/ Game Birds, © 1998-2020 Murray McMurray Hatchery * Flight ready birds available year round for dog training. Browse through available exotic birds for sale by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. More information about our pheasant chicks will be available within our brochure soon. Interested in our FREE Order Brochure, have questions or just want to chat! Your email address appears to be invalid. It is written by one of England's foremost rearers of both Grey and Red-legged partridges, and describes breeding pens, egg collection, incubation and hatching. Interested in our FREE Order Brochure, have questions or just want to chat! I would highly recommend Blue Ribbon Game Birds to anyone that is looking to supply birds for their club or game preserve. A comprehensive book about rearing and releasing partridges in the UK. 585-993-4255 Aimed towards the "amateur trainer", who wants to enjoy the sport of hunting with a gun dog. –Augie Tantalo, Palmyra Hunt Club, Inc. We've had the pleasure of doing business with Jason & Linda of Blue Ribbon Game Birds for several years. They're healthy, beautiful birds that perform like no other! –Roxane & Dana Poray, Fetherquest Shooting Preserve, I have used Blue Ribbon Game Birds as my bird supplier now for many years for the sole reason that the birds are the nicest, fastest flying birds that I have ever seen. This excellent reference book is put out by Clemson University and covers everything needed to know in raising Bobwhites for commercial purposes. You see Jason doesn't just raise pheasants, he fosters the continuation of a great sporting tradition. The pheasants we receive are outstanding! More information about our chukar partridge is available within our brochure. We always promise our hunters the best birds, and the best game birds available regardless of the time of year or weather can be found at Blue Ribbon Game Birds. **FLIGHT BIRDS ARE READY YEAR ROUND FOR DOG TRAINING. | Privacy Policy We look forward to receive these outstanding pheasants for years to come! The birds always arrive healthy and ready to fly. In some countries eating them is a delicacy. Delivery Available. We supply not only Soft Bills, Finches, Parakeets, Canaries and European Finches but also look to source birds to order on special request. Enter your phone number and click the button. They not only raise quality game birds but they are very accommodating! CONTACT ME. Blue Ribbon Game Birds & Blue Ribbon Game Farm, Producer of Quality Pheasants & Gamebirds. Informative booklet provides you with basic facts about training dogs with the Coturnix quail. CaliforniaHatchery.com has an excellent selection of game birds for sale!Weather your a game bird hunter or you're just looking for some game birds for your backyard, we've got you covered! –Bob Witzel, Pheasant Heaven. They’re looking great and performing to our “Blue Ribbon Quality” our clients deserve. Started Birds(Pheasants & Chukars) are available on request and will be ready for pick up or delivery from June to July. There is not a better scene than to scare up a covey of quail or bust a big ringneck rooster wild sauntering through the fields. Fill out a Comment Form Our birds breed year round so we frequently have babies hatching and being raised. All of our adult birds are flight ready, our flight pens sizes are 50ft x 350ft so the birds don’t know that they’re not wild. Blue Ribbon Chukar Partridge are elusive, and fast flying game birds. Bird and Parrot classifieds. Palmyra Hunt Club has been in existence for over sixty years & for the past ten years Blue Ribbon Game Birds has been our pheasant supplier. All of Jason's deliveries are on time, and we haven't had one complaint. Valone, Pheasants on the Flats, Simply put, Blue Ribbon Game Birds cannot be beat! It's not unheard of that a flock of Pheasants adopt a lost or abandoned Chicken. I witness the smiles all season long of both young and old as they bask in the joy of the moments his pheasants provide. Please check back often for current game animals for live sale as well as other info! | All Rights Reserved Limited supply available by request. –J.J. Parma, ID 83660 Jason Tomporowski and his Blue Ribbon Game Birds are just that!