For show quality, it should be painted. The high-quality precision engineered luxury FFR 818 comes with all the performance capabilities you would expect from an exotic race car. I have improved this since, but the lines are not perfect. That is 2-5 years your garage will be filled with tools and parts. If you are shipping the hard top, the crate costs $400. The tie rod end and ball joints are also new. Thank you for understanding. 818 Products; 818 Donors; Fuel Injection; Gallery; Contact Us; Welcome to *Pick-ups are free. The picture on the left shows the fender-bumper joint. Pictured below is an aluminum fuel tank built by Boyd welding in Florida. We provide front upper A-arms and four corner KONI coil-over shocks. A FormaCars sales representative will be contacting you. Read our FAQ’s page to get answers to a few questions we get every day here at Factory Five, or delve into our Build Videos where you can follow along as the Factory Five tech guys give step-by-step instructions on building a Factory Five Mk4 Roadster. Plus less work for you! The Factory Five 818 is about handling and driving fun. FormaCars paint and interior work is second to none - people will melt with envy when you drive by. Yes, we offer a 24 month unlimited mileage bumper to bumber warranty with every new vehicle build. The muti-link rear suspension is standard, and the suspension geometry has been optimized for the wheelbase, center of gravity, and weight distribution of the chassis. This group of talented engineers and craftsman make several parts not available from the factory and sell them to other builders. In order to use the FFR axles, you must mix-and-match the CV joints from the original (donor car) axles. Key to the 818 is its rigid but lightweight tubular steel chassis, completely designed and tested on the latest version of SolidWorks software and countless hours on the track. Fitting the body has been a challenge for most 818 builders, but this was my second 818 build, I had learned valuable lessons. We made many upgrades during the build. The Factory Five 818 is an affordable two-seater, mid-engined car that is a modern original design rather than a vintage replica. I have left the car in factory red and I think it looks very good. Note: This is for a 2002-2003 WRX based 818, however a good amount of parts will swap between models read the comments for more. | Carefully crafted by Design Principles, Inc. “Factory Five’s newest offering is a credible alternative to the. Before the body, I installed the seats and asked a friend to check the fit for tall persons. Get the best sports car content 8 times a year. I chose a vintage wood wheel, because it is wider in diameter than more modern aftermarket ones for the improved leverage. Before the body, I installed the seats and asked a friend to check the fit for tall persons. On the right, we’ve installed the suspension and brakes. I decided to replace the tank that came with the kit for safety reasons and to provide more leg room for the passengers. Note: This is for a 2002-2003 WRX based 818, however a good amount of parts will swap between models read the comments for more. The 818S and 818C share the same street chassis (functional doors). The newest Factory Five was designed to bring the Factory Five build experience to a new generation and to make it easy to build a Factory Five in countries around the world. That is after we have received the frame and chassis. For some this might be a cheaper option if your local junk yard has what you need. Factory Five designed the 818 to built without painting, a great cost saving. Factory Five designed the 818 to built without painting, a great cost saving. Now, I’m waiting for another set of rear Subaru axles to arrive from California (hopefully with less rust) to see if they will work. The 6-speed transmission allows for swift take off and a full range of performance points whether you are coming out of a curve on the track, or just having a nice cruise around town. The picture on the right above shows the main bundle midway through the process. Here is a simple explanation, if you really want the experience of building your own car, do it. The flaring tool in the right worked flawlessly. As much of the donor car as possible was used in the design of the 818 in order to keep build cost low. The FormaCars designed air to water intercooler is engineered to pull in the freshest and coolest air. 3777 Business Park DriveColumbus, Ohio 43204United States of Americaemail: info@formacars.comphone or text: +1 614-279-9492, Contacts Us to Learn More About FormaCars FFR 818, The New Factory Five Racing SuperCar (F9),, • The crack, on the bottom of the bumper where it turns up, has been repaired and is difficult to see. The Factory Five 818 removable hard top includes the following parts/assemblies: - Composite hard top with molded inner liner and air duct to engine bay- Composite rear hatch with molded liner, hinged with glass with gas struts- Front windshield glass- Side window glass for power window mechanism- Rear quarter window glass- Rear hatch glass- Power window motors, tracks, weatherstrip, channel, switches, wiring, and fasteners- Windshield mount brackets and hatch hinges and latches- Exterior door handles and key set- Replacement door frames and revised molded door liner to accomodate power window mechanism. The safety inspection followed at a local garage, and after I had this paperwork, the car was titled, insured, and on the road. The long and winding rear axle road has been completed. 9 Tow RoadWareham, MA Kit 251 arrived in January 2015 on a very large truck. Please contact us to learn more! Email Controlled Parking Brake. The wooden dolly under the frame allowed me to move the frame around the garage during assembly. Fitting the body has been a challenge for most 818 builders, but this was my second 818 build, I had learned valuable lessons. 818 full disassembly and donor list can be found here. Factory Five (FFR) supplies two new axles that are to be used in the rear of the 818. We first installed almost the complete harness to ensure that the engine ran and then began the trimming. The suspension on the 818 utilizes the spindles, brakes, and control arms from the Impreza/WRX donor car. The car passed both with flying colors. At this stage, the line on the left was about 1/8 of an inch, the factory recommendation, while the one on the right was a bit tight. He says that he was listed at 6’4″ on the Gettysburg HS basketball roster. Call us to learn more about how we are leading the replica marketplace! This 1800 lbs vehicle is an extremely lightweight car designed for track, but just as nice on the street. It has already become one of our most popular component cars, and has attracted a whole new generation of car builders.. The pictures below show the middle hood to fender shut lines during the fitting process. Mike attached the harness bar mount to the rear frame in order to accommodate the over-the-shoulder seat belt harness straps that go through the tops of the racing seats. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! The problem is that the axle shafts on all of the aftermarket axles are fatter than the originals. Please don't hesistate to contact us! What are we keeping from the donor car? Some Subaru parts are interchangeable with the forester and legacy. *Note means will work with 93-07 Impreza all others are not confirmed to go past 2002. The kit includes a mounting bracket for the wiper motor and wiper transmission mechanism (left), a fiberglass cowl, and a new molding for the hood (right). Simple, Purposeful, and Elegant. The mileage on the WRX engine (93,000 miles) is recorded. Except as may be specified in writing, Factory Five makes no warranties, expressed or implied, on the products (parts, or kits) offered for sale. Run 56 seconds at Lime Rock and close to two minutes flat at Watkins Glen! The main problems are (i) body shut lines and (ii) problems with the edges of the factory panels. I ordered and received the 10705 axles, but they are skinnier than the Subaru axles, so those CV joints will not work either. But there is a whole new generation of younger car builders, and a global community of people who want to build a Factory Five, and the 818 was built for them. © 2015 Redfogo Racing - WordPress Theme : WRX  and STI will need a bracket or Year matching hub, Match fan to wiring or be read to splice wires. Yes, we are a preferred and authorized builder of the FFR 818. The body edges are somewhat rough. Click here to schedule a call around a time that works for you. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! If you want to look up compatibility with other models use You can look up part numbers by car type, and see the comparability section to see what models all use the same part#. The main problems are (i) body shut lines and (ii) problems with the edges of the factory panels. In the pictures below you can also see the turbo intercooler and ducting. Many lessons were learned here…most importantly, don’t assume that aftermarket parts will fit your kit car! That is 2-5 years your garage will be filled with tools and parts. This longitudinal mid-mounted flat four gives excellent balance from being both low-slung and mounted behind the driver’s compartment. Click here for the FFR 818 parts … This was my second 818 build, and so I was ready with donor parts ready for installation and the garage setup. The unique layout of the Impreza allows for the entire engine and transaxle unit to be moved to the rear of the car and used to drive the rear wheels with a simple locking collar installed in place of the center differential. Keep in mind that some custom modifications could extend your build time and we will be upfront on the expectations. We replaced the engine and transmission mounts for safety reasons. Producing 345 ft. lbs of torque at the rear wheels burning out, smoking tires, getting in and out of curves quickly, and being one of the fastest vehicles on the street will prove easy with this setup. The 818 is the first Factory Five car fully developed on the computer. 0 Hot Rod fuel filler hose page.htm . Published on July 9, 2014 August 9, 2014 by Chrysta Baker Leave a comment. We had the windshield professionally installed. I installed two parts made by the Factory Five community. First, I ordered a complete set (4) of aftermarket axles with CV joints and boots for a Subaru WRX. In the 818 manual, they recommend using AutoZone 10705 axles with the FFR supplied 80237 axles. With half of the team working on aluminum paneling, Tim and Wayne sit down and look over the Subaru parts we’ll be using as the heart of our Factory Five 818. Two cosmetic improvements to the car are shown below. We have additional information about this on our blog, So, I decided that I must use actual Subaru parts in order to be certain that the CV joints are interchangeable. Lotus Exige S or Porsche Boxster Spyder.” The 818 does not have power steering, and I though a larger wheel would keep the steering light. The seating position is low, and there is a good amount of leg room. We offer upgraded performance shocks, Wilwood brakes, and affordable, high-performance wheel options. The car uses the Subaru Impreza gauge pod and the kit includes OEM-styled ABS formed interior door panels, dash, and center console with shifter assembly, and E-brake adapter. Custom parts and accessories for Factory Five Roadsters, Hot Rods, GTMs and Daytona Coupes. I think this, and some other edges can be improved. We replaced the two inner CV joints as well as the transmission output seals.