Darren Moore as Orlando (season 7): A Level 12 Disciple banished to Skyring for breaking the commandment that he take a day of rest. Chris Shields as Sergeant David Miller (season 2–4): A sergeant in the Ark Guard and the father of Nathan Miller of the 100. Murphy and Emori both survive due to their Nightblood, though it takes Emori longer to recover than it does Murphy. The bombing was made possible because Bellamy trusted Echo, the Grounder he saved in the previous season in Mt Weather. If you don't do that, you're going to struggle. However, Bellamy does not Transcend due to his earlier death and the fact that only the living can achieve Transcendence. This, in addition to his mother's influence and death, affect his later actions of seeking peaceful and compromising solutions when governing his people after arriving on Earth. in the City of Light on a manifestation of the space station Polaris. [29] On September 30, 2018, Bellamy caught his first touchdown of the season in the 48–10 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Gabriel, Echo and Hope later realize that the Disciples are not Eligius descendants but instead came directly from Earth through the Anomaly. He is recognised for his eccentric stage persona, wide tenor vocal range and virtuoso abilities on the piano and guitar. However, Diyoza and Octavia were eventually captured by the Disciples, leaving Hope alone for some time. Bellamy's experiences on Etherea cause him to devote himself to the Disciple cause and betray his friends when he returns to Bardo. In the Bears' playoff defeat to the Philadelphia Eagles, he recorded a 34-yard catch that set up the Bears' lone offensive touchdown of the game. Though Raven Transcends as well, she joins Clarke's friends in choosing to return to human form to live out their lives on Earth. Bellamy is presumed dead by everyone else, driving Echo into a genocidal grief and rage against the Disciples. She finally forgives Bellamy for Lincoln's death after he opened the bunker realizing that he would put his own life in danger just to save her and the Grounders. Raven reluctantly helps Abby, not wanting Abby's death on her conscience from an ill-advised spacewalk of her own, but awakens Indra to help with the situation. This transforms her into a strong but personally troubled heroine in the series, as she continues to struggle to reunify humankind by maintaining the uneasy peace between the Arkers and some of the Grounders, and between groups among her own people. Clarke destroys A.L.I.E. After humanity achieves Transcendence, Hope chooses to return to human form to live out the rest of her days on Earth with her friends and Jordan. Portrayed by Richard Harmon, John Murphy (seasons 3–7; recurring seasons 1–2) starts out as one of Bellamy's men and is generally disliked by the group due to his reputation of being a troublemaker and career criminal, making him one of the few members to actually have committed felonies and not petty misdemeanors. He kills himself in order to prevent Ontari from becoming the new Commander. After learning that Clarke Griffin was the host of the once again resurrected Josephine, Gabriel worked with Octavia and Bellamy to save their friend and was reunited with Josephine for the first time in decades. Echo later tries to commit genocide on the Disciples in revenge, but is stopped by her friends. It only became more complicated once Abby and the rest of the people from the Ark joined the 100 on Earth, as they were both the leaders of their respective groups of people. Gabriel intended to die with his elderly host, but Eduardo, a loyal follower who was unwilling to let him go, resurrected Gabriel against his wishes in the body of Xavier, a free-born Nightblood amongst the Children of Gabriel. However, under the influence of the Dark Commander, Clarke's adopted daughter Madi began slaughtering Primes and Josephine was unwilling to give up Clarke's body, instead desiring to get rid of Clarke for good and keep her body. In 2156, Shaw piloted the transport craft Gagarin and lands Diyoza with a party of prisoners in the Shallow Valley, which is apparently the only habitable place left after the radiation wave Praimfaya in the fourth-season finale. With no other choice, Gabriel, Echo and Hope are forced to wait five years for the Disciples to return for Orlando. She later betrays him and helps act out a plan that led to the destruction of Mount Weather. He supports Ontari as the new Commander and attempts to track down Clarke who has escaped with the Flame. Callie is first seen talking to the people on The Ark about the 100 going down to Earth. The Judge comments that while Abby is not Raven's mother, her opinion and judgment of Raven matters more to the young woman than that of her own biological mother. In the present, Hope reveals that she had only tagged Octavia with a locator tag so that she would be pulled through the Anomaly again and she is still alive. She saves Bellamy's life, which leads him to trust her and he helps her escape. Before leaving, Levitt tattoos Hope's biometric code on Octavia's back so she can pull the young woman back to Sanctum later which is why Hope had appeared at the end of the sixth season. The Grounders are descendants of humans who survived the nuclear apocalypse 97 years ago, due to their enhanced tolerance to nuclear radiation. Kaylee killed Josephine six years prior to the arrival of the people of Earth in retaliation for Isaac's murder and framed Josephine's murder as an accident. [20] In 2009, he appeared as Charles Darwin in Creation, starring opposite wife Jennifer Connelly. [4] However, their fortunes improved when, after qualifying 21st at the German Grand Prix, again the fastest non-turbocharged car, Alliot finished sixth despite an engine management problem, thus scoring Larrousse's first World Championship point. [35], Bellamy was placed on the reserve/physically unable to perform list on May 5, 2020, ending his 2020 season. He has also played for Washington Redskins, Chicago Bears, and New York Jets. In the series finale, Indra kills Sheidheda by blowing up Russell's host body with a sonic cannon. Carlo Marks as Cillian (season 6): A Sanctum doctor who is secretly a spy for the Children of Gabriel. In "A Sort of Homecoming", Gabriel is stabbed several times while defending Madi from Sheidheda. In 1949, Bellamy starred in the television noir private eye series Man Against Crime (also known as Follow That Man) on the DuMont Television Network; initially telecast live in its earliest seasons, the program lasted until 1956 and was simulcast for a season on Dumont and NBC, and ran on CBS during a different year. However, his and Marcus' friendship with the Griffins deteriorates after Jake's death and Clarke's subsequent arrest but he manages to maintain his friendship with Abby. Afterwards, Nelson appears to become the group's leader or spokesperson and pushes for the execution of Russell Lightbourne. Indra promises to kill Sheidheda herself when the time comes and has Russell's Mind Drive painfully removed by Eric Jackson so that the Dark Commander can not be resurrected again when he dies. Brave and intelligent, Raven leads the camp in setting up communications and making bombs. On Bardo, the three manage to rescue Octavia from the Disciples' memory capture machine, only to learn that Bellamy had been apparently killed a week before trying to rescue his sister himself. Kamran Fulleylove as Dev (season 7): A Level 7 Disciple who is banished to Skyring for ten years as an unbeliever. Along with the rest of her family, Kaylee tries to flee Sanctum by stealing. Once discovered, some of the detainees discriminate against her for being a second child and thus an outcast to the Ark's dystopian society. He had roles in the television productions Killer Net and Coming Home, during which he met and dated Emily Mortimer. After Indra kills Sheidheda, Octavia is able to talk both sides down. After taking a closer look at the logs, Jordan comes to believe that the Bardoan language is structured similar to the Korean language which Jordan learned from his father and as a result, the Disciples may have mistranslated the message. When Bellamy leads a mission to try to rescue the missing 48, David joins Abby in aiding their escape, giving Bellamy a gun and asking Bellamy to look for his son. As the Dark Commander revels in his resurrection, Clarke announces that "Russell" will be executed for his crimes the next day. [2], As a non-turbocharged car, Larrousse and the LC87 were eligible for a subsidiary championship for normally-aspirated cars, the Colin Chapman Trophy. Though nearly successful, Clarke knocked Russell unconscious instead. John Murphy takes command of the survivors to hide out and prepare to fight the Dark Commander's new reign. After rescuing Diyoza, the group encounters Levitt, now working as a, Alex Barima as Kwame (season 7): A young Disciple who trains alongside Hope Diyoza, Charmaine Diyoza and Octavia Blake when they join the Disciples. However, due to moral concerns, Gabriel eventually abandoned the Primes to form the militant group known as the Children of Gabriel. The prisoners have been released to help build a new compound on Sanctum for everyone to live in. After the events in the City of Light she blames Skaikru for all the casualties and demands for Clarke's execution.