Such a scenario constitutes an unacceptably high risk. Feb 16/11: Deception? Lucky for me somebody with more money already had that dream, and they made it happen with one of the best used engines available. GE could still exit the fighter engine business, but it won’t happen soon. In reponse to renewed Pentagon efforts to cancel the F136, Rep. Steve Driehaus [D-OH-1] sends a bipartisan letter with 24 House signatures, including House Minority Leader Rep. John Boenher’s [R-OH-8], to President Obama. This resulted in higher power, torque, and redline figures. In the face of Presidential veto threats, the US House of Representatives passes H.R. We love the Celica. Sept 15/10: Politics. Don’t gamble – do a reseal. Contractor officials told us that funding stability, engine affordability, and testing issues are key concerns… [But GAO reiterates its past findings that the alternate engine program makes financial sense overall]. Unfortunately the situation on the ground was even worse… reliability was a fraction of the requirement… our maintainers made herculean efforts to keep our F-16s in the air. March 19/10: GAO Report. Not to mention that it would mean you have to do a lot of testing twice. The F136 engine family has won a total of 8 awards in the International Engine of the Year competition. Excerpts: “The F135 primary engine development effort – a separate contract from the airframe development effort – is now estimated to cost about $7.3 billion, a 50 percent increase over the original contract award. Inspect bearings, bushings, and overall cosmetics to get an idea of whether the previous owners took care of things. US DoD | Rep. McKeon | Australian Aviation | Aviation Week | Bloomberg | Boston Herald | Flight International | DoD Buzz | Gannett’s Air Force Times | Lancanshire Telegraph | Reuters. Engine #008 was shut down in a controlled manner. That investigation later reveals that the problem was specific to engine #008, and is not shared by other F136 engines. One is that the F135’s derivation from the F-22A Raptor’s extensively-tested F119 engine reduces its development risks. Rep. Roscoe Bartlett [R-MD-6], chair of the House Armed Services Tactical Air and Land Forces subcommittee, has some pointed questions for SecDef Gates about a memo circulating on Capitol Hill, which says it was prepared by the Department of Defense, containing statements that seem to be untrue, which was not sent to House Armed Services committee members, and which could conflict with statutes that the Pentagon may not lobby members of Congress. May 20/09: GAO Report. fixed price offer Sept 14/09, April 27/10), giving figures of $1 billion more for development and $800 million to jumpstart early production. This includes the often-daily-driven-by-pretentious-fools Quattroporte, lending credence to its reliability, but if you want the real deal step up and pull one out of a 458. That means you can have this much fun for under 8k –  fabrication included. Because it is a single-engine plane as opposed to dual-engine, if something goes wrong with the engine, it could lead to a system-wide grounding of every aircraft until the problem is identified and fixed–unless there is an alternative available. When you shop for a vehicle, do you purchase the first one you see or do you research pricing first? It’s an example of a swap that simply improves on the experience of the original car without losing the spirit of that which came before. Everyone talks about the larger Cummins used engines, but what about the four-cylinder 4BT? But act fast: Honda only built about 110,000 for you to choose from, and we can already think of 50,000 perfect uses for an F20C. In 1995, the three primes in the competition selected the core of F-22 engine (119) to power the JSF demonstrators during the Program Definition & Risk Reduction Phase (1996-2001). HASC | Bloomberg. Feb 15/11: House votes to kill. Others are going to take the parts off. Something else it hauls is ass, since it has over 300 horsepower and 360 pound-feet of torque bone stock. They remained willing to try, however, which meant that the F136 engine kept requiring resurrection. And if you want to undertake something like this yourself, check out this detailed guide which chronicles how that engine got where it is. The $400 million is being presented as normal post-qualification improvement initiatives, and P&W military engines VP Boley sums up their case with respect to cost overruns so far: “GE says we took a $5 billion development contract and turned it into $7.5 billion,” Boley said, answering a question about cost overruns on Pratt’S SDD contract. If you’re feeling fast and furious you could pull one from a Supra too, but please don’t. With that said, it’s also important that you find out the exclusions or conditions of the warranty. GE says that about 1,200 jobs in its Evendale facility are tied to the F-136 engine. The first thing you’ll want to do is get a service record about the engine or even a CarFax statement which shows you the mileage as recorded by the DMV. After passing in identical form in both the House and Senate, it was introduced to the President to be signed on Dec 29/10, and became Public Law No: 111-383 on Jan 7/11. The team claims that single-digit thrust percentage increases could be accomplished with a software change, and claims that even “double-digit increases are feasible without a major redesign.”. Will this engine or transmission mate together nicely? The Dutch are also involved in F136 production, even as that Tier 2 partner considers alternative platforms like the JAS-39NG. [dead link]. Reuters. Rep. Thomas Rooney [R-FL-16] offers an amendment to H.R. The Lockheed F-16, which currently flies with either P&W’s F100 or GE’s F110 engines, is an illustrative example of how a dual-source engine program can work. The GAO believes that with F-35 schedule slippage and F136 progress, competitive buys could begin within 2 years, instead of in 4, cutting non-competitive buys. Dec 2/11). The subcommittee does not insert funding for the F136 engine – though it criticizes the Pentagon for abandoning the dual engine strategy: “The incongruence of the insistence on canceling the second engine program which has been a near model program and which most analysts expect would curtail long term costs of the entire JSF program with the equal insistence on the need to fully fund the JSF program is hard to rationalize.”. ; F-35B and hence LiftFan placed on probation; F135/136 engines undeliverable at sea? The ultimate reason for ending development, beyond complete Pentagon non-cooperation, could be a business case. Nevertheless, Pentagon acquisition Chief Frank Kendall is saying that “We’re not interested in this point in going back several years and opening up to another competitor.” That has worked before with the F110, but it’s also worth asking if GE and Rolls Royce are still interested after their own cancellation (q.v. For the second year in a row, the USAF removed funding for the GE/RR F136, arguing that killing the F136 would free up $1.8 billion. Further, the F135 engine unit cost has not declined as projected. If we cannot fix this variant during this time frame and get it back on track in terms of performance, cost and schedule, then I believe it should be cancelled. On the other hand, the bill includes repeal of the military’s ban on openly gay members, and a veto must include the entire bill. Competition could also save the Pentagon most of its “Engine Component Improvement Program” funds, as the competitors follow their behaviour with the last F100/F110 engine competition, and invest in their own efforts. That’s thanks to 16 psi of boost from a single 80mm Borg Warner turbo. Air-Land subcommittee chair Adam Smith [D-WA-9]: “Today, the competitive environment created by having dual-sourced engines for the Joint Strike Fighter is estimated to save $1 billion during the next five years, and $20 billion over the life of the program. The conference report is expected to be taken up in the House [on Oct 7/09].”, Looks like Senate Appropriations defense subcommittee chair Sen. Inouye [D-HI] knew what he was doing (q.v. Then there were the potential consequences for the JSF program as a whole. DOD experience with other aircraft engine programs, including the F-16 fighter in the 1980s, has shown competitive pressures can generate financial benefits of up to 20 percent during the life cycle of an engine program and/or improved quality and other benefits. Rolls Royce release. also related GE release. So it’s as important to watch the costs here as it is on everything else.”. It informed the General Electric/Rolls Royce team and Congress that the F136 JSF engine contract has been terminated. Not yet a subscriber? That means someone will have to wreck one and extract its beating heart for you to commit automotive debauchery. ABC News | Cinicinnati Enquirer | WLVT. We simply note that, in our view, these problems bolster the case for a competing alternative engine…, In an August 2009 speech in Fort Worth, you mentioned that the “business case” did not support the alternate engine program. 7) Run all the information by your mechanic. gives me a chance to give something back to the automobile community. A vintage example is the perfect pairing for a 22RE. The full US House Armed Service Committee approves its subcommittee’s markups with respect to the F136 engine, which will become part of its H.R. Take the time to confirm your seller is a legitimate dealer of used motors and cars. Okay, we all know the LS is the king of used engines, but it’s an unspoken rule that if you mention engine swaps you have to mention the LS – so let’s get it over with. Not only could it cost more than you think, but you might be waiting some time for delivery. It will still fall short of the previous plan for 549 LRIP orders by FY 2016/ LRIP-9, however, with only 415 ordered by that time. The DoD announces that it is canceling the contract to build an alternate engine for the F-35 JSF fighter jet. GE holds a local rally, with bipartisan political attendance, in support of its F136 engine. Good luck finding someone who wants to part with one though, because these used truck engins are gems and so are their cars. The conferees also agreed to fully fund the $6 billion requested for procurement of 30 F-35 aircraft, which includes 16 F-35Bs for the Marine Corps and 4 F-35Cs for the Navy and 10 F-35As for the Air Force. Your best bet is to transfer the auto parts from your old motor. If all went well, the first production F136s could be available in 2012. Making it a matter for conference may well ensure that the engine funding has a smoother sail than it would have if Inouye had included it in his bill. The latter has been estimated at up to $100 billion over the F-35’s lifetime for both engine buys and the real kicker – support costs. The 12A, and the more recent fuel-injected models are 13B, are found in any Craigslist Special RX7. When used by Maserati they use a cross plane crank. Simply take that baby out, build it to your heart’s desire, and swap it into any project where engine bay space is on short supply. What you might not know is these workhorses can tow over 10,000 pounds – that’s because they all used engines that last forever. With over 370,000 produced, a Fiero today can be a great platform for one of those shitty Ferrari kits or better yet, a 3800 V6 swap. If you need an occasional parts hauler that doubles as a weekend drift machine, these are a pretty good choice. Sept 14/09: Fixed price? President Obama signs the FY 2010 defense budget into law. A seal clearance in a fan that was set too tight, causing friction. – How about things such as the oil pan, timing covers and valve covers? More Alfa Romeo posts . “I can assure you we are not giving up,” GE Chief Executive Jeff Immelt said in a letter to employees, according to a Reuters report.