So good luck young pimp and remember you always hold your own destiny in your own hands. I liked him, we had fun. She proposed to him at a family function the year before. 2019: Igbo Governor Endorses Buhari’s Re-election Campaign, Promotion exams compulsory for Nasarawa State civil servants from 2018 – official, #EndSARS Unrest: I Nearly Shed Tears After Seeing Destruction In Lagos –…, Pirlo Unhappy At Arrogant Juventus Despite Champions League Win, New York, Others Remain Apprehensive Despite Election Day Calm, Ryan Giggs Denies Assault Allegations Following Police Arrest. Going out with someone who you have a strictly sexual relationship with leaves the door open for emotional attachment. Becoming a side chick is risky for everyone involved. Woman hate when they see another woman getting all the attention that they feel they should be getting. They never asked you if they can attend family functions, birthdays, office parties, etc because that’s a straight up “Hell No!”. I’m still not okay with being a side chick though. Don’t make this bigger than it really is… and nothing more. Not only did they fall in love, they risked it all to try to make their side piece relationships work. Their significant other is probably feeling hurt and betrayed, and it is not their fault that they have been cheated on. He’s not married and has made it clear that he will not marry her. It will not help to express frustration over canceled plans. Don’t let your emotions deceive you that you have fallen in love. Not smart, fellas. What time should you or I cum by?, Can we do what we did last time?, My d*ck big isn’t it?, etc.) We never know what circumstances lead people to do the things they do, even things they’ve sworn they would never do. Decide if you are willing to maintain a relationship that can’t be celebrated with friends and family. This article has been viewed 1,019,873 times. Friends don’t f*ck friends in any fashion. Your text messages to each other are always short and very sexual (I.E. He has tried everything to make me feel like anything but a side chick. Take time to consider your emotions and how you would feel about the main partner finding out about you. That scared me and I started to pull away because I wanted to see if I could be alone and be okay with it and at that point I no longer wanted to be a side chick. This’ll be fun. The Herald NG is a leading newspaper in Nigeria at the forefront of the digital revolution. This is absolutely unacceptable, because now you’re officially bringing other people into your lovely mess. The great thing about side-chicks is you make and can break all the rules. You show her love, you show her weakness. And looks don’t have a thing to do with it. Ask if they have ever been tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Sigh. Sigh. 1 of the “Pimp Game” is “You don’t pay her to stay, you pay her to leave.” Never take a side-chick seriously and do what it takes to keep her that way. Not smart at all. Memes Falling In Love Jokes Side Chick Jokes Cheating Humor Side Chick Meme Side Chick Memes . Do not try to contact them on Valentine’s Day. falling madly in love with their side chicks, Straaaaait Separation?! Thou Shall Not Be Connected on Any Form of Social Media: So, save yourself the headache and keep the secret relationship between you and your partner. Remember men, what ever you say during lust, she will take it as love. My best advice to you is follow these commandments to the T and just enjoy the winning streak as long as you can because eventually you will get caught up. Damn. Now I have to reevaluate and fix what I have already f***ed up on. The reason side-chicks rarely work out is because we don’t treat them as such, leaving them with the idea that this could be more than just sex. So, here I am, wanting to not be a side chick, but hopelessly in love with the man and incapable of leaving him. Friends who become more than actual friends 85% of the time do not work. If your intention is to have a friend on the side, don’t complicate it with things like beauty. So don’t think that your side-chick is thinking your an honorable guy because you’re telling everyone on social media how great your real girlfriend is. Do not react in a disrespectful manner if you are contacted by their main partner. Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now. This may be a sensitive topic to bring up, but it’s an important one. These guys don’t know the meaning because they were solidly sold on falling madly in love with their side chicks. References. Now you might have a drunk college night with your best female friend Patty, but that shouldn’t lead to secret undercover sexual relationship because if you do, emotions will defiantly get involved (Remember Commandment #5). I think the person who wrote this really hates women. Your closest friend may find out about it, but try to avoid telling anyone else about your status as a side chick. So am I. I guess I was trying to figure out what our differences are. 0%. Hashtag your funny pics with #kappit to be featured! Having her phone number is bad enough but if you guys are friends on Facebook or following each other on twitter and Instagram….you’re just asking to get caught up. Don't worry about checking in with them every five minutes, or they will start to think you want something more. Her hotness is a mirage that will disappear once you start living with her. Not smart, fellas. In order to be a successful playa, you must not show her any love outside of the bedroom. Whether It's Women Who Are … Do you want her to go from Gizmo to a Gremlin at the stroke of midnight?…. When we met I asked him are you going to marry her, he said no and stopped wearing the ring soon after. The reason why social media is so popular is because you can connect with people from all over the world anytime you want, but it also easy access to cause any and every argument between you and your loved ones at anytime. You can tell them, “I think I’m starting to develop strong feelings for you. Now let’s start with the easiest commandment in the book……. A side-chick is at the bottom of the woman sexual ladder, sometimes she may even be confused with a hooker, but that only because you ordered room service for the both of you. Side-Chicks work best when it’s with a person you’ve recently met or only have sexual tension with. In beginning, a side chick will be as loyal as Rin Tin Tin or Lassie, but sooner or later; a side-chick dreams will turn into main-chick ambitions and that is when your life will take a horrible turn for the worse. To create this article, 51 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. The worse thing you can do to a woman is give her false hope. Like I said before you make all the rules and make all the circumstances. Trust me you can always find you another one. You got yourself into this situation, and there's no point in acting jealous or surprised when you already knew the score getting into it. The Herald News - Nigerian Newspaper delivering reports on Politics, Government, Entertainment, Sports and more. Check out these 14 golden rules to live by. So how do you play by the side chick rules without getting your hair pulled out by the main chick? If you do fall in love, bring it up to your partner. Having a side-chick on your relationship roster can be a man’s greatest assets. Ask your partner if they have a history with STDs. Whatever happened to not catching feelings? In the movie “Pretty Woman” hookers were not allowed to kiss their customers in the mouth as that showed a sign of them falling in love. Do not be that guy who thinks that your side-chick only wants to be with you and nobody else…this is not the 80′s or 90210.