Like all the other guys, Epperson has paid $2,350 for the privilege of getting his ass kicked and his vomit documented. Organizations that expose imposters say claims by bogus Rambos with enhanced military resumes have reached epidemic levels. Wading through lie after lie takes its toll: “You get so wrapped up in these guys, you have a hard time stopping to go to bed at night.”. He was a SEAL too,' ' Arrowood recalled in an interview. A couple years ago he met a retired Air Force colonel and Medal of Honor winner, George E. ``Bud' Day, who endured years of torture in North Vietnam. His take on the day of 911 is really sad and all his story’s. Sooner or later it will catch up with him. His videos are a joke and where did he come up with these stories he deserves to be punished and a real seal and soldier to explain how things really are out there and not in his fairytale land. Some claim to have been with special operations forces, such as SEALs, Rangers and Green Berets. Everything below was thoroughly researched and checked for accuracy. Two years ago, Shipley’s verification requests started coming in so fast that he began charging $20 a pop. That’s what I call a loser and his wife should know. Some hope to impress women with tales of derring-do, others to boost their self-image or even use the SEAL cachet to get a job or a promotion, according to those who would like to see them ``outed.'. “People look for some deep-seated reason why they do this,” says Doug Sterner, a Vietnam veteran and fellow fake-soldier hunter. Stolen Valor, it was called. I was way off. There’s a nervous energy in the air, like the first day of summer camp. Someone sent me an email last week trying to verify if one of his “buddies” was actually a SEAL. Most will likely continue to get away with it. Forget about how much it hurts to hurl medicine balls and sprint across a sun-cooked field wearing a mini-parachute for wind resistance and a 20-pound weight vest just because. . I’ve contacted Mr Shipley regarding my ex and received an email back stating that he was NOT a SEAL as he has always claimed. Yes, first letter A. Brown, 54, was arrested Wednesday on a felony charge of unlawful use of uniforms, medals or insignia. Hey Kurt, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s a good chance he’s a phony SEAL. And there are those who claim to be recipients of the Medal of Honor, the nation's most prestigious military citation. That changed when some tard missed a stump and tore his satchel wide open after landing crotch first on one of the taller stumps. There are currently 8 SEAL Teams in the Navy. I waited almost three weeks for heavily redacted documents confirming Shipley’s military service to arrive. They're everywhere. Sometimes imposters pay a price for their deceptions. Your email address will not be published. Randy Lee Everette, 44, of Virginia Beach, a former Navy man, operates a Web site dedicated to honoring Medal of Honor recipients and exposing fakes. Helmet of hair gleaming in the camera’s lights, Shipley would sit at a desk ratting out fakers over speakerphone. We do squats against a fence, trying not to be the first ones to fall—they get more push-ups, more frigid hose. But for the purposes of this article, if he’s claiming he shot UBL, you can be sure it’s total B.S.. Haven’t you guys ever seen the movie “Under Siege”? He has NO clue what he’s talking about, he’s pulling crap out of his butt…. “So it wouldn’t end up with some Colombian drug lords. Then it became entertainment, too. They’ll say they have an ‘Accommodation metal’, instead of a ‘Commendation Medal’. Works friday nights for sure. I thought he might be canceling on me. “Guys that claimed service at Gettysburg, Valley Forge. If the story sounds a little too unbelievable, it likely is. This past Memorial Day, a 75-year-old retired Marine named Robert Ford walked through a festival in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. “But I go back to that old comment about asking a bank robber why he robs banks. Hopefully it’s not hot dogs. They’re often the young guys, the ones who grew up playing Call of Duty and picturing combat-action ribbons in their future. After docking the boats, we proceed on foot into a forest. Navy SEAL Ranks And Pay: How Much Do SEALS Make Anyway? Note: The author of this post was never a Navy SEAL, and doesn’t claim to be. Most folks that I’ve known who had an “incurable disease” didn’t go around trying to convince anyone that they were super heroes. The business seemed to have the earmarks of success. If a guy claiming to be a SEAL says he was the one who shot Bin Laden, you can rest assured that you’re likely talking to a fake. ', The Ohio license plate read ``SKIP M.' Smaller letters at the bottom spelled ``NAVY SEAL.'. There is no record of anyone with Moeller's Social Security number in the military service records database. Don Shipley is one of only a handful of SEALs that have access to the SEAL database, which is a listing of every Navy SEAL and UDT since their inception. With his parents’ permission, he quit school to join the Navy. OPERATE UNINSURED MOTOR VEHICLE,, Y’know, that does look an awful lot like it could be our phony SEAL. “And I keep count.”. Paul made a video regarding Memorial Day in 2016. When he was 16, his father, a fighter pilot turned airline captain, moved the family near Easton.