for us on Calvary can be obtained by faith— by Christ’s atonement, according to Isaiah 53:4–5 In … This may be an indication of the enemy's direct involvement. Fortunately, it is not necessary to know if a spirit is oppressing you. Everything Jesus purchased not realize it. It draws its power from all of the deeply cherished (false) beliefs and (unchristian) coping strategies we developed along the way with the enemy's help. Are you living with any present day problems as the result of the sins of your family? Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Breaking Generational Curses & Pulling Down Strongholds. A second problem arises whenever we 'hear' ourselves thinking: 'I just don't see how God's truth can be right about this situation.' I want us to think about this in terms of the power of community. Psalm 18:2. overcome. Wholly & Soley led by the Holy Spirit. His ways and His thoughts really are higher than ours. Our Life Groups are meeting on the dates below – scroll down to find yours. devil and all the powers of darkness! own sin is often the open door that allows Satan to If you are wondering which is which, then know that believing from the new heart always produces life and peace in any moment; believing out of the old heart's strongholds doesn't. Breaking Generational Curses & Pulling Down Strongholds by Vito Rallo Excerpt from the book: Chapter One No One Is Exempt! Thoughts begin as seeds but, if unchecked, can become as firmly rooted as trees. In Breaking the Strongholds of Iniquity, you will learn how to: Recognize the “mystery of iniquity” operating in your life. The truth is that you can feel incredibly good about yourself whenever you choose by a living faith to get your eyes off yourself and back on to the One who remains steadfast at loving you and patiently leads you step-by-step whenever you trust Him enough to do it. authority and break each of them one at a time by the on how to keep from coming under curses! Evil spirits are very stubborn, not easily giving way to truth and to the exercise of our wills to resist them. CURSES—WHAT A STRONG WORD! Generational sin patterns that left gaping holes in our covering and the unhealed wounds of traumatic events often cause strongholds to form. Never rely upon your feelings to declare the truth! Community is very powerful, and God puts great emphasis on community and generations. To counter this we need to wake up and realize that our feelings are lying to us. The sooner you deal with it, the less Protestant Reformers called this 'works righteousness' - tying to advance our cause by our own works. It is very comforting to know that the new heart we have received is entirely good. All 24 lessons will be helpful to the person seeking restoration and freedom. the fullness of the Spirit (allowing the Holy Spirit to They rise up and resist the Spirit-given life. Can you identify any temptations that have no origin in your family, but seem to spring out of the blue? and rightly so! However as we will see today, we must evermore learn to embrace our new calling into the family of God by His working through Jesus Christ and not by our efforts. entrenched it will become, and the easier it will be to The temptation when encountering those generational strongholds is to depart from God’s grace and turn again to our own abilities so as to fix that which we find broken. These become the wellspring for our negative emotions, for any emotion is merely the passionate expression of a deeply held belief. That's quite a list! Father, I have lived inside the walls of my strongholds for so long they have become a part of me, but I do want to find out what life in Your Kingdom is like on the other side of these walls. Born-again While it is true that the The enemy creates counterfeit strongholds in our flesh. all these curses were broken over your life at the First, however, we will have to study what strongholds are, how they are formed and how they can be brought down. 12:1–11) and victory over the world, the flesh, the If we Through unwillingness to forgive, the evil one gains a foothold—gains ground, a place, or a spot from which to make further advances into his target’s thought processes and actions. Tell that to your doubts and fears! Remove the spiritual roots of iniquity in your generational bloodline. In fact the more powerful the negative feeling is, the greater our belief still is in the lie that is at its core. The stronghold is fortified by false beliefs which we are to pull down by carrying those thoughts captive to Christ, once the hidden lie has been exposed by the truth of God's Word. We call it perfectionism and performance orientation. and 1 Peter 2:24. Another way of picturing these strongholds of the flesh is like having your arm gripped by someone dragging you along with them against your will. We pass down a lot of things to our kids, but unfortunately, they’ve also inherited a sin nature from us as well. (iStock photo )Editor's Note: As the end of 2018 approaches, Charisma is looking back at the major events of the year, from Billy Graham's death to sexual assault stories to wildfires to the historic North Korea summit and everything in between. We are literally wrestling within ourselves at times over which belief system to believe - the one that comes with Jesus or the one that we lived by apart from His leadership. The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. Your identity is in Christ. Habits are thoughts or actions repeated so often over time that no conscious thought is required for them to take place. Let the Holy Spirit show you what sins to confess and what false beliefs to renounce, then choose to submit to God and His truth. Jesus is our true stronghold - the Rock that we run to when threatened by sin or danger, our new shield of protection against the enemy's encroachments. All Rights Reserved. | John Ramirez Ministries, Survivors reveal how Christians are tortured and shot for their faith in North Korea, John Ramirez: Take It from Someone Who Used to Talk to Satan – Halloween Is a Bad Idea. We are held captive by our own walls, and these walls also keep others from leading us out. Like the keep of a medieval castle it is well-fortified. applying the blood and claiming the healing effected They are also available in our Store as an ebook, a 176 page workbook and as CD and DVD sets of 24, 1/2 hour teachings. Strongholds take advantage of the enemy's great lie that you can never really feel good about yourself or be at peace within yourself unless everything is going your way and the people you care about are all affirming you. Genuine submission to God undercuts the evil spirit's right to remain, and determined rebuking makes them flee. This is the real 'battlefield' of the course where we will explore the major emotional strongholds that disconnect us from the peace of Christ and all too often hold us captive to stress (as anxiety) or distress (as depression). any curses in your life, you need to do your part—take You can at least understand this: He loves you, He is not lying to you and He will never fail you. STRONGHOLDS: Don't just give these truths a 'head bob' - take our free eCourse for Healing. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated on the latest insights. Application: Read the rest of this article by taking our free   eCourse or look it up in the Downloads section (Strongholds). We are told in Proverbs to get understanding, but not to lean upon it. However as we will see today, we must evermore learn to embrace our new calling into the family of God by His working through Jesus Christ and not by our efforts. includes much more. Step 2 Briefly introduce self (i.e. This requires diligence, especially in the beginning. I ask you to help me take all of my strongholds down, untruth by untruth, and rebuild with Your truths the godly walls of love and mercy, faith and grace around the renewed heart You are giving me through Jesus. If you recognize a curse that is controlling your Stemming from this kind of thinking we may find ourselves living under an inner demand to: a) never goof up, b) never get rejected and c) always be capable of solving problems (a) and (b) if they do occur. How…. Either way it's a snare of the enemy. CURSES—WHAT A STRONG WORD! Stronghold thinking is 'stinking thinking!' Strongholds are habit structures of thought. recovered. Send, allow, withhold - do whatever it takes so that our two hearts can meet and beat as one in this life. live under them, and, more often than not, they do Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Here's 13 demonic strongholds that can bind your spiritual life. 5:22–23), the gifts of the Spirit (according to 1 Cor. Our continuing agreement with them keeps them built up, strengthening the grip upon us of the negative emotions which they engender. Clearly, everyone can be subject to a These contrasting legacies provide an example of what some call the five-generation rule. The Bible clearly gives us instructions The enemy gains a strong hold upon our flesh in areas where we have repeatedly given our beliefs and actions over to his twisted words and ways. Yes, as if the new life weren't complicated enough, we now have to deal with the reality of having 'two hearts' in one believer. Self-protectiveness built them and maintains them, aided by the lies and temptations of the enemy. transgress God’s laws, even after being born again, Wholly & Soley led by Jesus Christ. Find freedom and deliverance by approaching Jesus as the Righteous Judge. What a formula for disaster that is! Curses find a cause. The spiritual strongholds we will explore are generational sin, unbelief, accusation, bitterness, trauma, rejection, self-rejection, envy, the occult, fear and addictions.