Red Bull is one of the world’s best-known brands with a very well-defined image and it was always going to be the same. Racing Point have launched their 2020 car in a spectacular environment. However before the winter testing, come the car launches. To make matters worse, the livery it’s replaced was, in my opinion, one of the best of all-time. The best car setups for F1 2020, F1 2019. This is a break away from the traditional blue and silver colour scheme, but it has been implemented well. The 2020 grid has a lot of similarities to last year, with most teams opting for subtle livery changes – some with more success than others. At all. The glossiness of all the black areas just makes the car look so mean; the whole thing exudes aggression. One thing to note is that this car is looking a little naked of sponsorship so far. The old Toro Rosso team have morphed in to Alpha Tauri in a bold statement. READ MORE – F1 2020 Game Release Date & Latest News. It is hard. Maybe you’re shocked to see this so low, maybe you’re not. Your email address will not be published. All F1, Formula 1, FIA & FIA Formula One World Championship logos are trademarks of Formula One Licensing B.V. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Its totally copy paste installation. #DrivenByEachOther, — Mercedes-AMG F1 (@MercedesAMGF1) February 16, 2020. And all teams have unveiled a variation of their challenger for the coming year. The blue/white gradient from 2019 divided fans, with some really liking it and many hating it. Love the new Alpha Tauri livery. Looking on track! It’s not bad, but it the 2020 car isn’t going to look as good as it had in previous years – or so we thought…. Jump To This article was originally published on 25 February 2020 and updated on 29 June 2020 to reflect the new liveries for Williams and Mercedes. Required fields are marked *. The way the subtle amount of turquoise pops is just magic, and the red flashes works way better that it did on the old silver one. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We’ve also been blessed with a couple of special testing liveries to throw into the mix. We’ve also been blessed with a couple of special testing liveries to throw into the mix. This has stayed in 2020, and we are happy to see it again. This is a stunning livery, especially when seen in person as the orange stands out well. It’s still a pretty decent-looking car, and the only reason I’ve put it so low down is simply that I think other cars look better. It just seems like no thought has been put into the design of it whatsoever I’m really missing the blue of SportPesa, which worked really well on last year’s car. F1 2020. Into the fourth year of pink cars from the team and unfortunately, this is the worst of the lot. They did the same last year, and have done it again in 2020. Another year, another slight variation on the same theme from Mercedes.Another year, another slight variation on the same theme from Mercedes. But it only works in the studio shots. Hello guys. McLaren are lucky enough to have two of the best young drivers on the grid, and will be an exciting team to watch this year. F1, FORMULA ONE, FORMULA 1, FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, GRAND PRIX and related marks are trade marks of Formula One Licensing B.V.. They have gone with a continuation of the “Pink Panther” theme and have increased the involvement of major sponsor BWT. It was a gem when we first saw this livery in 2019 and its a gem now. However this white and black car looks equally as good, if not better. All Launch Photos and Liveries Are Below This Poll. It is our favourite Red Bull livery from the past ten years, and is much bolder than the pearlescent purple liveries of the Vettel era. We’re still loving the matte red with black accents that we first saw last year, when I ranked it as the second-best livery on the grid. READ MORE – F1 2020 Game Release Date & Latest News. Racing Point owner Lawrence Stroll purchased 16.7% of the British manufacturer and will transition his existing F1 team in to Aston Martin. Though the team has never come up with outstanding liveries they’ve at least always looked smart, but the addition of the red accents kinda spoiled it a bit. Now that the official winter testing has started, Alfa have revealed their 2020 challenger, and it looks very similar to last years car. F1 2020 Car Setups; F1 2020 Tracks List; F1 2019. A quick note to the community - If everyone that downloads this could "like" and leave a quick comment, even if it is just a "thanks" as it really motivates me to continue improving and making new mods. This is the first version of the FOM/MyTeam car 3D model for photoshop. But on track, unfortunately, it just looks like a white car. The car itself is a bold new look rather than an evolution of their previous livery and is a welcomed change. All Of The 2020 F1 Car Liveries, Ranked From Worst To Best [Updated] Formula 1. See below.