Mi-young finds this far too adorable and tucks him in before she lies down to watch him sleep. Now for the side note. About Se Ra, what she asked Mi Young was legit, because she knows that Gun is a very caring and loving man, and that he feels responsibility and would never avoid it. Panggilan akrabnya adalah “Post-it” (sticky note/ catatan lengket). Oh no—don’t sign those! Its distracting. The more you tell me not to care, the more I do. Writers plz keep it refreshing like this. Currently nothing I am watching Mon-Tue. well, even guys have bad hair days too i guess. At all. (I always have to bottles of water which helps a little, BUT) I've said it before and I hate to say it again, but their VOICES!!!!!! Just when I thought that Fated To Love You could be too good to be true, that this show couldn’t be any more charming than it already is, Fated goes ahead to prove me wrong again. I know a lot of people have an issue with the age gap between the two main characters (or even just the fact that our hero is still in HS), but I think it's one of the best dramas I've ever seen. Somebody pinch me and tell me I’m not dreaming. he keeps forcing his presence on her and acting on his own feelings. And Se-ra cuts to the chase: “Do you love Gun?” When Mi-young hesitates to answer, Se-ra says that Gun told her last time that he felt responsible for Mi-young and that had to stay with her as the mother of his child. Like what Daniel said to Mi Young when he hugged her in the gallery, he wanted to check what kind of person Gun is. mte, daniel really annoyed me in this episode. However, I think he does have some romantic feelings for her, which is fueling his rivalry with Gun and confusing his intentions. Just like that, I started dreaming of an impossible dream on my own. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page I also applaud the heroine for being able to clearly articulate her feelings to him. it made me smile. Release year: 2014. wife... is it because he has seen the divorce papers and figures that he just has to wait 9 months before the girl is free anyway? Seriously, dude... On an unrelated note, I really want to find Jang Hyuk attractive, but that floppy hair... AND that man bun at the photo shoot... omg. And then when he is with Gun, Daniel is wearing this loud powersuits. And Gun's hair in this is just........nope. Also, Jang Nara does NOT look any older now. The more Gun cares for her, the more it's tearing her apart, because she truly believes that ONLY Se Ra can make him happy. Aigoo, you are really - Aigooo, haha... with that comment of yours, you made me RFLMAO.. after this episode made me cry at the end. I think he might be beginning to fall for MY, cuz the photoshoot made him seem more possessive than would have been normal of a platonic neighbourhood oppa'. The trio takes their next set of pictures on a couch, and it’s hilarious how both men inch towards Mi-young and one-up their affection for her with every click.