| Doesn’t know where to find the bus to Jalalabad. * 2. For example, throughout “Escape from Afghanistan,” the author uses a formal tone that conveys both seriousness and dra-ma. I was not allowed out in the open air. After that was a village named Kashkinakhod. How do Amir and Hassan prepare for the kite tournament? The name of the shrine was Yakahak. I saw a guard tower which I avoided. A comprehensive database of afghanistan quizzes online, test your knowledge with afghanistan quiz questions. Example We enjoyed exploring the gorges near my uncle’s ranch. “Escape from Afghanistan” By Farah Ahmedi with Tamim Ansary A. What makes Hassan an excellent kite runner? When I reached Kandahar, I got out of the bus at Sarpuza. Make sure that you write in complete sentences! His brother and nephew own a gas station in Texas. This is an extract from Behind the Burka by Sulima and Hala, as told to Batya Swift Yasgur, published by John Wiley on Thursday. Where are they planning to go? They also believed, and still to this day believe, that I was a CIA Agent. The guards were not letting anyone through the gates. How might he describe Amir? Similarities| Differences| They’re in AfghanistanBoth of them are looking for something. Our online afghanistan trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top afghanistan quizzes. Question 1 . PGSD cannot be responsible for the content or accuracy of external link sites referenced on the District's web pages. afghanistan a question and answer book questions and answers countries Sep 04, 2020 Posted By Jin Yong Public Library TEXT ID 070e8a89 Online PDF Ebook Epub Library requirements for taking some of the top war quizzes merchant of venice workbook questions and answers icse class 10 9 english merchant of venice is one of the most answer choices . After Lashkar Gah, the villages are first Sirkar, then Khoshkawa, then Nahur Siraj, then Durayi, then Khakeachopan, then Malang Kariz, then Kashkinakhod, then Houze Madut, then Pashmul, then Saripul, then Miraws Nika, then Sarpuza, then Dand, then Kandahar. No one has time to read them all, but it’s important to go over them at least briefly. 7 0 obj His name is Aziz Ahmed. In Gereshk, I found a shrine to a famous man who had died. Conclusion History This is the route Farah took to Pakistan. 2. I was afraid, but thereafter the dog ignored me and loped away. After escaping from jail, I crawled in the Helmand River on my hands and knees for a few miles until the path I was on came out of the river and I was crawling behind a row of houses next to the river. I turned left and was in the new prison (but it did not look at all new to me). * The kite runners go runs after the kite after it has been cut by the kite fighter. Word: coveted Meaning: very much desired Example: a lot of money Synonym: envy, begrudge Sentence: The winning trophy was very much coveted by the soccer players. x��[I����W �t��Nc��,�J,U�'��s�8�!.c����%rM�]��9Ur�\e}��[�6����Yr{����� �� r `;�t�q���g#{ ���z?����w����N�=p4w��/w�OWn4#�\��x��#�֐�������LX/ ��՟�xA�X�����H����X #���ۻ���Z%�þ�R(���gj�@8��[�7�Z2EV��z�_i�$��V��8�e��q��ع#�|�RYB�8�ū���qs�>��|��0�b��#酀��]�W�m�D�� Who did Farah and her mother meet that helped them get across the border? Most of them were from Helmand or Gereshk, Afghanistan and had been present during the time of these events and had seen me there, but had been small children at the time. Vocabulary 1. I took a ride in a rickety old Afghan bus. Why must Ahmedi and her mother escape from Afghanistan? afghanistan a question and answer book questions and answers countries Sep 05, 2020. When did her mom's cousin's relatives get out of Afghanistan? His name is Abdul Majid Sarbaland. The name of that truck stop was Yak Chal, so named because it is a cold place. Is it a harmful snake? What is a biography? Another bus station. She lost her husband. You stand at the side of the road and people pull over and offer you rides. One of them is named Syed Hangul or Syed Mir Iqbal. What do we learn Farah has that's different? Analyze a narrator is the person who tells a story, usually from his or her own point of view. 7. Summary In conclusion, Farah goes through some rough experiences. They take it for granted that the snake is poisonous and harmful. She overcomes it by paying attention to her mother’s asthma and taking care of her. stream I escaped from Nazarat Khana, which was not actually a prison but essentially a police station in Lashkar Gah. Synthesize What conflicts that Ahmedi faces result from the historical situation in Afghanistan at the time? They’re two women in a male world. * That Amir’s father treats Hassan equally as he does and that makes him jealous that he does not get his father’s full attention. When Farah and her mother got to the gate, what was going on? Explain How does Amir’s Conflict with Hassan reflect the historical context of the period? vocabulary Check 5. Abhor * Hate; loathe Literary Focus Literary Analysis 8. What troubles Amir in his relationship with Hassan? freebooksummary.com © 2016 - 2020 All Rights Reserved. 72 per cent, or seven out of ten of the people surveyed who have returned back to Afghanistan after living as refugees abroad have been displaced … PS My Afghan friends all think that I faked my girlfriend Kayo's birth certificate to make her appear to be 35 to get her into the country. Word: chide Meaning: to scold mildly Example: you scold bad behavior. PGSD is committed to ensuring that all material on its website is accessible to students, faculty, staff and the general public. Where did they go after they got off at Jalalabad? Word: clamor Meaning: loud uproar Example: screaming for help Synonym: express, verbalize, utter Sentence: The clamor of the community could be heard from miles away. Answer: The snake is trying to escape from the pursuing stick. Fill in each word where it best fits the context. Now that American forces are in Mazar-i-Sharif, they will naturally be interested in visiting the "khaima" there, American Airlines Flight from JFK Airport has crashed into Rockaway Park, Gunmen Kill Relative of Slain Afghan President Najibullah, Richardson to Visit Afghanistan to Support Talks, Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), Order "The Slave Children of Thomas Jefferson" from Barnes and Noble. Afghanistan Trivia Questions & Answers : Asia This category is for questions and answers related to Afghanistan, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com.. Where were vans offering rides to in the other side of the gate? So it's tougher for them to travel. How might this novel excerpt have been told differently if Hassan were the narrator? * Escape from Afghanistan Questions Reading Focus Quick Check 1. We are all Afghans.". How do I borrow books from another library? * Literary Kills Review: Narrator 11. Why did they Farah need to get across the border? There was a pot of water in the shrine and I drank from it. The next village was Melangkaras where there was a well. More than 100,000 Afghan soldiers and police participate in a basic literacy program, while several countries are funding a $200 million basic literacy program for Afghanistan as a … http://www.samsloan.com/escape.htm. * Farah’s mother’s asthma. Later, I made a serious mistake which almost cost me my life, because it was clear that they would likely have killed me if they caught me. Integrity * Honesty; trustworthiness.. Kandahar Jail, to which I never went, was in Sarpuza. And then she was caught. I wanted to get all of these place names correct, because people keep telling me that they should make a movie about this and it would be best to film it on location where these events actually took place. How might he describe Amir? 26 Questions Show answers. Hala was eventually granted asylum and lives with Sulima in the US. Here she gives a gripping account of her escape from Afghanistan and her suffering at the hands of US immigration officials. As far as I was concerned, the real Koti Kulf was behind me where high level political prisoners, such as ministers of former governments, were kept in solitary confinement. Other villages up the road between Lashkar Gah and Gereshk I avoided by walking far out into a desert named Dasht-e-Sarkar. 6. Visited with wife and her siblings and their spouses while we were all visiting the Branson area Answers to escape from plot mountain. Escape from Afghanistan FARAH AHMEDI Tone is the author’s attitude toward his or her subject matter or audience. Name three challenges the narrator and her mother experience on their journey. The road there goes from half way between Kandahar and Gereshk to Lashkar Gah. Analyze What character traits does Ahmedi display in this selection? I walked through Kandahar, avoiding any contact or conversation with people and continued five miles beyond the other side of Kandahar, where I caught a bus at Manzil Baugh. The sides of the _____ were rocky and steep. Lewane means "madman" in Pashtu. 30 seconds . Online PDF Ebook Epub Library. Where did Farrah Ahmedi live at the beginning of the story? What about the Hazara of Central Afghanistan? Question 2. Coveted * Very much desired. Read with a Purpose 3. The name of the desert is Dasht-e-Kartelegan. Malang is a Muslim mendicent. New questions in English Please Answer! A story of a person's life written by that person. how does religion play apart in Escape from afghanistan when dealing with hardships? modality class. There was also a big dog that barked at me. The police said in the Afghan language, "We are looking for a foreigner" but the passengers on the bus waved them away saying "There are no foreigners (haraji) here. Her mother's cousin, who lived in Quetta. She loses her leg during a landmine and her mother suffers with asthma. The next village after Lewanekaram was Kartelegan. She overcomes it by having a motivation and determination to escape from Afghanistan and get to Pakistan. Q. Analyze a narrator is the person who tells a story, usually from his or her own point of view. Why must Ahmedi and her mother escape from Afghanistan? The word "tor" in Pashtu means "black" and "tan" is tank. What do you think she means? By continuing we’ll assume you board with our, The whole doc is available only for registered users. Answer Keys Click on the file name to access the file: If you have difficulty accessing the Google doc via the link, you may download the appropriate PDF file attached to the bottom of this page. If you experience difficulty with the accessibility of any web pages or documents, please request materials in an alternate format. What did Farah and her mom eventually do? So her and her mom could get a ride from Pakistan to Peshawar, and then from Peshawar to Quetta. need help pleaseas a senior high school student, enumerate your stresses in your modular distance learning. 6. The sides of the _____ were rocky and steep. Word: bazaar Meaning: market place; sale to benefit a charity Example: china town; in the carnivals Synonym: marketplace, affair, emporium Sentence: My neighbor and I like to go to bazaars in the carnivals. The village which I passed on the bus after Durayi was Khakeachopan, which is at a high place behind the checkpost. What were Farah and her mother's feeling on this? Chide * To scold or find fault Literary Focus Literary Analysis 8. How do they overcome each of the challenges? *. Word: abhor Meaning: strongly hate Example: liars Synonym: loathe, hate, detest Sentence: I abhor when I get yelled to do something. How are the two boys alike?