Romanov empire. Romantic, elegant, and little bit whimsical, Evangeline covers a lot of bases. The name Emmeline has a reputation, and even history as a sophisticated and underused name. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, but certain name characteristics tend to give people an image of high class. Dutch, English, and Russian royals have all donned this moniker. Aurelia, meaning ‘golden child’, is still on the list of top 1000 baby name list. Don’t be surprised if this one cracks the top 100 soon! Parents seeking for an unusual yet solid name can pick Orson, meaning ‘bear cub’. Diana: Diana isn’t just a name with royal credentials, but also has godly origins. It means ‘white wave’. Could there be any name as regal and elegant as the French name, Dior? Grace - A name which signifies virtue, meaning “blessing.”. It means ‘person from the ancient city of Sebasta’. Simon is simple, pure, and appealing Old and New Testament name, meaning ‘the listener’. It means ‘guardian of the sea’. Alexandria - Not only does it sound beautiful, but it has a strong meaning: “Defender of mankind.”, Amelia - A variant of Amalia, this is perfect for fans of.