I don't know about you, but I'd call that a bargain. https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Elim_Garak?oldid=2638420. SpyAssassinGardenerTailorRebel And he got to know us and understand us. 1. Andrew Robinson based the novel on the notes about Garak which the actor had written and kept during the run of the series, so the novel provided a large amount of background information on Garak developed by Robinson. (DS9: "The Wire"), When Sisko asked Garak if the attempted assassination plot against him in 2371 was somehow related to his exile, he stated that he seriously doubted that the finance ministry would try to kill him for not paying his taxes. Enabran Tain commented that Garak would "Never tell the truth when a lie will do." "My dear Doctor, they're all true." Director Winrich Kolbe said of the performance that "we agreed that Andy could push the envelope, but he couldn't leave the Cardassian platform. Following political turmoil on Cardassia Prime in the later novel The Crimson Shadow, Garak stood for election as Castellan, the post-Dominion head of state, and won handily due to his ties to Damar and to the first post-war leader of Cardassia, Alon Ghemor, both venerated figures to the Cardassian people. He's a charming rogue, you can't deny it. No one really understands it, do they? When once asked by Bashir whether he was an outcast or a spy, Garak suggested that maybe he was "an outcast spy." However, the Cardassia he knew was gone forever, destroyed by the Dominion. Played by: (DS9: "Civil Defense") Garak again escaped death's grip, surviving to see the Cardassian government withdraw from the station in 2369. Well, it worked. Garak, however, decided to infuriate Dukat by proudly taking up his new post and performing his duties well. ", "Lying is a skill like any other. The Deep Space Nine relaunch novel A Stitch in Time, written by Andrew Robinson himself, portrayed Garak's life on Cardassia, following the Dominion War, and the role he played in the rebuilding of Cardassian society, detailing his role in Cardassia's reconstruction. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion), Ronald D. Moore commented: "I know that Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy was definitely one of the influences on Garak's character. [3] See also: Non-heterosexual characters in Star Trek, Contributing to this speculation is his occupational status as an operative in the Obsidian Order, where romance and sexuality would have been an intolerable distraction and liability to one involved in such treacherous business (as they proved to be in Enabran Tain's case, who was obligated to conceal his amorous relationship and subsequent fatherhood of Garak, these familial connections perpetually posing "a weakness [he couldn't] afford.") (Science Fiction Television Series, 1990-2004, p. 270). But I don't trust coincidences. Garak became deranged and killed a Starfleet officer, Amaro, before being subdued by Chief Miles O'Brien. Also, this is a family show, they have to keep it on the 'straight and narrow', so then I backed off from it. In one interrogation, Garak eschewed physical torture and extracted a confession simply by staring at his prisoner, a Doctor Parmak, for hours. ", "Treason, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. (DS9: "The Way of the Warrior", "Broken Link", "Call to Arms"), "Truth is in the eye of the beholder, doctor. (DS9: "Cardassians") His assigned quarters were Chamber 901, Habitat Level H-3. Although he excelled at this duty, the thought that he was betraying and enabling the deaths of numerous Cardassians was so deeply troubling that it subconsciously aggravated his claustrophobia to such a debilitating severity, that even by Garak's own admission, spaces he found tolerable, such as his tailor shop and other areas, were now inducing panic attacks. Garak also said that he was exiled after being. He worked with Starfleet during the Dominion War, returning to Cardassia Prime just prior to the Battle of Cardassia to help organize the Cardassian Liberation Front. Garak and Kira go out to the Badlands to lie in wait for him, but in the end they are tricked into capturing the wrong ship, allowing Dukat to slip past them and arrive on DS9. Though the attack was successful, the ship was disabled, and crash-landed on an uncharted planet. Doctor, you're not intimating that I'm some sort of spy, are you? Even I get sucked in by him. The implant began to malfunction, and Doctor Bashir was forced to deactivate the device. (DS9: "Past Prologue") This developed into many mutual meetings, in which they both liked each other's intellect, which led into a long term friendship, which was then enforced, when they worked together to expose a plot by Dukat to embarrass a Cardassian official who wished to reconcile Cardassia with Bajor. To Garak truth is the lines in between lies; he once claimed that all he says is true – "especially the lies". "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Quotes." ", "Treason, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. The event also made Garak and O'Brien come closer to each other because of their similar traumatic experiences in their life. What else could it be?" It was the only day.Enabran Tain: I can still see you... on the back of that riding hound. Elim Garak was the son of Enabran Tain, a nefarious Cardassian who never grew tired of repeating to his son \"I should have killed your mother before you were born. The other, and the one that sums him up best IMO, is this one: "The truth is usually just an excuse for a lack of imagination." [5], Garak originally had a larger role in "Tears of the Prophets", the final episode of the sixth season. (DS9: "Profit and Loss") Bashir and Garak began to have weekly lunches, where they grew to be friends. Garak contacted his remaining contacts on Cardassia Prime and found them willing to assist, but then they were all killed within one day of speaking with him. And if you want to maintain a level of excellence, you have to practice constantly. "That you should never tell the same lie twice. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion), Andrew Robinson provided insight into his role when interviewed by Amazon.com, stating, "I started out playing Garak as someone who doesn't have a defined sexuality. (DS9: "Body Parts"), When Dukat's half-Bajoran daughter, Tora Ziyal, came to the station in 2373, Ziyal became attracted to Garak. During his time as an operative, Garak was instrumental in the arrest and execution of Gul Dukat's father. If a smart guy like Garak says that he's 'plain and simple', you realize that he's not plain and not simple. I don't know about you, but I'd call that a bargain. During the trip he was informed by the Female Changeling that there were no survivors, and that in fact, one day all Cardassians would die by the Dominion's hand. (AOL chat, 1998), Garak's profession as a tailor was an homage by producer Peter Allan Fields to the 1960s television show The Man from U.N.C.L.E., in which Del Floria's tailor shop served as the secret entrance to U.N.C.L.E. Garak escaped, but was exiled from his homeworld of Cardassia Prime. [2] Robinson also said of the character, "He's all subtext. (DS9: "In Purgatory's Shadow", "By Inferno's Light"), For some reason, the inhabitants of the station eventually began to trust Garak, something he found disconcerting. (DS9: "In Purgatory's Shadow"), At one point, Garak also spent time on Tzenketh, where he was trapped in a small room with moving walls. "Truth is in the eye of the beholder, Doctor. But you got to know and understand him. According to the script for "Afterimage", the character's first name was pronounced as "EE-lim". Cardassian UnionObsidian Order (until 2368)Federation AllianceCardassian Liberation Front We truly appreciate your support. Many on the station believed Garak was still a spy. Doctor Bashir: Oh, I wouldn't read too much into that, Garak. What else could it be?" When the station was set to self-destruct because of an automated Cardassian anti-terrorist program, he tried to use his Cardassian security codes to disable it. (DS9: "The Wire"), Garak's masterful skills for subterfuge were such that even in the most dire of scenarios he would lie and misdirect any attempt to ascertain the truth or his intentions. Odo reciprocates his friendship offer, when he takes notice of their similarities and realises how ashamed Garak was about having tortured him on Tain's orders. [4], Robinson commented: "I’m not saying anybody was jealous about the amount of material I was getting, but some of the regulars would laugh and say, “Jesus, you’re getting a good bite out of this.” And it’s true. . A great memorable quote from the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine movie on Quotes.net - Enabran Tain: Elim - remember that day in the country? I mean, he was clearly gay or queer or however you want to say it. (DS9: "Favor the Bold") When Starfleet retook Deep Space 9 during Operation Return, Garak found that Ziyal had been killed by Damar, noting to Major Kira that he had never understood Ziyal's feelings for him and would now never have the chance to learn more about them. "Even the lies?" (DS9: "The Dogs of War"), After Mila was killed in the final days of the Dominion War, Garak led the uprising with Damar and Colonel Kira and participated in the storming of Dominion Headquarters, killing Weyoun 8, who was the last of Weyoun's clones. In the simulation, the Garak character was killed trying to stop the Dominion from taking over Deep Space 9. Close. Ira in particularly is a big fan of that British series". Coincidences happen every day. You have always been a weakness I can't afford." "Of course. ", "Paranoid is what they call people who imagine threats against their life. One is his melancholy line from the end of "The Die is Cast": "You know what the sad part is, Constable? The novel revealed that Mila was, in fact, Garak's mother; this would explain why she was so dear to Garak, and why Garak lived with her and Tain when Tain never acknowledged him as his son. "Well, it's the safest way, isn't it? He explained that he would rather stay with his Federation associates than live on the station, which would soon be under the command of Gul Dukat once more.