Avoid all conflicts of interest between work and personal affairs. No payment on behalf of the Company may be approved or made with the intention, understanding or awareness that any part of the payment is to be used for any purpose other than that described by the documents supporting the payments. The Company also may communicate with its employees, to the extent permitted by law, concerning policies, proposals and legislative updates regarding issues of interest to the Company and its employees. Agreements with competitors to curtail advertising or to advertise in certain ways could constitute antitrust violations. We comprehend the fact that majority of import firms in are active in sourcing distinct ranges of products including raw materials, machinery and consumer goods etc. If there is insufficient evidence of a legal, Code or Company policy violation, the investigation may be closed without notification to the individual. United States law also prohibits bribery of foreign as well as domestic government officials. In certain instances an individual may be terminated without prior notice of an alleged violation if in the Company’s discretion such action is necessary. All receipts and disbursements must be fully and accurately described on the books and records of the Company and must be supported by appropriate documentation properly describing the purposes thereof. In addition, you should read and understand the detailed policies maintained on the Company’s intranet site. If you have any questions concerning the appropriateness of any proposed advertisements, brochures or other promotional materials you should consult the Compliance Committee or the Legal Department before publishing or disseminating the materials. Your SAP code/Partner code; SUBMIT. Such conduct is not only against Company policy, but may also be illegal. Exide complies with all laws and regulations concerning the use of Company funds, assets, facilities or services to support political parties or candidates and complies with all campaign finance and political ethics laws. You should take care not to have conversations concerning confidential matters in public areas, such as on an airplane, in an elevator, or on a public telephone, where they can be overheard. A person suspected of such violation can be suspended with or without pay while the investigation is conducted. The Company owns and uses patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets. The Company is committed to equal employment opportunity. The Environment, Health & Safety Department sets policy and provides guidance to each facility manager and other personnel to attain and maintain compliance. Antitrust and trade laws are intended to preserve and promote fair and open competition. These laws generally forbid (i) agreements among competitors that fix prices or terms of competition or otherwise unreasonably restrict competition, and (ii) exclusionary conduct by a firm with monopoly power or a dangerous probability of obtaining market power. Copyright 2011-2020 Vihaan Web Solution Pvt Ltd - All Rights Reserved, https://cdn.couponzguru.com/wp-content/uploads/20200607213212/Exide-coupon-codes.jpg, Flat Rs.161 Off On Exide Battery For Bike Now At Rs.1,090, Exide Batteries Starting At Rs.900 Onwards. Failure to comply with this and other, similar laws could result in legal liability both for the individual(s) involved and for the Company. Now Avail Rs.161 Off On Exide Battery For Bike At Amazon. The following are examples of conduct that may result in discipline: The Company will follow whatever procedures and take whatever disciplinary action it deems necessary under the particular circumstances. No Coupon Code Required. Exide employees who are responsible for preparing and reviewing reports and other documents filed with or submitted to regulators and others and press releases and other public communications must strive to provide full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure in such materials. Remove battery vent caps if fitted and check battery fluid level which should be 12mm above plates. Our Compliance Committee will regularly report to our Board of Directors or its designated committee waivers that have been granted to employees. A conflict of interest may also arise when an employee or agent of the Company, a member of his or her family, or an individual with whom he or she has a close personal relationship, either directly or indirectly through another person, firm or entity, has a financial or other interest which might influence the individual’s judgment on behalf of the Company.